Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Truck and Internet Have Joined Me at the 5’er


Sunday, while my son Ted was here to move the heavy Stuff to storage he also got the TV working and found a truck at Folsom Lake Dodge (that’s where he got his PU).  We took it out for a test drive, and he talked with one of his friends in Dodge Truck Club to see if it would be a good tow vehicle for me.  He saw no problems, so I bought it.  I now have a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel PU to tow my 2007 Big Horn Fifth Wheel.  Yea!


That’s Carlos, me, Chris and Brian, (the sales team).  Great guys and fun to work with. (Ted took the picture)  Part of the deal was to include a  big bucket with a bunch of product to detail the truck to protect the finish and will need to schedule that.   I still need to get a hitch, the rails and wiring are already there.  Now I’ll have to do some research as to which one to get.


                               My Dodge Ram 3500 parked in front of the RV

Today, Robert with ATT hooked up my phone service and internet.  He called while I was at work to let me know that he was on his way.  When I got home and tried the phone, NO DIAL TONE.  I called the number back and Robert said that he would come back.  He wasn’t able to connect any wire to the 5’er.  When he came back I unlocked basement for access  and one of my neighbors supplied a long enough wire for the connection.  Thank you, John.  I now have DIAL TONE and INTERNET.  Yea!   A BIG Thank You to Robert for coming back to finish the job and also giving me a bit of First Aid.  

Yes, I christened the 5’er with blood, my own,  Of course, I knew that I would do it sooner or later, banging my head on the corner of the bedroom slide was not a pleasant experience.  There was a lot of blood out of a tiny cut.  I guess that I had better split one of the swim noodles and put it on the edge. 

This is a short post because I need to get to bed, one more work day to go.  Hopefully this weekend I can finish over at the Mobile.


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Susan and Angel

Friday, June 17, 2011

Still Sorting, Pic’s



I may be moved into my 5’er, but there is still a whole lot of STUFF that has to be sorted and dispersed.  Most will not make it to the RV, but it should go somewhere else.   My son will be here Sunday to help move the business equipment and armoires to storage.  I still am amazed at how much can be put into this RV.  I know that a lot that I have moved, I really don’t need and will have to purge.  I guess that is all part of the process of moving from one life style to another.

Gypsy and others have asked for pictures, so here they are.  The above picture is the view from the street.


      DSC00310                    DSC00309

I still haven’t put the awning out.  It’s way up there, so I’ll wait till this weekend to put it out.  If you look close, you can see Angel sitting on the bench.  The last one shows how close my neighbor is to me.  Most of the residents here are '”long term”.  The shed in the back has been taken down but they will clean up what’s left soon. 


                                               Welcome To My Kitchen

       I have more counter space than I had in the doublewide and almost as much storage.

          DSC00306  DSC00304  DSC00307

                      Dining Room                      Bedroom             &           Living Room

In the living room I have Angel’s crate with a round table top with a table cloth that I use as a coffee table.  In the bedroom I have a folding wicker shelf and in the bathroom I have tall narrow shelf with baskets for more storage there.  Angel’s favorite place is on my bed, right in the middle of the pillows, where she usually hides. 


                                                             Bathroom too.

There is so much room with all the slides out.  The only room that is crowded is the bathroom because of the shelf and I also have a digital bathroom scale that needs to be on a hard surface for it to weigh accurately.  I tried storing it on it’s side, but that won’t work. 

I’ve read where a lot of people find it hard to make their beds, well I guess that it is the way it is here too.  There was a king size mattress in the bedroom with a 2” foam topper on it.  I took the mattress out and put my own queen size mattress with a double pillow top in.  I gave the original one to a resident here in the park and took the foam topper and cut it down to fit the sofa/sleeper.  Angel also has a new mattress in her crate, tent and one also in traveling crate that is in the car.  It is still tight, but I can make the bed a lot easier.  I didn’t have any linens for a king size and I tried making it before I got rid of it and I couldn’t even tuck in the sheet.  It just had to go.  Besides that, I already have linens for the queen.   

With all the extra things that I have (shelves etc.), I will have to be very careful when I prepare to move and make sure that there is nothing in the way when I pull the slides in.  I am still searching for a tow vehicle and hope that I can do a maiden voyage to Pismo Beach with my son in October. 

I’m back at the old place and will  finish  this post (that’s where the internet is).  I finally sold the shed, but had to take a big loss on it.  He paid cash and it is up to him to move it.   No other offers, so I at least got some money for it, otherwise I would have had to leave it.  Now if I can sell the armoires and the business, a tremendous weight will be lifted.

I will close this now, because I now have to go and do laundry. Yuck! 

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Susan and Angel

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moved Into My Fifth Wheel And Loving It.


I have been so busy and exhausted that I just haven’t taken the time to post anything new.  The New is that I have been moving into my Big Horn by Heartland.  (Still need  truck)  It was delivered last Friday on the 3rd of June.  (Interesting side note- I moved to California from Arizona on  the 3rd of June 12 years ago.)  I would pack up boxes, put them in the van and empty them at the RV, put everything away and start all over again, same boxes.  It is amazing how much you can put in an RV.  I can see how it is easy to be overweight.

It is so nice to finally be living in my new (to me) home.  I have been sleeping in the RV for 4 nights.  I decided to take the king size mattress out and put my own queen size in it’s place.  I also sold the rocker/recliners  to some friends that have TT, so that I have a place for my Lazy Boy recliner and and end table that I have painted. It will go to one of my granddaughters when I head that way next year.  There is also room for Angels crate for when I am at work.  She normally will sleep in the pillows on my bed or on the back of the sofa or in her tent. She has really been confused, bouncing back and forth from the old home to the new one.  She is dealing with it well,as long as she is with me she is fine.

Today the lady that bought my refrigerator, washer and dryer picked it up and finished paying for it.   I have cleaned out both bedrooms and all the closets, closed the doors.  I also cleaned out both bathrooms.  I put everything in the living room and kitchen, so that I can see what I have to contend with.  There is a lot that I can be sold. I might be able to put it into a friend yard sale.

I had to get a storage unit to keep the “care totes” that will go to my daughters, and the two armoires and business equipment that I still have.  My son will be here next weekend to help me move, it is all very heavy.

This is a short post, because I still have to attack what’s left and bring another load over to the RV.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Susan and Angel