Thursday, September 15, 2016

Art Day in Benicia, Birthday, Wine Train


I usually go into Benicia once a month to check on my art and take advantage of their open studio to paint.  Below is a new installation of lighted art panels by one of the artists/owners.  The lights actually change colors.  The picture just doesn’t do it  justice.



After leaving  Benicia, I headed over to Walnut Creek to meet Ted at the Walnut Creek Yacht Club to celebrate my Birthday.  Thank you Ted.


Then on the weekend I was surprised to discover that Charlotte and her family were camping in the park for the Labor Day Weekend.  They are members of the same church where I belong.


Since this would be the last weekend of the season and the movie would be Dinosaurs”, I got some of the parents to help out with arts and crafts so that I could do face painting.


The kids all love to have their faces painted.

I’m beginning to get “Hitch-Itch” and since I can’t do anything about it until November 1st I have been re-arranging things in the coach.

IMG_2285     IMG_2286   IMG_2287

The bed is where the dinette is, the bench is where the bed was and now I will be able to use the chairs in front.  This is all a bit of experimentation.  Someday I hope to downsize and I’m seeing if I can live in a smaller space.  The other reason is that I have to adjust the support for the bed. I made it too big.  Now if I can only figure out how to finance the downsizing, I’m sure that I can live even smaller than I do now.


Any one need a paper weight?  Same stones, painting on both sides.

IMG_2289   IMG_2288

A friend that I met in Rio Vista wanted to celebrate my birthday too.  Neither one of us had been on the Napa Valley Wine Train, so that’s where we went  yesterday. 

This is John and me just before we got on the train.  It left Napa at a slow pace heading north to St. Helena.  On the way there we had a complimentary wine to taste and our first glass of wine along with a fruit, cheese and cracker plate.

IMG_2312   IMG_2316

There was a 20 minute wait in St. Helena while they moved the engines from the north end of the train to the south end for the return trip.  We then moved to the dining car for lunch and our second glass of  wine.  We both chose the Salmon which was delicious.

IMG_2347   IMG_2326

There were ten cars plus the engines, one of them was the kitchen and one was a domed car.  The entire trip took about 4 hours.


Both John and I really enjoyed the experience.  Thank you John.

Now that the season is over, I no longer have to do the fishing derby, arts and crafts  or the movie night.     What he (the owner) has me working on is an event ,  Wine and Art Faire.  It will be wine tasting local wines and artists selling their art.  It will be on two consecutive Saturdays, 9/24 and 10/1.  The Sunday in between  we  are having a yard sale throughout the park for long term  campers and workampers.   I will participate in both.

My next move won’t be until the 1st of November, because the camp hosts at China Camp won’t be leaving until then.  So I will be spending the winter at China Camp State Park again.  I will also be working on where I will go next summer.

That’s what has been going on here.   I hope that you all have had a great summer.

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IMG_2283  Taking in the sun, watching Mom.

Susan and Angel