Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good and the Bad and the Rest of the Weekend


Another week is past, unfortunately it was NOT uneventful.  Wednesday Ted had the day off and was able to get rid of the clogged drain.  It wasn’t in the kitchen drain, but all the way back near the outside access drain.  I no longer have a “sick” drain and the water flow is much better. 

I have been having trouble with my cell phone charging and I was able to upgrade, so I got an iPhone 4.  I am still learning how to use all the different apps.  I picture below of Chad was taken with my new phone.        That’s the Good.

Now the Bad.  Tonight (Friday) on my way home from getting a new iPhone, I was on the freeway approaching my exit when the traffic was stopped, but I wasn’t  quite able to stop in time and rear ended the car in front of me and it went into the one in front of it.  Fortunately by the time I hit it I wasn’t going too fast.  After I hit the breaks, I must have laid about 75 or more feet of rubber before I stopped and saw the front grate come off.  I don’t think anyone was hurt, mainly my car.  I will have to take it in for an estimate  the front end, bumper and grill are damaged, but I have a feeling that there is more than I can see because of the way it drives.  I did take pictures but it was too dark to see the damage.

                     These pictures taken today at the body shop.

          DSC00167        DSC00168


Saturday I didn’t do much except to get a rental car, and watch a few movies.  I just didn’t feel like doing anything.  It feels king of weird.  I’m surprised that I not really shook up, but just a bit depressed.  I will just deal with the situation and get back on track.


Sunday I did get to church and over to Steve and Kyle’s for brunch and later dinner.  Our former music minister, Chad was in town for the weekend, taking a mini vacation from is two year old twins.  He says that he now has a lot more respect for what mothers do (he is Mr. Mom). 

                                          photo (2)

Ted was also in town to visit with Chad.   Of course, he cooked.  For brunch he made a frittata (mushroom, broccoli and cheese).  For dinner he made lettuce wedges with blue cheese, bacon, shredded hard boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes, tri tip, baked sweet potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts and later apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream.  He actually let me be his sous chef. ( didn’t even think to take pictures)


Today I will be getting my van to the body shop.  I’m afraid to find out how bad the news will be as to how much is wrong with it and how long it will take to get it fixed.  I have taken the day off.

I dropped off the van.  I won’t know exactly how much damage was done until late tomorrow or the next day.



The rest of the day I am just going to rest and maybe go through some papers and catch up on what you all have been up to.  I hope that you are keeping warm. 

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. Ooh so sorry about your accident!! Hope you are ok!

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about your accident, and hope you are okay. Now I'm afraid to drive! Were you on the freeway?