Friday, May 31, 2013

Celebration and Ditto

Here I am doing the same old things to get through the days until I can get back to normal.  Next Tuesday I will have my 6 week check up.  Sometimes it is hard to believe that it has been that long, however, when I really think about it, it has been an eternity.  I am ready to be doing and going and looking forward to my next work assignment.  I still don’t know where it will be, here in Texas or maybe even Arizona for the winter.


As for this past week, most of it was the same boring use of time.  However last Sunday, Sandi and I went to a celebration of life and remission for Abigail.  It was a wonderful meeting of friends, family and supporter of a nine year old girl who is now in remission.   She is free of cancer.  Last Sunday it was 23 days.  !!!!!!  We all thank the Lord and pray that it will remain gone forever.


                                          Abi and friends and family.

Abi has always has a smile and when asked what she would say to encourage others going through a challenge. she replied “When life gets hard, be strong in the Lord and never give up.”  She is well grounded and very happy.  We are all proud of her too.

Then this past week I had the last 2 of my visits from Michelle my home health OT.  Every thing has gone according to expectations.  We wait to find out if I can do active exercises and then we will have to schedule Out Patient Therapy.  The sooner I get started the sooner I will back to normal.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful week.

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IMG_0013  helping Mom read a book.

Susan and Angel

Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Checking In

Ever since leaving the Rehab Hospital days are pretty much the same, meds, therapy, sleep, TV or DVDs.  It’s really boring.  On the weekends Sandi will get me out for shopping, church or whatever.

Wednesday. my I Phone got fried and Sandi took me to the Apple Store where they replaced it.  When we got home she wanted me to spend the night with her because of the tornado warnings.  I chose to stay in the MH.  Most of the night wasn’t too bad. When checking the weather reports, most of the storms had passed by where I am parked.  Although, later we did have some more storming with large and loud hail.   Where I used to be was where that tornado touched down nearby. 

       IMG_0001   IMG_0003

Last Thursday, my MH entry door was finally replaced.  Sandi came out Wednesday after work to get the things done that I couldn’t do to prepare “My Spot” for transit.  Russ was here early Thursday to drive it to McClains RV to do the replacement and the last of the little things to complete the PDI. 

While waiting, I browsed thru CW store and found a small outside rug on sale.  Now I have a small area to sit when I want.  It was recommended by the PT/OT  while at rehab that I have a stable area by the stairs as I go in and out of the MH.


Last weekend Sandi helped me rearrange some things so that I have better access, one of which was the extra freezer.  I swapped the space on the dining bench and put the printers on the floor under the table. 


                                            It works a lot better.

That’s about all that’s going on here.  I hope that you all are having a great week.

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IMG_0004 It sure is hot outside, glad Mom has A/C.

Susan and Angel

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Update and Happy Mother’s Day

Tuesday the staples were removed.

IMG_0662 IMG_0661 IMG_0665

                 It really didn’t hurt at all, Sandi asked for the grimace.

This past week I have several visits from the staff of Health South Rehab for observations and therapy. 


Yesterday, Sandi called and asked that I be ready to leave at 8:00 in the morning.  I knew that we were going to a Mother’s Day Luncheon at her church, but I “wormed” it out of her as to why so early.  She had planned on treating me to a pedicure for Mother’s Day.  We had a great morning at the “Spa”. 


She wanted me to go different on the color of polish.  My kids think that I’m boring and I guess that they are right, but I did go with “SPARKLE” pink instead of red. 

Yes and then we went to the luncheon for a delicious meal, Grilled chicken with apples and apple cider sauce, assorted vegetables, fiesta rice, rolls and cheesecake.


                                    Sandi “scored” with one of the Door Prizes.

Thank You Sandi !!!!!!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day, celebrating with family and friends. It would have been nice to have all of my children here and I know that they would all like to have been here too.

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IMG_0550 I’m so glad mommy’s home.

Susan and Angel

Monday, May 6, 2013

Home, Both of Us !!!!!!!


Yesterday was my last day of therapy and busy one at that.  Much of it was in the afternoon.  As it was in the beginning, more observations and now tests on what I can do and how much I have accomplished. 

Early Friday morning I woke up with both hands itching, with no idea why.  I have been trying to stop with no luck.  After trying creams, lotions, heat, ice, I’m taking Benadryl. 


