Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Checking Out The Area

Since arriving here in Fentress (Don’t blink, you’ll miss it!), I haven’t done too much, just a little exploring of the area.  I have found a church that I like in San Marcus. it’s not too   big, but there is a lot going on, very active.  Afterwards, I wondered around town just to see what there was to do, not much.  The main thing in town is  Texas State University and the support stuff that students need.  There are two very large Outlet Malls a few miles from the center of town and they are very busy.  If you want or need it, it’s probably there.  Most everything is out side of the city.  Then on the way home, I checked out LuIing, 10 miles away, just a little country town.


Yesterday, I went over to see Bill at Camping World to see about getting the 5ver fixed.  I showed him some pictures and he will send someone out to take a look and write an estimate to send to the insurance company.  That way I don’t have to bring it in, because I’m sure I will have to wait on parts.  I also met a former RVer that I met on line, for coffee.  We had a nice visit, sharing stories for a couple of hours. 

Just to check out the area, I took the back roads.  There are a lot of cows out there, with and without horns.  Even though there is hardly any traffic,  you still have to be careful.  You have to watch out for those nuts that pass when there is a double yellow line and a hill that you can’t see past.  I had to actually apply the brakes and pull off onto the grassy shoulder for him to get passed the other car.  What was he thinking? 

On the way back I took a couple of other back roads and went into Lockhart, stopping at Lockhart State Park to check it out. It is a small park with 20 camp sites, some for RVs, most for tent.  There is also a recreation hall, day use area with a playground and swimming pool in the summer.  Don’t forget the public 9 hole golf course if you’re interested in that. 


 IMG_0176  IMG_0180  IMG_0179

I didn’t realize it earlier, but it seems that it is just inside the Lockhart city limits on TX 20.  I also found out that there is a nice new Wal Mart that DOESN’T have a gas station.

From there I headed home for a light lunch/dinner, just a half sandwich.  Later I had desert, 3-2-1 cake and a half glass of Riesling wine and settled down to watch a bit of TV.  That was it.

I hope that you all had a great weekend.  Even with all that is going on with my 5ver, life is still a lot better than living any other life style.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0204  What?    Do I Have to?

Susan and Angel


  1. Just wondering if you have done any of the Halloween decorating yet? Sounds like you have been busy with sightseeing.

  2. Not yet. Tomorrow will be my first day. I don't even know what I hhave to work with. I guess I'll find out then.

  3. Cute sweater on Angel! You are in a great area - glad you're able to get out and take in the sites. Have a great first day tomorrow!

  4. One of the items on my bucket list is to visit all the Texas State Parks, so I was interested in your (brief) visit to Lockhart. Looks like it's a small park, but pretty.

    How long will you be at this location?

    1. I should be here through the winter. At least that's the plan.