Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Hike


Since this was my last day before starting my work here at Leisure Resort, I thought that we should check out the nature trail at the other end of the park.  As you can tell, Angel is ready to go.  She’s sitting on a fallen log with the San Marcos River in the background.  This one was a little bit longer than the  one on the south end of the CG. 


Along the way we saw a couple of tubing on the river.  They invited us in to join them.  No Way,  it’s just too cold.I would have been remiss if I hadn’t warned them of the water moccasins in the river.  They probably won’t be a problem, but it’s nice to know of their existence.


                         This is the view of “My Spot” looking up from the river.

 IMG_0230  IMG_0232

If you enlarge these, you can see that there are a line of cabins, (movable in case of flooding) and lots of tent/picnic sites.  Just past here is where the nature trail starts.  Within the camping area, pets are not allowed in or next to the river, however, there are areas on the trail where your best friend (Fido) can get in and enjoy the river too.IMG_0233   IMG_0240


All those speckles are itty bitty fish coming to the surface.  Earlier a saw a very small turtle, but couldn’t get a shot of it.  It was too far away and hid in the water and vegetation.

                                       Additional views on the trail.                         

   IMG_0239 IMG_0242  

   IMG_0241 IMG_0247

                                 There is still a bit of color here and there.

IMG_0243      IMG_0236

 IMG_0245 IMG_0246 IMG_0244

            Middle pic, closer look of tall plant, in 1st pic.  Last one of feathery grasses.

                                              Just interesting textures.

This hike was a bit long, so we headed on back once we reached the river.   We took the left side which headed north along the river.  When we got to the river, it was actually to a bend in the river, so the next hike, we’ll take the right side to see what there is to see.  Walking back through the CG I took a few more pictures.

  IMG_0253   IMG_0255

          One of the Tree Houses.                     That’s Sheila, my boss getting in the cart.

  IMG_0256   IMG_0257

                  The Clubhouse.                          The pool with more cabins in background.


                                     Yes, Angel, we’re almost home.

I hope you enjoyed this hike. We did! 

Thanks for visiting

DSC01132Let me rest a while, until the next time.

Susan and Angel


  1. Glad you are getting out to check out the walks around the campground, especially since we are about to have a big dip in the temperatures for a few days. It looks nice there. I would imagine you might have tenters around you in the hot weather but your spot looks very nice now, kind of on the edge of things.

  2. Great hike. I'd be curled up with Angel by the time we got back.

  3. This looks like a very pretty area, and you have a great spot for your trailer. Yes, there is a definite cold front headed our way (I'm in the Dallas area), and temps are predicted to be in the 40-60 range starting Friday.

  4. That looks like a very nice campground. I hope all works out well for you there and you can spend some time in one place for a while.

    Give Angel a hug and a doggie treat from me.


  5. I just looked at the web site and it looks like a very nice campground. I also saw that they have a special for $130 a month. How do you guys like it there? Any idea what the weather is like in December to February?

    1. Not sure, they say it's not too bad, although there may be a few cold days, but they don't last too long. Time will tell!

  6. Oh Susan, this spot is gorgeous! I'm so happy for you - much better than West. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  7. Mom... your grand daughter said she wants to stay in a tree house when we come down next month.