Saturday, January 8, 2011

TV, Un-decorating, Tires


It’s been another week gone and now one more week closer to GOAL.  While Ted was here we went searching for a a TV that I can take with me in an RV.  I knew that I would not be able to take the MONSTER TV, it was also too big and heavy for me to move around.  (My son thinks that I need everything on wheels so he won’t have to move whatever is is for me.)  He’s right, if I could put the walls on wheels I would be happier in  a S&B.  I digress, sorry.   We went to several places to check on what’s out there in a small LED TV and what the prices would be.  I wasn’t in a big hurry to get it just now, however, we went to Sam’s Club in Roseville to get frozen fruit for my protein shakes and took a look at the TV’s there.  We found a 22” VIZIO with all kinds of stuff that you can do with it, from hooking up a DVD player and my computer and it has internet access so I can also connect to NETFLIX  if I want. I believe the price was $279.00.  When we talked to one of the guys in that department, he told us that he had one on clearance.  We ended up with that TV for $150.00.  


I don’t know if it will fit in one of those cubby holes in the bedroom, but if it doesn’t, I figure that I can mount it on a reticulating arm.


I’m back to the 4/10’s again.  I will be glad when January will be a memory.  It has been extremely busy.  Calls are constant, one on top of another, hardly time to catch a breath in between.  It is nice when someone says “can I put you on hold?” and of course you say “of course  you can, I don’t mind at all”.  January is always the busiest time of the year.  It’s when most of the plans renew and when any changes take effect.  All those days are blocked, everyone has to work and there’s a lot of overtime available.  I should do some of the overtime, but I have an STD (Short Timers Disease)  LOL , I just want to get out of there as soon as possible, especially during this time of year.


Every year on January 6th I take all the Christmas decorations down, and you ask why.  The reason is that it is Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas.  Most of the time it goes up the 1st week of Advent and stays up the entire season.   Everything that I will take with me has to fit in one container or it won’t make the cut.  I just don’t need more than that.


Now that it is all put away, I moved the furniture in the living room around again (It’s so much easier with the smaller TV.)  It is a small room,  but I like it that way, so I know that I will feel very comfortable in an RV.  I can’t wait! 


Yesterday, I took the van to get new tires.  Last week I had taken it in to the dealer to have the wheels aligned (with a nearly half price coupon) and I was told that the tires were getting close to being too worn to be safe,  So it was time.  My son has some friends in the business who would give me a good price, with installation and balancing free,


                       That’s Chuck holding Angel and Kyle on the right.                           

They are in the showroom of Platinum Auto Salon / Platinum Wheel House.  Kyle even washed off the front of the van where some birds decided that they needed to decorate it. Yuk!   Looks nice again.

I also went  over to Wal-Mart to see if I could find some containers for the Christmas decorations because the one container is a bit heavy and cumbersome.  I found some, but when I repacked the decorations, they didn’t fit the way that I wanted, so I took them back today.  I also got some fleece throws, one for each of Mellissa’s kids for $1.25 each and a couple more with a larger throw and matching pillows for me for $2.50. They are really warm.

Last July in one of my posts I mentioned about meeting with friends (Jeff and Eileen) that told me about a business that I can do while fulltiming,  well today I went to a training session.  I have been using the products and am very pleased with the ones that I have tried.  I am still trying more products.  Afterwards there were a dozen or so of us that went to El Torito Mexican Grill for lunch.  We had a good visit and everyone seemed to enjoy the food.  I enjoyed a bowl of tortilla soup.  They were also in the same business that I will try to work once I retire.  They had a small Heat Press that they are no longer using which they gave to me.  It is much smaller and lighter than the one that I already have, so will be better in an RV. 



The rest of the day I have been catching up on what all of you out there in blogland have been doing.     I hope that you are all staying warm and dry.  It has been really cold here in Sacramento.   I hope that the weather gets a bit warmer soon.


                       Angel in her new raincoat.   Please take it off Mom!


Enough of my ramblings for today.   Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel  


  1. That sounds like a really good buy on the TV. If I ever find one in that size that I can buy for that price, I'll snap it up.

    How do you plan on using your TV on the road. I mean, will you get satellite, or look for RV parks with cable, or some other method. I wouldn't watch it enough to pay a monthly fee, and I'm not sure about the cable connections at RV parks - will I actually stay in that many parks, and will they have the connections.

  2. I currently use over the air TV. I guess that I will use what ever is available at the time. I have all kinds of movies that I watch now and probably then too, otherwise I can read or paint or maybe take walks. Who knows? Time will tell.

  3. Install a reticulating arm? Sounds dangerous! :)

  4. Hi Judy, It attaches to the wall with arm comes away from the wall and the TV attaches to the end of the arm and then you can position the TV. I would have to secure it when moving.

  5. You've been busy! I'm with you in wanting to do something while on the road. I'd like an Internet business that I keep going while parked or traveling. Nice to have an income stream after retirement!

    Angel looks so cute in her raincoat. With the raindrops. Katie gets that same look on her face, but she does like a couple of her coats and sweaters.