Friday, January 27, 2012

Cast Adjustment


                   IMG_0514           IMG_0531

I have been having some issues with my cast.  It has been cutting into the area at the base of my thumb.  It has made it difficult to do a lot of things including sleeping.  It doesn’t hurt where it is broken, only where I can move it.  So this morning I asked a friend, Helen for a ride to the hospital to see if they could adjust it.   In the above pictures you can see the difference.  The “casting technician” ( don’t remember his name).  What he did was to cut away part of the fiber cast material above and below the thumb and shaved the sharp edges away.  Then he covered the edges with moleskin so that it will be softer and more comfortable.  So far, it feels a lot better.

On the way home we stopped at a Rite Aid Drug Store, where I picked up some more Tylenol  and a Cast Protector.  Hopefully it will help in the shower and so that I can do the dishes and keep the cast dry.


Helen was also kind enough to take me to the grocery store too.  I was looking for some single size almond or soy milk.  Success!

After putting everything away, I spent the rest of the day watching a bit of TV and catching up on reading blogs.  I think that it will be an early night.

Happy Weekend!

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Susan and Angel

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Update On Hand


You’ve seen the Before, so I thought you might like to see the Nitti-gritty of what the hand looks like.  If that’s not your thing, feel free close this and go on to something else.

This morning, recently retired, Bob, friend from church offered to take me to the doctor.  He said that he had plenty of time.  Thank you.  He also helped by taking the latest collection of STUFF over to St. John’s Women’s Center while we were out. 

The good news is that I don’t have t have surgery, instead I have a bee-u-ti-ful purple cast.  I have to go back in three weeks for a check up.  My hand is still a bit swollen, so I may have to have it recast when the swelling goes down.

Okay, here’s the pictures.

               IMG_0505         IMG_0507

                       Really pretty bruises                           That’s Fat Hand


   If you’re interested in this sort of thing, the break is at the bottom of fourth metatarsal.  I know, for some of you it’s TMI !!!

After seeing Dr. Allen, I was taken to the cast room.  I was given the choice from a rainbow of colors for the cast.  My, my, so many choices, do I go with a fashion statement or be practical?  My thoughts, pink / pretty, purple / creative , pink shows the dirt, purple, not so much.      Now that really is TMI !!!


                                   Finished product, come on over and sign it!

Well there it is,  It has taken a while to type this one handed, and it will definitely will be challenge to do dishes (can’t get it wet at all).  Taking a shower, that ought to be fun!  Any suggestions?  Driving, I know that I can actually do it, but I’m not supposed to.  The next 6 weeks will certainly be interesting.  I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.

Have a great week and thanks for all your comments and concerns.


Nap time

Susan and Angel

Monday, January 23, 2012

Stormy Weather and A Big Change In Plans

      IMG_0485          IMG_0487

                                              a couple of views

Last Friday when a big storm went through, lots of wind and rain.  All off sudden there was a loud crash when something fell on my roof.  Oh No!  What happened?  Look for leaks, Are the solar panels broken.  All kinds of thoughts going through my head. I took a look out of the door and I could see the end of a branch hanging off the roof.  Okay, that explained the crash.  No leaks so far, the rest will have to wait until Ted comes tomorrow.  From the pictures above it didn’t look too bad.  After he got here and climbed up on the roof, this is what he threw down.


                                                    not so little

We put everything back in the shed, he went up on the roof to remove the branch. It missed the solar panels but broke a vent cap.  Later we picked one up at Folsom Lake RV to replace it.

He did that after we got back from Urgent Care.

Here I am, just days from leaving the great state of California and now I will have to stay probably another month.  The reason, last Saturday I fell while going through the STUFF in the shed.  Fortunately, Ted was already on his way for a visit. 

That’s the reason why my leaving is delayed.  We were at Urgent Care for about an hour and a half.  The doctor took x-rays and, yes, it is broken.  They put my hand in a splint and patched up my face.   I will have to go to see an orthopedic doctor at the hospital.


From there we went to meet Kyle, her son Spearman and his friend, Grayson at the Spaghetti Factory in Folsom for dinner. 

                   DSC00755     DSC00756

                                    Kyle                             Grayson  and  Spearman

Believe it or not, it really doesn’t hurt (only if I move it or put pressure on it, so I don’t).  We had a wonderful dinner and then went over to Vintner’s Cellar, Custom Winery, for a glass of wine and to support Steve where he performs.


It was an enjoyable evening.  Since I didn’t have to take any medication, I had a very nice glass of  Riesling.                                                                 It was then back home.


                                           my medicine, very tasty

The above picture makes my face look worse than it is.  It is just a couple of abrasions and bruised.  Here’s what it looks like with out the bandages.


