Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Catching Up


Again it has been a while since posting. 

Time just gets away.  It seems like I’m always working or waiting to go back to work.  They have me scheduled for 21 hours.  That’s 3 hours short of the required 24.  Those hours are in the office, so the others are done on the decor team and those can be at any time or on any day.  I never know when or where until the last minute.  Any hours over  the 3, go towards the 72 that I couldn’t work when I broke my arm last November.  Not only the time goes by, but there doesn’t seem to be anything interesting to blog about.

Let’s see if I can come up with something……… Well, I did finally get a car, a 1999 Subaru Forester, however it sat for a few weeks while I tried to get insurance.  Unfortunately, those accidents that I had with the 5th wheel back in 2012 were making it difficult.  In addition to that my Physical Therapist didn’t think I was far enough along to drive yet.  That has changed.  I am now driving short distances to therapy, doctors’ visits and the store. 

My range of motion has improved, although the best is when the PT moves it.  Doing it on my own has a long way to go.  I try to use it as much as possible, but I don’t have much strength in the hand or arm.  The other thing that keeps me from blogging is the nerve issues since the surgery.  The Radial nerve is affecting the thumb and the first and second fingers, with numbness, pins and needles and a burning sensation. It also makes it a bit challenging to type, although it is getting a little easier.    What it all comes down to, is I do whatever I can as often as I can.  It will slowly get better.

Oh yea, there was a Carnival on a Saturday that I had to work.


There were all kinds of adult games that the players would win carnival cash to use at the end for an auction.  The most popular game was the horse races.  That got really hectic, however the way that it was processed left a lot to be desired.  In the long run everyone had fun and it gave me an additional 4 1/2 hours.

Another thing that I do in the office, that I enjoy, is creating more flyers and signs. There are so many activities and the coordinators sometimes need to post these things.  Now that I have learned this program, I can add it onto my resume.

Last weekend my microwave died.  Kyle, my next door neighbor who works at Superstition RV in Apache Junction took a look at it and found a loose wire.  He put it back in the cabinet and during the week it died again, so I replaced it with one that is also a convection oven.  Now I have to learn that part of it and I think that it will be covered by insurance less my deductible.


This afternoon there will be a Workampers’ potluck.  I will bring a slow cooker full of meatballs with barbeque sauce and grape jelly.  Yummy!!!


I guess that I will finish this, as the arm and hand is getting tired.   I hope that you all are staying warm and enjoying this new year.

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IMG_0446 Just sitting here waiting for Mom to get back from the neighbor’s.

Susan and Angel

Sunday, January 12, 2014

How Long Has it Been Happy New Year !!!!!


Here it is, already a couple of weeks into 2014.  I’m still busy trying to catch up on my hours in the activity office and doing all the physical therapy that I need to do.  In comparison to my recovery from my shoulder replacement, this recovery is much harder.  Some of the exercises are the same, but harder, probably because of type of injury.  One of my therapists said that this one will take a long while time to recover from.  It doesn’t help that there is an issue with a nerve that effects my thumb and two fingers.  I think that if that wasn’t an issue it would be a bit easier.  Even using the computer is a bit difficult.  There was a New Year’s Eve Dance where it was an “All Hands On Deck”, meaning that everyone in activities had to work.  I spent the morning working and then came back to work the dinner/dance.  My position was at one of the beverage bars.


                               Jody, Gary, Kerry, me and Jim

Here we are posing with Kerry, one of the managers.  The theme was Asian.

IMG_0390  IMG_0388 IMG_0387 IMG_0427


                                  Me and Diana, the Activities Director

This past week or so I have been able to pick up a few more hours, some of them learning a new program on the computer.  Diana trained me on “Publisher”.  Charlie has been swamped with creating flyers and signs.  Last Friday I learned how to create and print table toppers to number the tables for the next dinner/dance.

 IMG_0430 This is my first flyer.  Using the program is fun and more up to using my talents.

It has been quite chilly here this past week, nothing like the rest of the country, but still too cold for me.  I am glad that it is getting a bit warmer and will be glad when winter is over.  I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year and stay warm.

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IMG_0192 I’m trying to keep warm too.

Susan and Angel