Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Celebration and More

                   Christmas Eve at  First Lutheran Church, San Marcos, TX                          


              IMG_0356   IMG_0350


I spent Christmas Eve worshiping at First Lutheran Church at their Candlelight Service.  It was a beautiful service with wonderful music and message.  Prior to the service we enjoyed an array of delightful cookies, cider and fellowship.  I got home by about 9:00 pm. ( It was strange driving at night, as I have been trying to stay off the roads after dark, especially in the country where I might encounter deer or other wildlife. )

                                           Christmas Dinner at Colleen's 2012

Christmas Day I had dinner at the home of fellow blogger, Colleen, of Traveling with Long Dogs.  Colleen lives in Schertz, near  San Antonio.  She has a delightful family, especially her two talented grandchildren, Cameron and Morgan.  Her son, Steve and his wife Helen, husband, Dave and RVing friend Margareta rounded out the remaining attendees.  We had a great dinner and later dessert.  Thank you for inviting me.  I had a wonderful time.  (Thanks for the picture, Colleen.)

Wednesday I didn’t have to work, in fact I never even went outside.  Angel did her thing just out the door ( I cleaned it up the next day ) and was just as happy staying inside keeping warm.


Thursday, we ( yes Angel too ) worked outside checking out the sights, making sure all the electricity was in the OFF position and that there was no water leaks.  I also picked up trash and downed branches littered all over from the last wind storm.

Today, Friday, I was ready to get out there and doctor any ant mounds, however Sheila didn’t think we needed to worry about them as it is so cold.  So tomorrow I will probably work all afternoon, because of the Chili Cook Off.

I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately, because my shoulder has been aggravating me, so I think that I will take a nap this afternoon.  Sandi and kids will be arriving late tonight, so I want to be awake when they get here.  We will celebrate Christmas on Saturday morning.  They will be here until New Year’s Day.  I’m looking forward to their visit.  I’m sure that we will have a great time.

My wish to you all is to have a safe and warm weekend.

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IMG_0361  Hey, Mom, I’m ready let’s go to work.

Susan and Angel

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone


Lil Miss Angel loves to snuggle by the Christmas tree, although, right now she is sleeping there.

Are you ready? or are you one of those last minute shoppers?  I usually have everything done shortly after Thanksgiving.  The tree goes up that first weekend after and doesn’t come down until January 6th, which is the 12th day of Christmas, Epiphany.  Even in “My Spot” I decorate inside and outside similar to what I used to do in my “other life”, although it is scaled down considerably.   One thing that I never had in any other place that I have lived was a fireplace.  It’s ironic, that now that I am in an RV, I have one where I can hang our stockings. 


I used to have 5, that’s right 5, of the largest plastic containers filled with Christmas STUFF.  Now I have one small cabinet in my bedroom where I store what I have kept.  If it doesn’t fit, I can’t keep it.  Those Christmas Boxes in the picture are all empty because that’s where I keep all the ornaments. 


The kids got all of their ornaments and anything else that they wanted.  The rest was given away.  How about you?  What happened to all of those “precious” memories of your’ s?  These last few days I have been making cookies, brownies, cake pops and a peppermint cake.  Most of it is going to be given away.  That’s fortunate as I would eventually eat it all.  It is all so yummy.

  IMG_0347  IMG_0346

Last Friday all of the available Workampers met at Frank’s Place (a restaurant near the CG) for dinner.  I had the pork chops and onion rings.  I’m not sure what the others had.  Mine was okay and as usual I brought most of it home to have later.  The brownie cake pops were a big hit at the dinner.  That’s what is in the little bags on the table

  IMG_0492   IMG_0494

It was fun to get together socially.  Most of us will have short or no hours for the next few days.  Next weekend is the Chili Cook Off and the CG will be quite full, so we will all be busy. 

Tomorrow I will be going to Church for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.  I will be bringing some of the cookies there for before the service.  Then on Christmas Day I have been invited to share Christmas Dinner with Colleen and her family. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas.

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IMG_0345 When did you say Santa would be here? 

Susan and Angel

Monday, December 17, 2012

Time To Prepare


Yes, time marches on.  Where did this year go?  It is time to prepare for the coming of The Lord.  That is the reason for this Season.  At church, tree is decorated with “Chrismons” ( ornaments that symbolize Christ – {Christ’s Monograms} ) and each Sunday we reflect on why and how we prepare.  There is one more Sunday in advent and the children will light the last candle in the Advent Wreath.  In the center is the Christ Candle which they will light on Christmas Eve.  Then on Christmas Eve we will celebrate Jesus’ Birthday with a party prior to the Christmas Eve Service.

