Saturday, January 29, 2011

Checking Out More RVs and Waiting


Yesterday I tagged along with some friends to look at more RVs in Vacaville, CA.  They have a TT and wanted to see what is out there.   I found a couple of Class As that would work for me and within my possible budget, but the timing is off, so I can’t do anything yet.  I still like to see what’s out there too.  I have come up with a wish list as to what I would like to have.  My preference is a table and chairs rather than a banquet.  I know that there would be more storage in benches, but that only gives me more places to store more STUFF,(more weight, not a good thing).   I want to keep it simple besides I want to be able to set up a work area above the table and chairs on an elevated folding table.  I would love to have a washer/drier or at least the hookups.  I really don’t like going to a Laundromat.  A fireplace would be great.  I hate being cold.   I think that automatic levelers would be a necessity.  I just can’t get on my knees.  There are more things that would be really nice, solar, internet setup and an island in the kitchen area.  I’m sure that I will think of more later.  Once I am actually ready to get one, then I can be more specific.  Oh well that’s part of the dream.

Earlier on Friday morning I had to have some blood drawn for my annual checkup after surgery.  They took enough for about a dozen or more vials, almost the same as when I donate blood.  The actual appointment is on February 7th.  They check to se that I am getting enough protein and nutrients in my diet. 


I am still waiting for my van to be fixed after my accident last week.  It will probably be another week before it will be finished.  There was extensive front end damage.


There hasn’t been anything happening this past week.  Nothing to write about, so I didn’t want to bore you with me writing about it.  I don't anticipate anything in the up coming week other than work. UGH.  Oh well another day closer.  One day at a time.


Good Night and thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel        

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good and the Bad and the Rest of the Weekend


Another week is past, unfortunately it was NOT uneventful.  Wednesday Ted had the day off and was able to get rid of the clogged drain.  It wasn’t in the kitchen drain, but all the way back near the outside access drain.  I no longer have a “sick” drain and the water flow is much better. 

I have been having trouble with my cell phone charging and I was able to upgrade, so I got an iPhone 4.  I am still learning how to use all the different apps.  I picture below of Chad was taken with my new phone.        That’s the Good.

Now the Bad.  Tonight (Friday) on my way home from getting a new iPhone, I was on the freeway approaching my exit when the traffic was stopped, but I wasn’t  quite able to stop in time and rear ended the car in front of me and it went into the one in front of it.  Fortunately by the time I hit it I wasn’t going too fast.  After I hit the breaks, I must have laid about 75 or more feet of rubber before I stopped and saw the front grate come off.  I don’t think anyone was hurt, mainly my car.  I will have to take it in for an estimate  the front end, bumper and grill are damaged, but I have a feeling that there is more than I can see because of the way it drives.  I did take pictures but it was too dark to see the damage.

                     These pictures taken today at the body shop.

          DSC00167        DSC00168


Saturday I didn’t do much except to get a rental car, and watch a few movies.  I just didn’t feel like doing anything.  It feels king of weird.  I’m surprised that I not really shook up, but just a bit depressed.  I will just deal with the situation and get back on track.


Sunday I did get to church and over to Steve and Kyle’s for brunch and later dinner.  Our former music minister, Chad was in town for the weekend, taking a mini vacation from is two year old twins.  He says that he now has a lot more respect for what mothers do (he is Mr. Mom). 

                                          photo (2)

Ted was also in town to visit with Chad.   Of course, he cooked.  For brunch he made a frittata (mushroom, broccoli and cheese).  For dinner he made lettuce wedges with blue cheese, bacon, shredded hard boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes, tri tip, baked sweet potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts and later apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream.  He actually let me be his sous chef. ( didn’t even think to take pictures)


Today I will be getting my van to the body shop.  I’m afraid to find out how bad the news will be as to how much is wrong with it and how long it will take to get it fixed.  I have taken the day off.

I dropped off the van.  I won’t know exactly how much damage was done until late tomorrow or the next day.



The rest of the day I am just going to rest and maybe go through some papers and catch up on what you all have been up to.  I hope that you are keeping warm. 

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Susan and Angel

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just another week, Stumps Gone.


There really isn’t any thing to write about this week.  I didn’t go anywhere except to work, didn’t do anything except a product informational meeting and a trip to IKEA to get a larger thermos.  A very boring week, although I did finish another book '”Healing Stones”.


                                       A novel about forgiveness.