On Sunday we went to IHOP for breakfast and then to the late service at church.  Afterwards, Ted Steve and Kyle had planned on going to the shooting range to practice.  Ted has a new rifle and just had to try it out before his truck club goes camping out in the desert next month.  I went along for the ride and stayed in the truck listening.  It sounded like someone had a “canon”.  Ted said that it was a 50 caliber hand gun.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home,  Ted showed me how to transfer my cassette tapes over to my laptop and since I probably have a little more time here,  We can do what we were going to do.  We went to their home and watched the 49ers football game and had dinner.  As usual Ted and Kyle prepared a wonderful meal.  Thank you!

That was my weekend.


Now I will have to deal with what ever happens to my hand.  I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow,  (I went in this morning hoping that they could work me in.  No luck.  I have to get a referral from my PCP)  That’s where I went next.  She will call in the referral so that I can be seen.

Now it is wait and see before I can set a new departure date,

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Susan and Angel

Friday, January 20, 2012

Interesting Week, No Transportation


It has been very cold this week, down to 19* over night.  I have resorted to letting the water run overnight  so that the pipes don’t freeze.  I don’t know about you, but listening to the drip can aggravating, so I have figured out a way so that I can’t hear it drip.  I turn the water to the smallest stream that I can and place a cloth above the drain and then put an old tooth brush vertical between the opening of the faucet and the cloth.  NO sound!


Along with the cold there has been RAIN, sometimes heavy, sometimes light or sporadic, but cold.   I am sooo ready to go where it is warmer. I just hope that the weather will be clear when head that way.

Monday, I dropped of the truck to have the transmission upgraded.  I got a ride back home and settled in by putting all the stuff together to donate.  There are three of the flip-top crates full.  I still find the decision as to what to get rid of, is the hard part, although once the decision is made, I don’t go back.  I’ve gone through my artwork (the master copies of my note cards that I sell), the extra paints and brushes and odds and ends out of the cabinets.  I still have quite a bit left and will probably keep some art stuff for the Grands. 

Tuesday was just a continuation of Monday. I did get a call from Mimi, fellow worker at my former job. ( I just love saying that)   We made plans for her to come over for lunch on Wednesday.  I just made a chicken and mushroom casserole to reheat.  The rest I would make in the morning.

Wednesday morning , I cleaned the screens on the Fantastic Fans.  Even though,  I have a central vacuum system, I used the one gallon wet/vac instead, mainly because of where I have to empty the dirt is in the basement, but not convenient.  Later after  it warmed up a bit, Angel and I took a walk to the dumpsters.  On the way back we stopped to talk to one of my neighbors and his dog Beauregard.  When I got back it was time to reheat the casserole, put together a salad, open a bottle of Riesling and bake some brownies for dessert.  (Mimi also brought some ice cream and some cake that she had made – very good.)  We sure had a nice visit.  I shared some of my extra unpainted notecards with Mimi and she showed me how to download some free books on to My I-pad. 


                                  Mimi and Angel getting ready to give her a kiss.

Thursday, another friend, Linda picked me up to head over to Applebee’s for lunch.  We both had salads and then took a quick run over to Costco to try to find some apple chips for a low calorie, gluten free snack.  They didn’t have any but will check out their store in Folsom when I get my truck back.  They did have the steak jerky, also g free another great high protein snack.  After that we went to her art class at the senior center in Fair Oaks.  It would be the last chance to say goodbye to those in the class and to offer some of the art stuff to whoever can use it.  (don’t worry Sandi I still have some for Mary when I get to TX)  She had volunteered to take me to pick up my truck, but won’t be finished until tomorrow.

It’s now Friday and am go through things one more time, seeing what more I can add to the St. John’s donation stack

The truck should be ready later this afternoon,   Helen, a friend from church will give me a ride.  One really good thing about not having the truck is that I’m not spending a lot of money and I’ve gotten quite a bit of purging done.

It’s raining again and I think that I might just take a nap and /or figure out how to transfer the cassette tape onto my laptop.  I also need to figure out where to stay in Quartzite for a few days (no cost).  How and where.  Any suggestions from anyone there in February would be appreciated.

I hope that you all have a great weekend.  Stay safe dry and warm.

Thanks for visiting


                                     Mom, when will I have something new to look at?

Susan and Angel

Saturday, January 14, 2012

?????? Answered



For DSD,  I will have to go over the Sierras.  I will be avoiding “the Grapevine” just North of LA.  Instead I will be going East on 58 out of Bakersfield.  The grade isn’t as bad and is (from what I’m told isn’t affected by weather as much as the passes farther North or even “the Grapevine” which can be closed because of Snow)


For Missa.  Me take public transportation, no not me.  If I need to go anywhere, I’ll walk or get a ride,  More than likely I will stay home to get more work done.  There’s plenty to do.

                                  Splendide Vented Washer Dryer

And for Merikay,  This is the reason that I can get rid of more clothes.  I can do small loads more often, although I will probably save some stuff to do at a Laundromat like my big robe and comforter.