Sandi and the kids aren’t able to come to visit as Sandi doesn’t have the time off, but will be able to come for New Years Eve and the weekend before. That will be kind of neat because that weekend we will be having a Chili Cook Off.  The Campground is almost full.  Maybe she can be a judge.

In the mean time I am making cookies for church and doing last minute shopping ( like most everyone else.),  Other than that it is just work and doing much of anything.

I did take a road trip to Wimberly, approximately an hour from here, but I was already at church, so it wasn’t that much farther.  It is a little town that has a lot of little shops, art galleries and restaurants.  (I didn’t take pictures)  Colleen of Traveling with Long Dogs had told me about it, so I thought I would check it out and may go back to go through more of the shops another time.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful December.

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IMG_0325 Santa, I’m never naughty, always NICE!!!!

Susan and Angel

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Long Work Week



Here it is Saturday and it is the 6th day in a row that I have worked.  It really wasn’t bad as it has been only a few hours each day.  Janice another workamper has been on vacation all week and since she worked more hours than usual before she left, I covered some of her hours.  Last week, I hardly worked at all, so this week I made up for it.  It all works out in the grand scheme of things.


   IMG_0313              IMG_0312

                                   cans and cups in the brush

Sheila hasn’t been feeling well all week, so one day she had me out picking up trash.  I was able to use the cart and Angel was able to go to work with me.  She loved it.  Her job was to scare away the squirrels and keep me company.  She did both very well.


                        One day I put up a few Christmas lights outside. 

            IMG_0322   IMG_0316

It seems that where I am parked is a magnet for all the leaves.  So I got my broom out to sweep them out of the way.  It took awhile to get this pile together, probably two feet deep.  I’m sure that I will need to do it again as there are plenty of leave still on the trees, but at least I can walk to the car and see where I’m going.

I’ve got two days off and I have no idea what I will be doing, other than church tomorrow,  most likely veg'ing and trying to stay warm when the COLD front comes through on Monday.  Only in Texas do you have Summer and Winter both in the same week!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful December.  Christmas and the New Year will be here soon.

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IMG_0323Hey Mom,  Do you have any Mistletoe?

Susan and Angel

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Repairs Done and Visiting With Fellow Bloggers


                  My fur kid just relaxing while waiting on me to finish up at CW.


                   Finally getting the repairs on “My Spot” at Camping World (CW). 

When I returned to CW after wondering all over New Braunfels and Gruene with Colleen of Traveling with Long Dogs, I found that they hadn’t gotten anything done.  However they made up that time on Wednesday by “double teaming” and finished by closing time.  They did fix several other things for me in addition to the collision repair.  I was having problems with my landing gear and slides not working without being plugged into my truck as well as some blockage in my black water tank (BW) and my new awning wouldn’t work.  One of my mirrored closet doors had also come out of the track on the floor.  They got it all done in one day, (Wednesday).

Evidently, some of it got corrected when they found a small  $5.00 relay switch that was defective.  I have had some of these problems on and off since I have been on the road.  Hopefully it is corrected for good. 

They force flushed the BW and yes, there was a blockage.  Once it was cleared,  they filled it half way and treated it with chemicals to clear the sensors. It needed several hours to work  and I also didn’t want to drive at night, so I stayed one more night.  In the morning I closed everything up and got the rig ready to move, but left it so that I could get some diesel, groceries and 20#s of ice to dump in the BW to slosh around while driving and then dump when I got back to the CG.  One thing that they advised that I do each time I dump, is to put several gallons of water in the tank before I used toilet.  I haven’t been doing that and I will be dumping more often too.

I didn’t need any new parts for the door.  It just needed to be put back in the track. 


                                        My home away from home.

I was out on the road by 10:30 am on Thursday and back home at Leisure Resort with out any mishap.  I am here and and have also put up my Christmas decorations inside. 

           IMG_0478   IMG_0474

If any of you are in the area and want to visit, feel free to contact me.  Angel and I would love to visit with you.


I was home Thursday afternoon and just rested the rest of the day.  Friday I brought out the Christmas decorations.  The tree is up along with my favorite ornaments that I kept.  (The kids got the rest) 


I have designated one shelf in the bedroom as my “Holiday Closet”.  If it won’t fit than I can’t have it. 

Saturday, I had to work, but only three hours, so I was able to meet Laurie and George Owens of Owens on the Road.  We met at the oldest bakery in Texas, Naegelin’s Bakery in New Braunfels.

