Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My New Automatic Awning

One of my commenters, Barbara of Me and My Dog suggested that I include in one of my posts, the information on my new automatic awning.  So, Barbara, this is for you!

                            sitting in the sun    100_2405

          IMG_0038  old one

As you all know, I spent 4 months this past summer, gate guarding in South Texas near the Mexican border.  Let me tell you.  It was HOT!  Although, most mornings were quite comfortable, I would have spent more time outside if it were easier to use my perfectly good awning.  However, it is so high on the 5th wheel, that it wasn’t easy to get it back up when the wind picked up and that was quite often.  I have seen dust devils as tall 8 to 12 feet high.  So needless to say, I didn’t use it and stayed inside watching movies and sitting on my you know what. 

I was there to make enough money to clear a 2011 tax bill, so I just stay a little longer for enough money to cover the added expense for the automatic awning.  So on Labor Day, I left the oil fields and headed north to Camping World in New Braunsfels, Texas where I had an appointment on September 5th to replace the current awning with one that is automatic and has a wind sensor to the tune of nearly three thousand dollars.  I’m sure that there are places that it wouldn’t cost that much, but to my way of thinking, Camping World is nationwide and that cost also includes a 3 year warranty.

               IMG_0199  IMG_0200

                                  new awning from two directions.

I  have a 37’ 5th wheel and the awning is 16‘ long.  Mine was a bit expensive, so if you have a shorter one, it may not be as much.  In talking to others and the guys that installed it, the sensor might not be needed, because, to work, the winds have to be sustained before it brings the awning in and that may be too late.  So, you may not want one.  That could save a few hundred dollars.  One thing to keep in mind is that with an automatic awning, you can’t anchor or tie it down. 

     IMG_0202    IMG_0198

                                taken from my door, both directions.

It is so easy to just push a button on the remote.  I have been holding the button down to open and close it and my thumb would relax and it would stop.  I just found out TODAY that I only have to hold it down once for it to open/close completely. DUH!!!!!  Although, I can open it only part way if I want to.  Others that I have spoken to have a button installed on a wall or wherever.  Mine is operated by a remote ( like you might have to open a car door ).  In order for me not to lose it, I keep it inside the control panel door.  I used some tape to make a place for me to slip it into for storage.  It works for me.


In general numbers, the installation, $312., wind sensor, $260., awning and assembly, approximately,  $1,650, 3 year protection plan, $349., shipping $128., and misc. charges about $15.   Again, mine is long, but hopefully it will give you an idea as to the cost. I’m glad you asked.

I really like it.  I haven’t had to use it much, because the way that I am parked and I have quite a bit of shade.  It is sooooo easy and quick. 

Gotta run, and get to work.

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IMG_0184  What?  You have to go to work?   Ohhhhhh no!

Susan and Angel

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Wow, what a day.!  Saturday started with a bacon and cheese omelet, pumpernickel toast with ligonberry jelly and decaf coffee.  It was really good and got me ready for a long day dealing with the Halloween Festival here at Leisure Resort.  I got dressed in my costume earlier, because I knew that I would be too involved to get back to the rig to do it.


                                My Scottish attire, and the cape kept me warm.

Let me back up a little.  Friday we were to do the set up and it was my job to organize everyone and get the Club House decorated.  Because of the weather, there were things that would have to wait until Saturday.  It was really windy, cold and there was the threat of rain.  We did as much as we could and I checked to see it we could stop and make up the hours in the morning.  Sheila said that I was in charge and to do what I needed to do to make it all work.  OK!!  We all came to the conclusion that we could get all finished by noon if we came in at 9:00 am.

   IMG_0270   IMG_0269

                              The guys did a great job on the outside.

   IMG_0273  IMG_0274

It was a bit interesting, as I haven’t done this before and just came up with a plan, setting times for the different activities, who would oversee them and setting up the different areas where they would happen.  Most of the afternoon I did face painting and let everyone else do what they were going to do.  Since the Face painting wasn’t advertised, I had Trish, a guest, be my first “Victim”.


She then took her “skeleton and spider” dogs for a walk around the CG to “advertise”.  It wasn’t long before I had a line of kids wanting their turn.  I asked if I could take some pictures, so  here are some others.

