Friday, February 19, 2016

Continued Crafting / Trip To SF / Search Completed


I have been keeping busy, even though the CG has been full the last couple of weekends.  As  I’ve said before The CG practically runs itself.  While I sit near the front windows where I can see what’s going on, I work on the dolls and a new craft, needle felting.  In addition to the scottie above (made out of an old tartan skirt), I have made several animals, (some shown below).  I needed a place to store the doll clothes, so I used a plactic shoe box and made the cover into a bed.

IMG_1928  IMG_1931

IMG_1932  IMG_1927

A while back I purchaced a “grab bag” for $2.00 not knowing what was in it and in it was a couple of rolls of duct tape.among about a $100.00 worth of other stuff.  Above a couple of suitcases and some doll boots

The little scottie is my first attempt at needle felting, next came a replica of Angel.  Then there is a little doll for the bigger doll and a couple of sort of flat dolls made from craft felt.  There’s even a dog bed that the scottie is in, made from a tent tie down strap.

IMG_1944  IMG_1960 

These two dolls were made from one pair of scocks.  The second one is wearing a kilt made from that same tartan skirt.

IMG_1962  IMG_1966

IMG_1939  Check out the matching raincoat for the scottie.

A couple of weeks ago I went into San Francisco to meet Leslie to go to the museum, only to find out that they were closed on Mondays. We ended up at the beach for a light lunch and went back to wait for Ted in his apartment.  We then went out for dinner at Park Chow.  Always a good time with family and food.  I got back home after dark, mainly to avoid the traffic going out of the city.

   IMG_1963  IMG_1964

I do believe the search is over.  Last Monday I checked out a family owned CG in rthe Sacramento Delta called Park Delta Bay.  There will be a lot of workampers doing a lot of things.  It used to be a KOA with 120 campsites plus cabins.  There are tennis courts, a pool, activity center, laundry and a store.  It is about an hour and a half from here and about an hour from Sacramento, but only 30 minutes west of Lodi or Stockton.  It will be totally different from what I have been doing, yet it will also be fewer hours and more amenities.  I will be done here April 1st and will move there whenTed can help me by driving the MH.

I hope that you all are having a great new year.

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