       IMG_0308   IMG_0309

We just had to get something, my purchase would feed my freezer.  We were all hungry, so we decided to go to a restaurant that was suggested by one of the girls at the bakery.  Huisache  (pronounced Wee sa chee) Grill was tucked behind another building, about a block or so from the bakery. 


We had a delightful, early dinner while we caught up with we have been doing.  We wished that we had more time, but, so with hugs all around, we had to say goodbye.  They headed back to Traveler’s World in San Antonio and would soon be traveling to their Workamping job in CA.  I headed back to mine at the CG in Fentress.  We had a short, but great reunion and hope to meet again on the road.  Safe Travels to you both.

Today after church, Angel and I just wondered around San Marcos just to see what we could find.  There really isn’t too much to do.  It  IS a college town (Texas State University) and there are plenty of places for students and for anyone to spend your money.  It is about half way between Austin to the north and New Braunfels to the south and then farther south is San Antonio, where there is plenty to do. 

It is time to say good night to you all.   I have to work tomorrow, so off to bed I go.

Thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kids Visit // Back At Camping World


Sandi, Mary and Charlie arrived just before 11:00 pm on Wednesday and we all went to bed soon after.  Since neither Sandi or I eat very much it made no sense to cook a full turkey, so we had decided to get a turkey breast.  I cooked it in the slow cooker with veggies and did some easy side dishes.  I turned out to be a light Thanksgiving Dinner and we even had left overs.  I did have to work in the afternoon in the office (but only for and hour, we closed early)   and Charlie came with me and helped in the store.   Since it gets dark so early, we all went to bed early. 

Since it was Black Friday, we decided to check out the San Marcos Outlet Mall. Neither one of us had a lot of money to spend or really needed anything, so we just went into a few stores.  Sandi did find a T shirt that she has been looking for and I found a set of Orgreenic Cookware.  I already had the sauté pan and  like it.  When I got home I got rid of the old and put away the new.

Then we went to Landa Park in New Braunfels where took pictures and just messed around.  That’s Charlie, Sandi and Mary posing with the geese in the picture above.

  IMG_0390   IMG_0389   IMG_0388 

IMG_0393  IMG_0391

                                            more geese and a duck


                                         a muskrat? or a  ????

We didn’t stay long or see too much of the park as I had to be back to go to work by 3:00 pm.  Charlie came along again and made himself useful.  Sheila even let him drive one of the golf carts.   He wanted to have a campfire, so we got some wood before we went home. 

Saturday started out with a black water issue.  Friday we dumped the black water, but it seemed to be stopped up and wasn’t flowing very well and decided to take care of it in the morning.  We tried using the Sani-Flush to fill it and tried to dump again, still stopped up!   I also had a wand attachment for a hose to use in the toilet.  Then we tried using the back flush portion of the clear plastic connection that attaches to the sewer hose.  That seemed to work, but also used the wand again trying to clear the sensors.  That must be the problem as it still reads the same as it has been for a while.  I think that I will get 20 #s of ice at Buckee’s  before I head back to the park after all the repairs are done to “My Spot”.

I didn’t have to work, so later we went to the Aquarena in San Marcos and check out the glass bottom boats.  I took a lot of pictures, but will tell you all about it in another post.  Later when we got home Charlie got his campfire. 


Sunday morning Sandi and the kids had to leave to get back to Fort Worth.  We all had a good Holiday.

Yes I’m back at Camping World (CW) again.  They finally got the approval from the Insurance Company.  It may take a couple of days to get it all done. 

Colleen, of Traveling with Long Dogs met me at CW and we went out for breakfast.  Thank you Colleen for breakfast.  There was a lot to catch up on since the Pink Flamingos’ GTG.  From there we made a stop at the oldest bakery in TX, and the Christmas Shoppe, also in New Braunfels. 

                  IMG_0289   IMG_0284

                   IMG_0290  plenty of parking for your reindeer

Then we went to Gruene, TX to check out all the little shops in the old downtown and uptown areas.  Angel was happy to get out and walk with us.   She even got to go in the some of the stores as long as I held her,  She couldn’t be happier.   

     IMG_0296   IMG_0294   IMG_0295     

                                 The Gristmill, oldest Dancehall in TX

I had not been to Gruene before, it’s a neat little town.  The only thing that called to me to buy was some Fickle Pickles.  Yummy !!

We headed back to CW where I will spend the night.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0270 I like your fire, Charlie.

Susan and Angel