Thursday, July 19, 2018


This has been a very busy week.  I was supposed to move on Saturday to Samuel P Taylor State Park, however I have been having problems with My Spot II.  Since I haven’t been driving it, it wouldn’t start.  I have since had the fuel line flushed and replaced the spark plugs. It starts, but won’t stay running.  Now it needs a fuel pump.  Such is the life of RVing.

Since my granddaughter has been living with me and has gotten a van that she has built out to live in full time, she will have to leave the same time I do.  She is almost finished.  We’re just doing the last minute stuff, finding where to put things, laundry etc.. 


In between all the work, I’ve been able to do some mini watercolor paintings.

IMG_4082(Edited)  IMG_4083(Edited) IMG_4081(Edited)


I’ve decided to go small for awhile, sell originals and not bother about selling prints.

I’ve also decided to sell the motorhome and get something smaller, either a very small class C or class B or B+.  That means some serious purging.  I’ve already started.  Every time I look at something, the question is there.  Do I really want, use or need this?  Why do I have 12 pairs of jeans?

It has been more stressful than usual, but it all comes with the lifestyle.  You just deal with it.

I hope that you all are having a great summer.

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Still doing my job  while Mom is doing hers.

Susan and Angel and for now Jeanette too.

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