Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Road Trip to Marine Headlands



After not leaving the park (except for shopping), it was time for a road trip!  Earlier that week I had seen a production of “On the road with Rob” on TV where he visited the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.  It seemed like it would be an interesting place to visit.  So I called up a friend, John, to see if he would like to go on a road trip.  Every 2nd and 4th Sundays they have a free Science talk at the center, (subject changes each month).  That’s where we headed early Sunday morning.  Angel had to stay home and fellow workamper, Jeanne would check on her and take her for a walk.

DSCN0509  DSCN0510

Just some of the literature that I picked up to learn about the area. 


Not only is the Marine Mammal Center located in the Headlands, but the Headlands was also occupied by the military from WWII throughout the Cold War.  

DSCN0476   DSCN0477

DSCN0478   DSCN0480

    DSCN0481   DSCN0482   DSCN0483

                                              More information signs.

     This facility has the largest marine mammal rehabilitation hospital in the world.


After we left the Center we explored the area, taking all the side roads.  Above is Fort Cronkite.  Right near there is Rodeo Beach where there were a lot of people picnicking and surfing.  From there we drove up towards the lighthouse past the Nike Missile Site (which, unfortunately was closed until later in the week- that’s another trip)

DSCN0490   DSCN0494   DSCN0495

At the top of the Headlands are located the Batteries, this one is Battery Wallace where there was a big gun protecting San Francisco and the west coast during WWII.

DSCN0497   DSCN0493

DSCN0499   DSCN0498

When you look to the east the views are magnificent.  The Golden Gate Bridge would come in and out of view because of the Marine Layer.  Most of the time you couldn’t even see the city of San Francisco.  I could have stayed there for a long, long time, except for the wind, (and the crowds).  I’ll have to go back during the week and maybe do some  painting.  These pictures just can’t compete with the real thing.

From here we stopped for lunch in Sausalito and then did a little wandering over to Tiburon and then back to Hwy 101 and home.  All in  all it was a nice trip.  Neither one of us had been to the Marine Headlands, even though John has lived in CA all his life and the closest that I had been was to the Battery overlooking the bridge and Fort Baker.  That will be another trip.  If you are out this way and get a chance, check it out.  (Just a “heads up” , There is a one lane tunnel that may have up to a 5 minute wait depending on traffic when entering the headlands off of 101.)

I hope that you all are having a great summer.

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DSCN0372 Are you sure I can’t come with you?

Susan and Angel

Friday, August 5, 2016

Nearing The End Of The Season


It is nearing the end of the summer season.  All the programs are scheduled through Labor Day.  That’s all that I have to plan for crafts for the kids and pick out some movies for Movie Night.  I’m not sure what I will be doing after that as far as activities are concerned, but we will be having a swap meet of some sort towards the end of September and are planning that.

My plans are to be here until some time in October.  Once the current Camp Hosts leave I can move in to their space at China Camp, where I was last winter.


In the meantime here in the Delta, the weather has been quite nice.  The last few days it has gotten up to the mid 80’s with the nights in the mid 50’s.  or me that’s perfect weather.  Before that we had several days in the 100”s. not very comfortable.  I am so glad that electricity is included, as  the A/C was on even when I wasn’t home, Angel was. 

I did have to go to the DMV in Vacaville to renew my driver’s license and the plates for my Mini Cooper.  For some reason there wasn’t a front plate on the car when I bought it last August and I was lucky that I never got a ticket for it, so I had to get a brand new set of plates with a new number.  Going to the DMV is not one of my favorite things to do.  I would have had to wait until next week to get an appointment, so took my chances and got there by 9:00am.  Because they were shorthanded,  I didn’t get out of there until nearly 2:00pm.  I also (unexpectedly) had to take a test (I passed) and get a new picture taken.  Oh well, you do what you’ve have to do. 

It seems like every thing that I have to do, I have to go at least 30 + miles, to do it. Where I’m at is that far from any place that has all the stores and facilities that I go to in any direction.  There are also bridges that have to be crossed that you have to wait for when there is a boat going under, even the sailboats or other boats that have antennas. 


Another place that I have to got to at least once a month is to Benicia where I have to check on the artwork that is there on consignment.  I usually go on Thursdays because I can actually paint in open studio.  I did another self portrait in watercolor.  When I got home I continued going through my STUFF, trying to get ready for the swap meet.  I want to purge about half of my things.  Recently, I have been thinking about downsizing again to a class C.  My thinking is that I would be able to camp host in more State or Federal Parks where they have smaller sites and if I have less stuff to put away I can move more often.  This might take me awhile (years?), I still have to figure out how to do it (??$$$??).

