Monday, February 28, 2011

Report on the Birthday Weekend


This just a quick report on this past weekend.  Friday I met with a new orthopedic doctor for my annual follow up after my knee replacements.  X-rays shows that everything is just fine.  Next appointment in another year.

Later in the evening Sam, Gilbert and I went to The Winery to listen to Steve perform ( on the keyboard and sing in his own style).

Saturday, I got a little bit of sorting done and donated my two huge TV’s to group doing an E Waste fundraiser. Then I had to get all “dolled up” for my company’s dinner/dance.  Ted came in from San Francisco to be my “date”. 


At the end of the dinner, it’s a tradition to give the centerpiece to someone at table.  Ted won,  his birthday was the closest to the day of the dance.  He chose one of the vases that had orchids in it and shared the other two with others at the table.


We enjoyed the dinner (really nice buffet) and the entertainment.  They had three couple, some of them were from “Dancing With The Stars”.  They gave demonstrations of the various types of dances and even gave a “dancing lesson to 900 people at once.



                I took a couple of videos but haven’t figured out how to insert it.

Sunday was Ted’s birthday.  After church we went to Costco to pick up things for his birthday dinner (of course, he cooked it) at Steve and Kyle’s. Kyle is a great hostess.  we had a great salad, fried tilapia filets, sautéed baby spinach, red potatoes and cherry pie with vanilla ice cream and hand whipped cream.  It was all delicious. 

Today I took off work to get some more preparation done.  One more step closer to the goal. 


I really need to finish this and get to bed. 

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Susan and Angel     

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That


It’s been another week since my last post.  As usual “work” is just something to just get through.  Just the normal stuff along with a monthly “one on one” with my supervisor.  All good feedback, even a “proud letter” from a customer.  She knows that I’m in retirement mode, but still encourages me to keep up the good work.

Last Wednesday night,  I made a trip out to the Sacramento International Airport to pick up one of my friends, Kyle.  She was returning from a visit with family back east.  I got there a little early and instead of circling the airport past the terminals, Angel and I waited in the “cell phone” lot for free.  It is really handy, you can wait for up to three hours.  We waited for about 30 to 40 minutes.  She called me when she landed and after she claimed her luggage.  I picked her up and we were out of the airport in minutes.  Fortunately there was only light rain on and off on the way home.

During the week I was able to get much of the banking done.  The credit cards are paid off and  most of my bills are set up for payment as they come in each month.  I’m trying to set everything up to be easy to take care of when I am on the road.  Just one more step in the process.


This is the beginning of the project that I started last weekend, now to plant some grass or ground cover in between the pavers.

Unlike the previous weekend, it rained on and off all last week, so on Friday and Saturday I just slept in.  I was able to get the much of the product for my business moved into my “storage” area (aka converted part of the living room)  and watched movies for most of the day.  Sunday we had a meeting and a potluck in the afternoon at church.  As always lots of great food, and of course I ate too much. 

It is now the beginning of another work week.  Upcoming things, an annual follow up doctor visit for past knee surgeries on Friday, company dinner/dance on Saturday and Ted’s birthday on Sunday.


                                             My Pillow Puppy

I think I will join Angel and get to bed.

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Susan and Angel

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day and a Short Post


I want to wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  Be good to your Sweetie!


Another week has passed and and again it was as boring as usual.  Each day goes by and I can hardly remember what I did most of the time.  One thing that I am trying to do is to get all of my banking consolidated into one bank as well as get all my credit cards paid off and then close them.  I will keep one open for now.  That’s what I did last Friday. I still need to set up a savings account in addition to the checking account that I already set up. 


Saturday I slept in and then later I actually got out in the yard and did a bit of weed eating, cleaning up the patio, pruning branches and pulling weeds.  I found some  muscles that I forgot that I had.  I am really out of shape.  Hopefully I can get a bit of exercise doing yard work, since I probably won’t get it any other way.  Later in the afternoon Angel and I took a ride out to the Folsom Auto mall to see what is available.  I’m still not sure as to what I should even look for, a little car as toad or a 350 pick up as a tow vehicle.  If I get a car, I want to spend as little as possible, just some thing to get me to and from work and the store and maybe it can be towed four down.


