Thursday, August 29, 2019

Road Trip To Oklahoma

The  clan is gathering!

It seems that most of the family is returning to the midwest.  My son will be moving to Arkansas next month.  one of the other daughters is now in Texas and the other daughter is thinking about moving after her youngest graduates from high school.

My oldest daughter and her family have already moved to Henryetta OK, (husband, daughter and granddaughter).  I met up with my next oldest daughter to go and pick up her daughter there because she was helping her cousin and his wife to drive all of their belongings from Tucson AZ to Henryetta OK where they are buying house and property.  That was the goal of the entire weekend.

It started with me going to my next daughter's house on Saturday.  We did a bit of shopping and then later in the afternoon we enjoyed the pool.  Angel got in and learned how to swim to the stairs.  She really does not like the water, but was still happier to be with me rather than dodging all the other dogs.

Three of six dogs that were there that day.

The dogs think that they are lap dogs even if they pits , huskies or terrier.

They left Tucson Saturday morning, driving all day, expecting to get into Henryetta early Sunday.  Since we wanted to spend some time visiting, we left early Sunday morning.

Beginning of the Sunrise.

Turned out to be glorious.

Heading east.

We actually were able to skirt around and miss whatever was beneath the cloud bank.

Fortunately we missed any adverse weather and got there a little after 9 am and were able to spend about 3 hours before returning to Texas.

We had breakfast  and were able to meet my grandson's in-laws, who are also moving to Oklahoma.  We had to leave by noon to get to previous obligations.

Even so it was a good visit saw everyone got the Great Grandbaby  "Fix".  Hopefully we will all get together when we can spend more time.

Crossing the Red River

Hello Texas

The trip takes about 3 and a half hours and was uneventful, which is a good thing!

I made it home to Ennis before dark and got geared up for another week volunteering for the Corp.

I hope that you all have had a great week and will have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend.

Thank you for visiting.

Mom is protecting me from all the big dogs..

Susan and Angel

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Bardwell Lake Corp of Engineers Parks


I must apologize for not posting more often on this blog.  Thank you to all who tried to keep up with Angel and me.  I really do appreciate it.  Angel has been doing just fine.  She and I do get into a rut, since we really don't do too much.  I find that there isn't too much that I actually do except workamp and do watercolors.  I will try to be more diligent in keeping you all up to date.

So this post will be about wonkamping for the US Army Corp of Engineers and their parks where I am currently staying.  My MH is parked at Love Park.  It is the closest park to the Project Office where I work.  I work Monday thru Friday, 4 hours per day for my site and full hook ups. This the first time in 7 years that I have had weekends off, YEA!!!!

If anyone is interested in volunteering, they do have positions open for Camp Hosts and Maintenance.  Couples and singles are welcome.

On to the some pictures and comments about the various parks.


This park has been closed except for the boat ramp and the Group Shelter.

Love Park Entrance

Gate House and Volunteer Sites

Group Shelter
The group shelter accommodates 200 people
 and is reservable  from April 1st through September 30.

Boat Ramp

Courtesy Dock

The boat ramp is open year round, however the courtesy dock has to be repaired after the recent flooding.


Mott Park

Mott Park Gate House

Boat Ramp and Courtesy Dock
Swim Beach

One of the camping sites

Many other camping sites

Group Shelter 
This group shelter accommodates 100 people.  Reservable April 1st thru September 30th.


Waxahachie Creek Park

Waxahachie Creek Gate House

Camping for RVs and Tents

Boat Ramp
Additional Parking for Boat Trailers
Camping Site
Another Campsite
Group Shelter
This group shelter accommodates 200 people. Reservable April 1st thru September 30th.

Equestrian Camp Sites Available
Waxahachie Creek Park is the only one that accommodates horses.


HighView Park is the only park that is open year round.

High View Park

HighView Park Gate House
Camp Site

Camp Sites for both RVs and Tents
High View Marina

This park has the only Marina on Bardwell Lake.

Swim Beach

High View Park also has a Group Shelter which accommodates 50 people and a Boat Ramp.  I forgot to get pictures.

Writing this particular post has helped me get familiar with the different parks that I have to answer questions about when people call the office.  So this is what my job entails.  I find it interesting and I enjoy helping those interested in what the corp offers.

I hope that you all found it a little bit interesting and maybe consider checking out your local USACE parks.

Thanks for visiting 

I'm so glad when Mom gets home.