I began this early Saturday,   but     Life happens!!!!!!!

Since then, I/We have been very busy.  I was discharged in the morning,

      IMG_0649  IMG_0656

                      This is what you get when you get when discharged.

made a stop Costco and headed home.   Sandi got me all situated and helped put the groceries away.  She headed home to get things done before she had to meet friends that evening.  On the way, she brought Angel home. 


                                       You all know how happy she was. 

Sunday, I got a call from Sandi letting me know that Apollo with Health South would be over to register me for home healthcare.  That took about an hour, just in time to get to church.  We visited Past was or Shane’s church.  He is the one that Sandi brought to visit me after my surgery.

             IMG_0655   IMG_0654


Faith Pointe Church of Christ was celebrating their 2nd year Anniversary and Pastor.  Shane invited us to share in the luncheon they were having.  It was wonderful to be blessed with great food and conversation. 

From there we went to Home Depot to get some wood to put under the MH jacks,  Maybe now I can get “My Spot II” leveled properly.  Then we went to pick up Charlie from his dad’s, dropped off my prescriptions at Walgreens, went to On the Border to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, returned to Walgreens to pick up the scripts, went to Walmart to finish shopping and then home.  I got help putting everything away said goodbye.  The rest of the evening I watched one of the two channels that I get and was in bed by 9:00 pm.  I figured out how to put on a Lidocaine Patch (for pain) on my left arm by myself and went to bed.

Today, I had another home healthcare visitor, this time it was for evaluation.  I did a little bit of straightening up  and put away the laundry that Sandi did for me.  Thank you Sandi!  I did my exercises and will do them again before bed.

Tomorrow morning I have my post-op appointment with Dr. Milne.  He will probably take out the staples then.  My 1st actual home healthcare therapy visit will be tomorrow too. 

Ii is hard to believe that it has taken me all day to finish this post.  It will be nice to use both hands when this is all over and done.

I hope you all have a great week.

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IMG_0658 Yes Mom, I’m back on my perch.

Susan and Angel

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Discharge Eminent

It has been while since my last post.  when I do my post I usually use Live Writer (LW) on my Laptop, mainly because I have more control with inserting pictures.  I am able to post using my 1st generation I Pad, but can only use pictures that are already on the I Pad.  Downloading pictures from my I Phone is extremely challenging.  I finally gave up and brought my laptop back with me from the home visit, yesterday to write this post.


                               The names change, but this is where I’m at.

During the weekly Team Meeting on Tuesday, it was determined that I would be ready to go home on Friday, however, due to Sandi’s  availability, I will leave Saturday instead.  Yesterday, Nate (PT), Chad (OT) and I went on a Road Trip to “My Spot” to do a home evaluation, where they took pictures and measurements.  Now, I feel so much more confident that I will do just fine once I am back home.  Here at HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital in Fort Worth, they have been  wonderful.  The entire team has been great from the doctor,  nurses, techs, dietician, kitchen, case worker, PT, OT, to the cleaning staff.  Everyone here has been totally supportive. They are ready to help when needed, but they encourage you to do what you can first, sometimes with the push to get you past whatever level is next. You are always being evaluated as to performance and pain levels.

A typical day is very busy.  In order for MEDICARE to pay, you have to have 3 hours of Therapy, which equates to 4, 45 minute sessions.  We have 2 of PT (physical therapy), one on one and 2 OT (occupational therapy), group. I enjoy both, interacting on an individual level as well as with the other patients.  Yesterday in the morning OT session we “played” with a parachute and inflatable ball.  It was fun, but definitely a workout.

IMG_0622 IMG_0623

      Working with one arm was a challenge and really worked up a sweat. 


This machine helps by passively warming both arms (in my case left arm) and legs.

Up to now the majority of my therapy has been for building muscle in my core, legs and left arm along with range of motion  and balance.  It is remarkable how much can be accomplished in just one week.


                             Here we are getting ready for a group session.

I just got back from my last therapy session of the day.  We are usually done by 3:00 pm each day.  I’m tired and may take a nap. 

IMG_0631 Angel, me and Pippa


I hope you all are having a great week.  Mine has been good, especially since Sandi brought the “kids” for a visit.  Of course, Angel was thrilled, as was Charlie and Pippa.

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IMG_0630 I love my Mama

Susan and Angel