Friday, October 24, 2014

Update On Move And Surgery


I moved last Monday morning.  We were on our way by 8:00 as planed.  All the guys in Maintenance came to say goodbye.  Thank you, Jeremy, Ruben and Bruce for all your help.

We needed to stop to fill up the Propane tank, so we stopped at U-Haul then parked in their lot while we went to Panera at The Plant for breakfast.  We took CA 87 south to CA 85 west to CA 17 to Santa Cruz.  Ted was able to back in to space 24 in just two tries and leveled it with just a few pieces of wood.  We got it all set up and then headed back to Grant Park to get my car.  Ted headed home to San Francisco and I headed home to Santa Cruz.  I was going to stop to shop, but decided to just go home.

Tuesday I slept in, because it was really chilly and I didn’t want to get out of my warm cocoon.  It starts to warm up when the sun comes above the trees, then it is really nice.  I ended up running those errands in Santa Cruz, so that I could get to know my new surroundings.  I also wanted to get stocked up, since I would be incapacitated for a while after surgery. 

Wednesday I didn’t get out of bed until 11:00.  I wanted to  get the outside setup, but I have to wait until the previous tenant removes his shed and other stuff,  Until then I can’t open the back compartment.  He is supposed remove it by tomorrow.

I was supposed to be admitted into the hospital and be released on Saturday, but that all changed.  Dr. Stidham decided to take out the long screw, but leave the rod in, then go into the shoulder to remove all the scar tissue.  I was able to go home the same day.  Ted had to change his plans and came to take me home after work.  I am home and doing well.  With the change, I forgot my prescription for main medication, but am doing just fine with extra strength Tylenol.  My left arm is in a sling and I have an ice pack on it.  Needless to say I’m doing everything one handed, but that’s okay, I’ve had a lot of practice.

I’ll see if I can get some pictures to post soon.

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IMG_0850 I got to spend the day at Ted’s

Susan and Angel

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Last Full Day At JD Grant County Park


The backyard of My Spot II will change tomorrow. 

This last week here in the park has been really slow and I haven’t done much of  anything out of the ordinary.  I basically kept the restrooms clean and stocked and picked up trash after the few campers that were here during the week.  The rest of the time I got ready for my upcoming surgery and got My Spot II ready to move. 

The original plan was to move today, however Ted had to work, so he will come after he is through and we will try to leave by 8:00 am on Monday.  This afternoon I will dump the tanks one last time and in the morning we will unhook the utilities, lower the coach and leave the park.  Ted will drive the MH and I will drive his truck.  We will have to come back for my car after we are set up in Santa Cruz.

This post is to give you a variety of pictures from my stay at this park.  I have enjoyed my stay and working with the staff here. 


IMG_2979 IMG_2978

IMG_3072 IMG_2927 IMG_2827 IMG_3256 IMG_2822 IMG_3086

IMG_3269 IMG_2890


IMG_0867 IMG_0780

IMG_2803 IMG_0803

IMG_0841 IMG_0817


IMG_2815 IMG_2797


IMG_2984 IMG_2851 IMG_2694 IMG_2735

IMG_0878 IMG_0877

                                                   OTHER FAUNA

IMG_3073 IMG_3082 IMG_2921 IMG_2920

IMG_3068 IMG_3067

IMG_0733 IMG_3132


IMG_0848 IMG_0845

IMG_0770 IMG_0752


                                                  FAVORITE VIEWS

IMG_0901 IMG_0999 IMG_0862 IMG_2872 IMG_2716 IMG_0991

                  And of course, my favorite companion and co-worker, Angel.

IMG_0943 IMG_0962 IMG_3273 IMG_3246

So, this is it for my stay here at the JD Grant County Park.  You’ll just have to wait for my next stay.  It may be a while for my next post, as I will be having surgery next week. 

So for both Angel and me

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Susan and Angel