Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More Paintings & Getting Ready to Leave China Camp

After finally getting past the blank page, I have been painting from photos that I have taken around China Camp.  The two below were taken from oppisite sides of China Camp Fishing Village.

IMG_2078 - Copy  IMG_2079 - Copy

IMG_2080 - Copy 

Turtle Back Hill from Shoreline Trail just east of the campground.

 IMG_2082 - Copy

This is the path leading from the upper part of the campground to the parking lot.

IMG_2084 - Copy 

This is where two creeks join together by site 15 in the campground.  After the rain stops. they become dry.

  IMG_2081 - Copy

Douglas Iris. wildflower

IMG_2083 - CopyIMG_2075

Watercolor of the photo looking across San Pablo Bay (zoomed In)

The scene from China Camp.  It will be a different view once I have moved on Saturday.  The past few weeks have been a little busy getting ready to move.  My Texas registration for the MH expired on March 1st.  Since I probably won’t be going back to Texas anytime soon, I have decicded that I needed to register it here in California.  I will have to get it smogged on Thursday and then take it to the DMV.  When I finnish I will go back to China Camp until Saturday when Ted will help me drive to Delta Bay RV Park and set up at the new site.  In the meantime it’s time to get the inside ready for the move.

I have been here for six months, so there is a lot that has to be secured.  Most of it will just be put on the floor in tubs.  There is some that will be kept in place with tension rods.  The upolstered bench between the captain and passenger chairs just fits on the daybed made up from the dinette.  I’ve tried keeping things organized all along so it shouldn’t take long get it all in order.  Ted will come out tommorrow night to get me ready to roll.  He has been a great help each time I move.

I hope that you all are having a great year.

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Susan and Angel

Monday, March 14, 2016

Punching, Painting And Preparing


I have been keeping busy while still keeping an eye on the parking lot waiting for campers to need help.  There haven’t been many campers because of the constant rain, although there are those few die-hards that don’t mind getting wet, but most come prepared.

My newest craft that I have learned is needle felting, using wool roving to create these animals and to add a design to a reversable Japanese Tote Bag that I made with woven woolen squares. (Also a new craft)  The first one was the Scottie and the next is one that is supposed to look like Angel.

IMG_1944  These are some of the others.

IMG_1976   IMG_1978  IMG_1982  IMG_1980       IMG_1994  IMG_1995

With leftover tartan fabric I made a smaller version.


The day after my Son’s birthday, the three of us (Ted, Leslie and I) went on a road trip and stopped for lunch and celebrated with a shared brownie sunday.  Yummmm!

IMG_1987      IMG_1990

Ted is hard to buy for,so I painted a picture of Leslie’s favorite flower, Tulips, and gave it to her.  I figured that if I made her happy, that Ted would be happy too.  It worked.


With all the rain that we have had I hadn’t been in the campground, but took advantage of a light shower to get some pictures for painting subjects.  So here is a short tour of the China Camp Campground.  As you can see the creeks have been running.  The turkeys are out in force.  This Tom Turkey seemed to be herding his hens where he wanted them to go.  Even one of the trails is totally flooded,( about a foot deep).

099  097  096

088  098  105

100  103  094

Below are a group of 4” x 6” watercolors, the top 6 are here in the Camp, The other 4 are from other photos I have taken.


Now for the preparing part of this blog.  I will be leaving  China Camp at the beginning of April and heading for my new “Gig”.  This time I will be East of San Francisco in the Sacramento Delta at Delta Bay RV.  It is a former KOA now owned by a private family with 120 sites.  There is a lot of work to be done and there will be a lot more workampers.  So now I have to get ready for the move.  I have been here for 6 months, but fortunately I haven’t aquired a lot of stuff and have tried to lighten the load.  There still is a lot that I can probably get rid of that I really don’t need or use.

I hope that you are all having a great year.

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