Today was a day of rest for me.  Stayed in bed and watched a movie.  When I finally got up, the only thing that I did was to bake some of my Trail Mix Muffins and caught up on reading blogs and laundry. 


Good night All,

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Susan and Angel

Friday, January 13, 2012

Still Purging and Plans For My Truck


Things are slowly coming together,  I went through my closet and cabinets to gather up all the clothes that I won’t need now that I’m not working.  I’ve gone through a couple of crates to cull out the the extra copies of artwork.  More cabinets gave up a lot that can be donated to St. John’s Women’s Center.  I also brought some note paper and thank you cards to my former supervisor rather than mailing them.  That way she could see Angel.


I was able to do a load of laundry.  I really like having  my W/D Combo, even if I have to do small loads.  It’s in my “walk-in” closet and it’s convenient  to just lay the clothes flat on my bed and fold them there.  Then just turnaround and put them away. 

I have decided to get my transmission upgraded and made arrangements to take the truck to California Transmissions in Orangevale on Monday.  It will take three or four days to have the work done.  I think that I will feel more comfortable taking those mountains with the heavy 5th Wheel behind me. 

That’s about all that I did today,  Every little bit gets me closer, and since I won’t have any transportation I will have plenty of time next week to go through more STUFF. 

I hope that you all have a great weekend.  It’s time for bed for us.  Good Night!


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Susan and Angel

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“ It’s Light Out and She’s Still Home, Yea! ”


                                             Mom, You’re home!


It feels soooooooo goooood to stay at home, although I have my work cut out for me.  So far I have gotten the paperwork done for the Medicare Part B, supplemental insurance, and registration for my truck and fifth wheel. 

I think that the hard part for me will be going through all my ART things, yet again.  Ted took all the extra tools, so they’re gone.  I have to dispose of the note cards that I didn’t sell last November.  I have a lot of supplies too.  Much of that will have to go as well.

Yesterday, I went the Pleasanton RV Show with Bob and Dee from church.  Bob has also recently retired.  They have family back East and are considering buying an RV for their trips back to PA.  They are at the stage now where everything runs together.  Going through all the new models was nice, although I didn’t see anything that I liked better than what I have now.  There was one Big Horn model that I liked (not better, but almost as much.  It had a salon in the front, upstairs with a 50” TV and the bedroom downstairs in the back.   Very nice.  I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have any seminars or RV related vendors.

Angel is liking me being home.  I know that she doesn’t like riding in a crate in the truck, so I thought that I would try a harness that the seat belt goes through.  She seems to like it better and doesn’t show as much anxiety.  


    Not a great picture, but she is happy, next to me and is up high so that she can see.

Retirement + one week and so far things are going good.  Still a lot to do, just one day at a time and one duck at a time.  I will soon be out there on the road and enjoying my new lifestyle.

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Susan and Angel

Friday, January 6, 2012

The First Day of 2012 and !!!!!!! I’M RETIRED !!!!!!!!!

After spending Sunday with Ted (he fixed the lights on my truck). New Year’s Day is now over, and I would have to say good bye to Ted. He hung around till evening, caught some ZZZZZZZZ’s and then headed back home to San Francisco. I’m sure that I will see him again before I leave later this month.

IMG_0452_thumb[1] IMG_0451_thumb[3]

“sleepy heads”

I think that tis week was the hardest to get through. Monday I stuck out the whole day, mainly for the money. It was holiday pay and overtime pay, but I actually took some vacation time and left early Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I would have to work the whole day.

It’s official, today was my last day at work. I was supposed to work until 5:00 pm and have my exit interview at 3:00 pm. Well my supervisor’s boss came over to say goodbye and said that I could leave right after the interview. So, that’s what I did, except that I had to make the rounds to say goodbye to everyone. I guess that the only thing that I will miss will be the friends that I have made there, whether it’s been 11 years or a few weeks for the “newbies”, the people there are amazing. Even though it has been extremely busy, there was a “celebration'”. Kimi, (my supervisor) brought in a cake and everyone signed a card wishing me a happy retirement and gave me a gift card at grocery store. They new that I didn’t need any more STUFF. Another couple of friends on another team gave me a hand made table runner,

IMG_0454_thumb[1] IMG_0456_thumb[1]

Thank you to every one of you at VSP for being there and being such a good friend. It’s time to get on with the next chapter. Feel free to keep up with me and my adventures, seeing more of this great country and the rest of my family, especially all of the “grandkids”.

Now I will have the time with the “ducks”, more appointments, transmission check up, transfer to new domicile (TX), more purging, although I have already have my new address. The goal is to have it all done by the end of this month and then on to the road and a new lifestyle. I appreciate all of your suggestions and will need to make those decisions as I get closer to that time.

IMG_0453_thumb[1] Mom, I don’t want to “go” here.

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Susan and Angel