Susan and Angel

Monday, July 29, 2019

I'm Finally Updating,,

Yes, I'm finally posting. I know, it's about time!  No excuses, just couldn't get motivated.  I hope that you all will forgive me.

This post will be m mostly about a mini update since the beginning of the year.

At that time In was still at Samuel P Taylor State Park.  There was a lot of rain and I mean A LOT of rain.

Lagunitas Creek was over 10 feet higher than it's usual depth.  Only one section of campsites were closed.
I remained there until March 1st.

From there I returned to China Camp State Park.  It was the same old boring gig where I started to plan to relocate back to Texas.  My granddaughter had gotten a job and moved out into her own van. My son who lives in San Francisco was also thinking about relocating.  It started me thinking, I would be quite on my own, far away from family.  I hadn't seen them in a long time, why not just relocate near enough so that we could visit back and forth.
I had my motorhome up for sale and I wasn't getting any valid interest.  I can understand why.  There is nowhere to park one unless you have property. rent in the area is way too expensive.  Hopefully I will have better luck where I am now.
As you have where ever you live, life happens.

Yes that's my heel.  I messed up and injured myself to the tune of 10 stitches.  For something that happens in one second, I had to deal with the healing aspect which took over two months to completely heal.
The only thing that was interesting while at China Camp was that I was able to resume my Watercolor Classes.

Another pet portrait of Angel.

While there I continued my search for another location.  I concentrated on East Texas where I had several possibilities, mostly State Parks as camp host.  Then I talked to a Ranger with the U S Army Corp of Engineers at Lake Sam Rayburn.  They actually had a volunteer position in their project office answering phones.  That is where I accepted the position.


May 31st, we pulled out of China Camp, drove to the U Haul in San Rafael to pick up a tow dolly for my car and we were on our way.  here we crossed into Arizona.  One sate down and two more to go.
It was a long trip, almost 2000 miles.  Angel finally settled down after the first day.

This where I parked, next for to the project office where I would be working.

Sunset over Sam Rayburn Lake
Morning Coffee

Almost every night there was a beautiful sunset over the lake. (taken from my door)

One of the things that you can expect when RVing is that you may get visitors, ants, mice, but I certainly didn't expect this fellow.

Tree Frog

I found him in my kitchen sink. He was kind of cute, but I let him out to find somewhere else to visit.

I was at a place that I liked working, the people were great, the job easy, but the things that were hard to get used to were not having a decent internet signal, it was remote, the winds off the lake periodically had my home really rockin' ,but the most important was that the closest family was 5 1/2 hours away. That was Sandi.  Heidi was 7 1/2 hours away.  That was when I discovered that this position was all over the US.  I happen to talk to someone in the Fort Worth District Office who told me about Bardwell Lake having the same position available.
While I was trying to figure out how to get closer to family, I also talked to the Ranger at Eufaula Lake in Oklahoma which is an hour from Heidi. He asked if I could meet with him there.  So during the 4th of July weekend I took a road trip up to visit Heidi and meet my new great granddaughter Nora Lynn.

Nora Lynn and me
Heidi's and Chris's house in Henryetta OK

I got there on the 4th and on the way home I went by way of Sandi's in North Richland Hills, just outside of Ft Worth.

While there I got to know Sandi's three pitfalls and Nick's and Jen's two huskies.  Into the mix I added in my little terrier, Angel.  They had a lot of fun playing.  Even though there was a lot going on, they were all well behaved.
Sandi is dog sitting for Nick and Jen while they are in the process of relocating to Henryetta, OK.

While I was there I checked out Lewisville Lake and Grapevine Lake, which were closer to Sandi.  These lakes were possibilities, with positions for gate attendants, most likely working weekends.
On the way back to Sam Rayburn, I stopped at Bardwell Lake where I met with the Lake Manager.  This position was 4 hours a day M-F answering phones.  It was an easy decision and it was only an hour from Sandi.

I said my good byes to all the great people at Sam Rayburn.  I also found someone to replace me an d they are loving it. Yea! Win! Win!

I am now at Bardwell Lake , Ennis TX.  I drove the MH here on Friday the 19th, Sandi came to pick me up the next morning to drive me back to get my car.  She also helped me finish setting up when we got back.  Thank you Sandi, I couldn't have done it without your help.

If you look close, that's the lake in the background.  I sure am glad that my site is covered.  It will certainly help with the extreme weather here in TX.  (like hail storms)

                                                                  Life is good!

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Susan and Angel