That brings us to today, and a clogged kitchen sink.  So far nothing has worked, but I  don’t want to put out $135.00 for a plumber.  I’ve been using a drain cleaner that I got at Home Depot this morning, but so far it’s not working.  I may have to take apart the pipes and clean the trap (which I have never done before, just watched Ted do it.)   I called Ted and he may come home to fix it for me, but not until Wednesday.


It’s Sunday.  I have checked off one more thing that had to be done.  The two tree stumps are gone.  Yesterday I called Stump Busters to get an estimate as to the cost of removing the stumps. (both for $90.00)  I explained that I don’t get off work until 4:00 pm.  He asked if he could do it this morning at 9:30 am.  I agreed as long as it didn’t take too long as I still wanted to be able to go to church.  He was here a little after 9:00 am and was finished by 10:00 pm. 

DSCF0003      DSC00156

                   This is the remains of the lemon tree,  before and after.


DSCF0012          DSC00155

  This is the before and after of the peach tree.  If you click on the picture with Angel, you should be able to see the peach tree stump.

I forgot to take pictures while he was grinding the stumps, but fortunately my neighbor, Ken needed his services too, so I was able to record how he did it.  His Stump Grinder is an amazing machine.  It is 36” wide, so he is limited because of access.  Fortunately my gate is 36”, he squeezed it in with less than a 1/2” to spare.  My gate is a straight shot, but Ken’s gate is also 36”, but not a straight entrance and there are all the utilities to avoid.



               Before               The business end of the machine.           After

If  you think about the first time you ever tried to parallel park and multiply it by ten, maybe twenty or more, you can imagine how difficult it was to get that machine around the corner without hurting anything.  He uses leverage and controls to lift and reposition the wheels inches at a time. That machine made short work of the stump.  It took longer to get in and out of the gate than to grind the stump.  It just leaves mulch that you can use in your garden,  I think that I might keep the peach tree stump for my first fire.


The rest of the day was spent with a trip to Winco for a few groceries, checking out space measurements in the bedrooms (for my new TV) at a local RV dealer and catching up on reading blogs.  I am glad to hear that some of you are experiencing warm temperatures.  It is a little bit warmer here in Sacramento, but not much.  We may get into the 60’s this week.

I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend and week coming up.   We’re out there with you in spirit. 


Thanks for all you comments and visits

Susan and Angel

Saturday, January 8, 2011

TV, Un-decorating, Tires


It’s been another week gone and now one more week closer to GOAL.  While Ted was here we went searching for a a TV that I can take with me in an RV.  I knew that I would not be able to take the MONSTER TV, it was also too big and heavy for me to move around.  (My son thinks that I need everything on wheels so he won’t have to move whatever is is for me.)  He’s right, if I could put the walls on wheels I would be happier in  a S&B.  I digress, sorry.   We went to several places to check on what’s out there in a small LED TV and what the prices would be.  I wasn’t in a big hurry to get it just now, however, we went to Sam’s Club in Roseville to get frozen fruit for my protein shakes and took a look at the TV’s there.  We found a 22” VIZIO with all kinds of stuff that you can do with it, from hooking up a DVD player and my computer and it has internet access so I can also connect to NETFLIX  if I want. I believe the price was $279.00.  When we talked to one of the guys in that department, he told us that he had one on clearance.  We ended up with that TV for $150.00.  


I don’t know if it will fit in one of those cubby holes in the bedroom, but if it doesn’t, I figure that I can mount it on a reticulating arm.


I’m back to the 4/10’s again.  I will be glad when January will be a memory.  It has been extremely busy.  Calls are constant, one on top of another, hardly time to catch a breath in between.  It is nice when someone says “can I put you on hold?” and of course you say “of course  you can, I don’t mind at all”.  January is always the busiest time of the year.  It’s when most of the plans renew and when any changes take effect.  All those days are blocked, everyone has to work and there’s a lot of overtime available.  I should do some of the overtime, but I have an STD (Short Timers Disease)  LOL , I just want to get out of there as soon as possible, especially during this time of year.


Every year on January 6th I take all the Christmas decorations down, and you ask why.  The reason is that it is Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas.  Most of the time it goes up the 1st week of Advent and stays up the entire season.   Everything that I will take with me has to fit in one container or it won’t make the cut.  I just don’t need more than that.


Now that it is all put away, I moved the furniture in the living room around again (It’s so much easier with the smaller TV.)  It is a small room,  but I like it that way, so I know that I will feel very comfortable in an RV.  I can’t wait! 