Today, after church, instead of  doing more research, I stopped at Home Depot to get some super soil.  I am fixing up a fenced area for the  dogs when Mellissa gets here.  I put down the super soil and  pavers and then I think I will sprinkle a little grass seed and maybe even Angel will do her business there.  Right now she has refused to go there.  I guess it’s time for more training.  The rest of the yard has to be redone for a place for kids to play, maybe all grass.


More sore muscles, I think I will take some Tylenol and go to bed.  Tomorrow and work will be here soon enough.  I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend.  It has been really nice here but that should change soon.  Monday the weather guys say that it will start raining and continue for the whole week and the temperature will drop at least ten degrees by the end of the week.  I am really ready for Spring. 

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Susan and Angel

Monday, February 7, 2011

Church, Checkup and More Research


First, I want to thank MargieAnne For her kind comment.  I just read your blog and will have to go back to read more. 


                                           Samantha and Gilbert

Sunday I picked up Sam and Gilbert for church.  Gilbert is such a sweetie.  He knows that I usually have treats in the car or in my pocket, so he checks me out.  He is well behaved and only gets one if mom says it’s okay.  I will usually pick them up when Kyle isn’t able to, or when we have choir practice.


After church I went home to pick up Angel.  It was so nice out  (in the 70s)  that I didn’t want to stay home and do stuff that I should be doing, so I went to feed the car and took a ride out to Village RV (part of Camping World) to see what they had.  I checked out a few Class As and of course some some 5vers too.  Oh how I wish that it was time to begin the  process of creating the short list.  At least I am sure of what I am looking for in an RV.  On the way home I checked out Twilight RV Park to see if there were any openings and how much their monthly rates were.  I stopped  and spoke to a resident.  He has been there for a month or so with his wife and son who they home school.  He likes it and says it is quiet.  (with everything it’s a bit over $600.00)   Then I stopped at Folsom Lake RV to check out what they had.  One of the sales reps  showed me several 5vers even though they were having a Super Bowl party.  Of course the ones that I like are out of reach for me, but who knows, I may find a used one with all the bells and whistles, all in the budget.  I finally went home when sun started to set and it was getting cooler.


Today I took off the whole day because I had my annual check up for my surgery. I was there for less than an hour and took the rest of the day for more research.  Angel and I checked out the KOA in West Sacramento and spoke to a couple of people there.  One was an employee.  He started as a workamper and said that they do have openings occasionally for 20 hours a week.  The other person was a woman who has been there since June.  Her husband works for PG&E and gets transferred often.  She likes it there too.  I checked out another park on the way home, Bamboo RV/Mobile Home Park. (everything included for $440.00)  I wasn’t impressed. You get what you pay for.  I checked out one more closer to home,  I talked to a resident there who has been RVing full time for several years, but had to get off the road for now because he couldn’t sublet his mobile home or sell it.  I guess we all have to do whatever we have to do. 


I’m home now and have been catching up on what’s going on out in Blogland.  Hopefully you have all had a good weekend and are keeping warm and dry.  Take care.


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Susan and Angel  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

One More Week


Welcome to my new follower, Levonne of A Camp Host's Meanderings: An RV Adventure.  I too will follow you on your journey.  Maybe one of these days we will be able to meet.  I need a road trip and I love the central coast.


                               Angel’s ready for the fog or rain.


I have my van back.  They had to replace the hood along with everything else and then they found “flat” spots on my one week old front tires, so had to replace them too.  It is just amazing what a difference one second can make in one’s life and also how much it can cost.  My only advice is to leave lots of room and take it slow.


Earlier I spent a couple of hours on the phone helping my sister set up her Face Book account.  Being a novice or technologically challenged, I surprised myself by being able to help her find pictures on her computer that she didn’t even know that she had and actually got a picture on her wall. It is all very new for her. At least now she can keep up with the rest of the family and we can keep up with what’s going on with her.       


I find it difficult to find anything to write about this week.  It has gone by without anything happening.  It’s been another boring week at work.  I just take one call at a time and deal with one person’s problem at a time.  It is remarkable how so many people don’t know how their insurance works.  I am biding my time until I can follow the dream.  Most evenings I catch up on reading blogs and then go to bed. 



That’s where I’m headed now.  Good Night.

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Susan and Angel