Sunday, December 2, 2012

Repairs Done and Visiting With Fellow Bloggers


                  My fur kid just relaxing while waiting on me to finish up at CW.


                   Finally getting the repairs on “My Spot” at Camping World (CW). 

When I returned to CW after wondering all over New Braunfels and Gruene with Colleen of Traveling with Long Dogs, I found that they hadn’t gotten anything done.  However they made up that time on Wednesday by “double teaming” and finished by closing time.  They did fix several other things for me in addition to the collision repair.  I was having problems with my landing gear and slides not working without being plugged into my truck as well as some blockage in my black water tank (BW) and my new awning wouldn’t work.  One of my mirrored closet doors had also come out of the track on the floor.  They got it all done in one day, (Wednesday).

Evidently, some of it got corrected when they found a small  $5.00 relay switch that was defective.  I have had some of these problems on and off since I have been on the road.  Hopefully it is corrected for good. 

They force flushed the BW and yes, there was a blockage.  Once it was cleared,  they filled it half way and treated it with chemicals to clear the sensors. It needed several hours to work  and I also didn’t want to drive at night, so I stayed one more night.  In the morning I closed everything up and got the rig ready to move, but left it so that I could get some diesel, groceries and 20#s of ice to dump in the BW to slosh around while driving and then dump when I got back to the CG.  One thing that they advised that I do each time I dump, is to put several gallons of water in the tank before I used toilet.  I haven’t been doing that and I will be dumping more often too.

I didn’t need any new parts for the door.  It just needed to be put back in the track. 


                                        My home away from home.

I was out on the road by 10:30 am on Thursday and back home at Leisure Resort with out any mishap.  I am here and and have also put up my Christmas decorations inside. 

           IMG_0478   IMG_0474

If any of you are in the area and want to visit, feel free to contact me.  Angel and I would love to visit with you.


I was home Thursday afternoon and just rested the rest of the day.  Friday I brought out the Christmas decorations.  The tree is up along with my favorite ornaments that I kept.  (The kids got the rest) 


I have designated one shelf in the bedroom as my “Holiday Closet”.  If it won’t fit than I can’t have it. 

Saturday, I had to work, but only three hours, so I was able to meet Laurie and George Owens of Owens on the Road.  We met at the oldest bakery in Texas, Naegelin’s Bakery in New Braunfels.

       IMG_0308   IMG_0309

We just had to get something, my purchase would feed my freezer.  We were all hungry, so we decided to go to a restaurant that was suggested by one of the girls at the bakery.  Huisache  (pronounced Wee sa chee) Grill was tucked behind another building, about a block or so from the bakery. 


We had a delightful, early dinner while we caught up with we have been doing.  We wished that we had more time, but, so with hugs all around, we had to say goodbye.  They headed back to Traveler’s World in San Antonio and would soon be traveling to their Workamping job in CA.  I headed back to mine at the CG in Fentress.  We had a short, but great reunion and hope to meet again on the road.  Safe Travels to you both.

Today after church, Angel and I just wondered around San Marcos just to see what we could find.  There really isn’t too much to do.  It  IS a college town (Texas State University) and there are plenty of places for students and for anyone to spend your money.  It is about half way between Austin to the north and New Braunfels to the south and then farther south is San Antonio, where there is plenty to do. 

It is time to say good night to you all.   I have to work tomorrow, so off to bed I go.

Thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel


  1. Sounds like a great day, glad you were able to connect!

  2. Glad to hear that you got everything fixed and got back and parked safely. It is very important to make sure you have enough water in the BW tank before you start using it but you definitely do not want to start emptying it more frequently. If possible, you should not empty it unless it is at least 3/4 full or you need to add water to make it at least 3/4 full. You need the force of all that water/waste going down to make it empty properly. They should have told you that too. Your Christmas decorations look just great.

  3. It was great to see you again. I'm sure our paths will cross once more!

  4. good to hear everything is back in order.Christmas Decor looks good.

  5. I second what longdog2 said, I have a gallon container in my bathroom that I always add to my toilet after emptying. Throw in the little packet and follow up with water and a few flushes. And I never empty it until it's full so there will be enough force to work properly. So don't empty more often... I usually get fresh water and empty the grey water twice as often as I dump the black.

    Glad you got everything done - isn't that a great feeling???