Thursday, November 5, 2015

I’ve Moved Again, Visits, Mod Updates


Yes I’ve moved “My Spot II” again, but only from one spot to the other one after the other camp hosts left.  The main reason was because the back fence where I was, was angled and I couldn’t open my back compartment open all the way.  In the new one the back fence is straight across.  It is so much better.                                   

IMG_4735 IMG_4783

                    from here                             to                       here


                                        My yard is also a little bit bigger.



Last month Santa Clara County Parks had their Volunteer BBQ, so of course I had to attend.  There I am listed under 1000 hours.  In the picture is me, Angel, Ranger Theresa, and two other volunteers, Mike and his wife, Alfonsie. (not sure of the spelling)      


Last month, Ted and Leslie came for a visit and we went to the Melting Pot for dinner in Larkspur.  It was a lot of fun cooking our own meat and dessert in a fondue pot.

1601        1602 

Last month I had a comment asking me to say hello to Lorraine and Bethany from the R&B girls.  They are pictured below with Lorraine on the left, Ronnie in the middle and Bridget on the right, standing by their MH and Toad.  They are former camp hosts here at China Camp and were on their way to their next gig.  It was great to meet them.


There was another visit, this time from the EMTs to assist a fallen bicyclist.  That happens occasionally, but at least they are not as far away as they are at JD Grant.



Now for the Mod Updates.

I have deconstructed the platform for the Queen Size Mattress.  It had storage under it, mainly Christmas decor and Yarn projects.  For a while I just turned the Q S mattress sideways supported by storage tubs but since then I was able to replace that one with a 12” memory foam mattress.  It’s just me, so, I’m happier with the added floor space.  There is enough room now for a rocker next to the bed where I can watch movies on my larger flat screen TV.


   One of the side closets next to the bed is now my Christmas Closet.  the other, I still have to put in shelves.  In my bathroom I have taken small 3 and 5 plastic drawer units to put all those little things that get lost in larger drawers.  Just to make them a little bit more decorative I added different patterned Duct Tape on the drawer fronts. It really works well.                                                        

             IMG_4760 IMG_4757 IMG_4758

In addition to the bench across the captain and passenger seats,


I have been saving 1 liter bottles for an ottoman.  On the left is what I was going to use, but it really didn’t work out well, so instead I put them in the box that the mattress came in.  I cut it in half to reinforce it and then used regular Duct Tape to strengthen it and then covered it in the Celtic Knot patterned fabric.    In the picture on the right is where I removed the Jack Knife leather Sofa.  I gave it away along with the Q S mattress to one of the guys in maintenance.  I also replaced my big Lazy Boy Rocker Recliner.  I am really sad to see that go.  It was just too big.  It was so comfortable, but it has found a good home at Ted’s.  I found an office chair that swivels and rocks and fits on the slide where the sofa was.  The price was right, however the fabric just doesn’t go with the rest of the room.  It is another project.  I’m thinking about painting it instead of recovering it.  Behind the chair is a shelf project in progress.

1599 IMG_4781

Since it is just me, I decided to decorate “My Spot II” with decor that makes me happy.  I really enjoyed Scotland when I was there, so I am recreating the “feel” of that visit.  The Scottish Highlands are beautiful.  It was like “coming home” when I was there.  My living area celebrates my heritage.  My descendants are from Scotland and Sweden, so that is what I am combining.  There are Scandinavian prints and tartans.  So far everything is working.

Then there’s the mural that I painted on the wall and door separating the kitchen and bathroom.  Below are the stages, first the sketch, then the background.  I finally finished it a couple of days ago.


When I open the door, Mama and Baby Highland Cows disappear.


Now that it is getting colder and there are fewer campers, especially during the week, I have quite a bit of time.  I have been making some things with the leftover yarn.  Angel has a new sweater. 


 1634 Sometimes it is so cold that I wrapped her tent with a knitted shawl that I made several years ago. She likes to hide in there.

I guess that’s about all that has been happening here.  I hope that you are all keeping warm.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_4787 I’m just keeping track on what’s going on in the parking lot.

Susan and Angel