          IMG_0277  IMG_0278  IMG_0279 IMG_0280

I later took a break and Allyson took over.  Her specialty was painting their whole face, so they could be an animal or ghost or whatever they wanted to be.



            From the pumpkin carving, they gathered in the Pavilion for the PiƱata Smash.

   IMG_0317   IMG_0315

                        Everyone in their costumes, yes, even Angel.

After awarding all the prizes, as it was getting dark and the only thing left was the Hay Ride through the CG.

    IMG_0326  IMG_0327

Even though it was a long day, it was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time.  Sheila told me that evidently this was the best organized Halloween event that they have had.  Sheila wants me back next year.  I will see what happens.  Who knows where I will be next year.

Next week she wants to train me on the computer and in the office.  She will be taking a well deserved 3 days off and I will be helping Janice, another Workamper, on Tuesday so that I can take Saturday off to do Face Painting at a Fall Festival at the church that I have been attending.

So far it seems that this is a good fit for me.  Once I learn the computer system, I will be able to have more opportunities available wherever I go.

I hope that you all are having a great time celebrating the holiday and LIFE.

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Hey Mom, this is better than walking around in this silly clown suit.

Susan and Angel

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Hangin”



That’s “My Spot” in the middle of the picture taken from in front of the office.  You have to click on it in order to enlarge it to see it.  The office is about in the middle of the CG, so you can get an idea as to how big it is.  There is a Nature Trail  (beyond the far trees ) on both ends that takes up about the same area along the San Marcos River. 

Leisure Resort is a nice park and so far I like it.  I’ve met most of the other Workampers and they seem to enjoy this lifestyle as well as I do.  Yesterday I was up at the office with Allyson going through the Halloween stuff and trying to figure out all the details as to what we would be doing, times, places, decorations , etc.  Today I just hung out here in the rig.  I was nursing a little headache and slept on and off most of the morning.  I had been over at Jason and Janice’s ( other Workampers ) visiting and enjoying a bit of wine and conveersation. 

Angel and I took a short walk this afternoon and watched a movie.  That’s about all we did. 

Tomorrow I will be doing the decorating and setting up for Saturday’s festivities.  and Saturday is all the fun and games.  Both days will be very busy.

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Susan and Angel

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Hike


Since this was my last day before starting my work here at Leisure Resort, I thought that we should check out the nature trail at the other end of the park.  As you can tell, Angel is ready to go.  She’s sitting on a fallen log with the San Marcos River in the background.  This one was a little bit longer than the  one on the south end of the CG. 


Along the way we saw a couple of tubing on the river.  They invited us in to join them.  No Way,  it’s just too cold.I would have been remiss if I hadn’t warned them of the water moccasins in the river.  They probably won’t be a problem, but it’s nice to know of their existence.


                         This is the view of “My Spot” looking up from the river.

 IMG_0230  IMG_0232

If you enlarge these, you can see that there are a line of cabins, (movable in case of flooding) and lots of tent/picnic sites.  Just past here is where the nature trail starts.  Within the camping area, pets are not allowed in or next to the river, however, there are areas on the trail where your best friend (Fido) can get in and enjoy the river too.IMG_0233   IMG_0240


All those speckles are itty bitty fish coming to the surface.  Earlier a saw a very small turtle, but couldn’t get a shot of it.  It was too far away and hid in the water and vegetation.

                                       Additional views on the trail.                         

   IMG_0239 IMG_0242  

   IMG_0241 IMG_0247

                                 There is still a bit of color here and there.

IMG_0243      IMG_0236

 IMG_0245 IMG_0246 IMG_0244

            Middle pic, closer look of tall plant, in 1st pic.  Last one of feathery grasses.

                                              Just interesting textures.

This hike was a bit long, so we headed on back once we reached the river.   We took the left side which headed north along the river.  When we got to the river, it was actually to a bend in the river, so the next hike, we’ll take the right side to see what there is to see.  Walking back through the CG I took a few more pictures.

  IMG_0253   IMG_0255

          One of the Tree Houses.                     That’s Sheila, my boss getting in the cart.

  IMG_0256   IMG_0257

                  The Clubhouse.                          The pool with more cabins in background.


                                     Yes, Angel, we’re almost home.

I hope you enjoyed this hike. We did! 

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DSC01132Let me rest a while, until the next time.

Susan and Angel