Yesterday, I took the van to get new tires.  Last week I had taken it in to the dealer to have the wheels aligned (with a nearly half price coupon) and I was told that the tires were getting close to being too worn to be safe,  So it was time.  My son has some friends in the business who would give me a good price, with installation and balancing free,


                       That’s Chuck holding Angel and Kyle on the right.                           

They are in the showroom of Platinum Auto Salon / Platinum Wheel House.  Kyle even washed off the front of the van where some birds decided that they needed to decorate it. Yuk!   Looks nice again.

I also went  over to Wal-Mart to see if I could find some containers for the Christmas decorations because the one container is a bit heavy and cumbersome.  I found some, but when I repacked the decorations, they didn’t fit the way that I wanted, so I took them back today.  I also got some fleece throws, one for each of Mellissa’s kids for $1.25 each and a couple more with a larger throw and matching pillows for me for $2.50. They are really warm.

Last July in one of my posts I mentioned about meeting with friends (Jeff and Eileen) that told me about a business that I can do while fulltiming,  well today I went to a training session.  I have been using the products and am very pleased with the ones that I have tried.  I am still trying more products.  Afterwards there were a dozen or so of us that went to El Torito Mexican Grill for lunch.  We had a good visit and everyone seemed to enjoy the food.  I enjoyed a bowl of tortilla soup.  They were also in the same business that I will try to work once I retire.  They had a small Heat Press that they are no longer using which they gave to me.  It is much smaller and lighter than the one that I already have, so will be better in an RV. 



The rest of the day I have been catching up on what all of you out there in blogland have been doing.     I hope that you are all staying warm and dry.  It has been really cold here in Sacramento.   I hope that the weather gets a bit warmer soon.


                       Angel in her new raincoat.   Please take it off Mom!


Enough of my ramblings for today.   Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel  

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year


Another week is gone, actually a whole year is gone.  I can remember when I started dreaming about RVing fulltime, two to three years seemed so far away.  Here it is close to happening and now it is getting close.  I have done a lot of research as to what I need to do to accomplish this goal, looking at different types of RV’s and purging of the things that won’t be needed.  I now have only clothes that fit and have gotten rid of the many sizes waiting in the closet for the next time they would be needed.  Since my surgery I will NEVER need them again.  I gave them all away.  I now have to use that same thinking to get rid of the things that I “might “ need.  One of the ways that I can do that is to put all the things that I will use in the RV in my bedroom and bedroom closet.  Everything else is in one place somewhere else in the house.  Now to sort it all and decide where it will go.  Some of it will make the cut to the RV, but most of it will be tossed or given away.  I hope that I will be able to retire within the next 6 months.  It all depends on if I can get out from under this mobile home.


This past week I only worked eight hours a day, which was really nice.  I go back to ten hours again starting Monday.  Getting off early allowed me to go to the ophthalmologist last Tuesday.  I now have to use new eye drops (a steroid).  It seems to be working and I will have a follow up visit next Tuesday.  Until then I will have to wear glasses, no  contacts until he gives the okay.


Ted was able to come for the weekend and took me out for dinner on New Years Eve.  We went to the Macaroni Grill and had a couple of seafood dishes, both were good.  there would have been a twenty or more minute wait, except that we chose to sit in the bar and didn’t have to wait at all.  After dinner we just went home and watched a bit of  TV.  I had every intension of waiting up to see the “Ball” drop in NY, but that didn’t happen.  I only made it to 9:00,  Ted didn’t even make it that far.  I did wake up at midnight to several “booms” and other loud noises in the neighborhood.  Ted was up and out of the house by 5:00am to go over to church for the Men In Mission Annual New Year’s Breakfast.  On the menu, eggs to order, pancakes, toast, bacon, sausage, biscuits and sausage gravy, and of course juice, coffee, tea and milk.  I was there a little after 7:00 and within the next couple of hours there were probably twenty or more people that came to enjoy breakfast.  As usual the food was good.



After breakfast Ted and I went to Best Buy to check out the TV’s for when I move into an RV.  I ‘m not sure as to what size I should get.  How much space is there in the bedroom for a TV?    The one that I have now I huge and so heavy and the picture went out but came back one,so I think I may need a new one soon.  He also moved the wireless printer into the bedroom and set it up for me.

Ted has gone to the airport to pick up Pastor Steve and his son Spearman. (They were on vacation in Colorado.)  He should be home soon.



I hope that you all have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!        Angel is ready for bed.

Thank you for visiting

Susan and Angel