At least that’s what I’ve been doing.  I hope that you all are having a great summer.

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Susan and Angel

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Time ????? Where Has It Gone

I can’t believe that it has been nearly 6 weeks since my last post.  These weeks have been so frustrating. 

I use my photos to formulate what I will write about and I have had trouble getting my photos from my phone into a separate folder that I can access and put into my blog.  I would love to post from my IPad instead of my lap top, but Live Writer isn’t compatible . with the IPad.  Yes,  I know that I can post directly using Blogger on the IPad, but I can’t access all my photos from there.  I take photos with the IPhone, the IPad, my Cannon and my Nikon and all pictures are not accessible.

The other problem that I have had is to getting used to Windows 10.  There is a huge learning curve.  It doesn’t help that my internet connection is not that good.  The connection at the Park is very sloooow and sometimes I can’t even get on, so most of the time I use my IPhone Hotspot, but of course it uses data.  My son has set it up to use a signal booster for the Park Wi-Fi,  but sometimes  I give up on it and go back to the phone.


As to what I have been doing  ???????

I have been painting and sorting.  Some of these paintings are on consignment at a studio in Benicia, CA, “Once Upon A Canvas”, located in the “Tannery”.  I have already sold the Sunflower mounted in a square basket.


In the space where there was originally a leather jack-knife sofa, I put a small painted teak bistro set, (pictured in an earlier Post) but it is now being used on the patio outside.  I have been going through all of my compartments to get all my tools together (outside ) and all my art/craft  materials together (inside).  Below is what I came up with.  There are 20 baskets units that I have covered with fabric.  I can also keep the printer and portable drafting tabletop on top.  All of the larger flat pieces that don’t fit are on the side or in a flat portfolio case.  It seems to be working quite well.  This may change in the future, as  I am considering  downsizing and getting a Class C, although that might take awhile.

 IMG_2209  IMG_2210


Every Saturday, I monitor a fishing derby for the kids until noon, then I return to the clubhouse for arts and crafts for 2 hours and finishing with movie night (outsid)  (always a kids’ movie).  Of course there has to be popcorn, so for an hour before show time, I’m popping corn.  Fun, Fun, Fun, but it is a long day.  It’s usually after 10pm before I get home. 

Below is a picture of a couple of kids (and their dad) and their finished craft project.  Those are birds perched on their arms.           daughter and mom made craft with plastic 


  IMG_2217   IMG_2200

I try to have a new craft every week. We’ve done pinwheels, fireworks on tee-shirts, stained glass (effect) trivets, button spinners, toilet paper birds, really big bubbles, and stained glass effect plastic bottle storage containers.


Occasionally I will join a “Meet Up” group of Plein Aire Painters.  In the second photo the painting that I was working on is the large one on the left that has a black frame.  (you can click on the photo to enlarge it)

IMG_2226   IMG_2225


More pictures from the fishing derby:

DSCN0412   DSCN0410   DSCN0411

A couple more paintings:

DSCN0417   DSCN0418


Occasionally I am able to get away for a road trip:

That’s Jeannie, one of the other workampers, and all the goodies that I brought home.  What’s your favorite combination of Jelly Belly-s?

DSCN0422   DSCN0436  DSCN0434

About a month ago a friend and I took a trip to China Camp and for lunch he took me to a crab restaurant in Sausalito, CA.


A couple of weeks ago we went to Bodega Bay. This time we took Angel who sat with us on the patio where we had lunch.  We then drove north to Wright’s Beach.  The tide was high and the water was rough.  We were asked to not go near the water.  The sand was hot and hard to walk in.  It was still enjoyable, maybe next time we’ll find a beach that has more hard packed sand.

DSCN0443   DSCN0441 

DSCN0446   DSCN0447


That brings us to last week.

Third Thursday (last Thursday), there was something different, a Pet Parade!


Those are 3 tortoises          a short parade                    Angel glad that it was all over

DSCN0462   DSCN0465   DSCN0469


And finally, I have decided to offer my painting talents to anyone who would like to have their pet’s portrait done.  Unfortunately they aren’t with us forever.  I know that I am always going back to pictures of my pets that have gone over the rainbow bridge, to remember them.  Below is the photo of Angel and the paintings that I have done from  it, (a 9 x 12 watercolor and a 6 x 8  acrylic).

IMG_2157   IMG_2214

If any one is interested, feel free to contact me for more information.  It can all be done by e-mail/snail mail.  (   nessiekatt@sbcglobal.net   )

I want to thank all my followers for not giving up on me and I hope that I have the photo situation under control and will keep you up to date with what’s up with Susan and company.

Thank you for visiting

IMG_2220  Mom and I are sharing her new hammock.

Susan and Angel