Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween


This is what my site looks like just after the sun sets.  I’m thinking about adding some more lights so that I can actually read a book after dark.  The evening hours have been pleasant, although the morning hours have been quite chilly.

This has been the first week that I have worked my actual shift of 24 hours.  There is a lot to learn because there is a lot happening.  Since it is the beginning of the season there are a lot of clubs and classes starting up.  Information taken and flyers and sign up sheets have to be made.  I have updated books that contain information on what is going on locally and state wide and made phone calls to volunteers helping out with the monthly newsletter.  This park uses residents that volunteer for all kinds of things in addition to Workampers.  This year they have set up a separate window as a box office where we sell tickets for all the dances and the Cal Am Concert Series.  Many of those events take place at this park as well all the other Cal Am Resorts.

Every Tuesday morning there is Coffee and Donuts.  It is to let everyone know what is going on in the park during the week.  Then that night was Movie Night.  Volunteers run it and pop and bag and serve popcorn.  The movie playing was Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.  It was an enjoyable light comedy.  I didn’t get home until after 10 pm.  As a Workamper, you are a resident and can take part in any of the activities at any of the Cal Am Properties that is outside of your work hours.

In addition to my regular work hours, I also volunteered to work the Halloween Dance last night from 7:00 until 10:00 pm.  (During work I helped decorate the ballroom for the dance)  One of the perks to working any of the events is that you can attend and not have to pay.  Typically it’s a BYOB, although last night there was “creepy” snacks, bloody lady fingers, vampire teeth, pumpkin poop and zombie bones.

IMG_0232 That’s Jan helping me with the snack table.

                These are the bloody lady fingers.IMG_0230

    Candy corn, Cheetos and pretzels fit the bill for the rest of the offerings.

One thing that I have to really be careful of here is to keep active.  If I don’t, my weight is bound to start creeping up.  Cal Am caters their events and if there are any leftovers they bring them into the break room.

IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0225

   These were taken early in the afternoon.  We hung bats witches from the ceiling.

IMG_0266 IMG_0269 IMG_0260

                                              A good time was had by all.

Today is the actual holiday and I am off.  I haven’t decided what to do yet.  I may just rest.  It has been a busy week at work.  My daughters both have to work.  One granddaughter is working and the other younger grandkids live about an hour away and will probably go “trick or treating” in their neighborhood.

I hope that you all have a fun Halloween, just watch out for those ghouls and goblins.

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Susan and Angel

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Family Reunion / Repair / Learning The New Job


                                    Good Morning Mesa AZ

Sunday, all of the family members residing in the Phoenix area met at a Cracker Barrel centrally located.  It had been quite a while since we were all together, especially with Ted’s presence.  We had a great dinner and visit.  Later we can get together again while I’m still in the area, sans Ted.


That’s 13 of us.  My brother and his wife will be in town next month, so maybe we will do it again.

Monday Ted and I went out for breakfast and then had to go to several places before we located the fuel filler (not filter) hose to replace the one that leaked and Ted had to do a temporary fix when we were in Odessa, TX.

     IMG_0219  IMG_0218

It was a dirty job and took longer than he anticipated, but got it finished before he had to leave for his flight back to San Francisco.

Tuesday, I just kicked back and settled in.  I did take a walk over to the almost full service Post Office here in the park to get my PO box and called Escapees to schedule mail forwarding. 

Wednesday was my first day on the job.  I work 3 , 8 hour days per week for my site and HUs.  This week it was W, Th and F, although my schedule will be M, Tu, and W.  I will be working in the Activities Office and Box Office, answering questions and selling tickets for all the different activities, dinners, dances, concerts etc..  There are 9 Cal Am RV parks that we sell tickets for.  One of the big names is Donny Osmond will be performing in  February.  The first two days, I was exhausted by the time I got home and Angel was so happy when I got home.  It’s a big  adjustment, working an 8 hour day when I haven’t done anything in the last 6 months.

It’s Saturday and I’m taking it easy.  One of the things that I’m trying to find a car. It’s tougher than I thought, as I have never bought a car from a private party before.  My daughter, Heidi will take me to look at one later today. Hopefully I will have transportation soon.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

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Susan and Angel

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Finally In Mesa And All Set Up



                                             My Spot II’s new home

We left Ft Worth at 10:15 am on Friday and headed west with the sun at our back.  After filling “MSII” (My Spot II) with gas, the route was simple, I 820 south to I 30 and then west to I 20 to Odessa, TX where we filled up.  With my Walmart Gift Card I saved 3 cents and paid the least amount on the trip, $3.019. Where we had to deal with one of the most inconsiderate drivers I’ve ever seen.  While waiting for the pump, this guy cut right in front of us when as the person in front of us left the pump.  It’s a bit difficult to move 34 feet of vehicle quickly when in such tight spaces.  I don’t know why some one can’t just wait their turn.   End of mini rant!!!!!!!!    While filling, Ted discovered a leak in the fuel filter hose.  Ted did what he could to do a temporary fix until we can get it fixed permanently.

We continued on until the end of I 20 where it became I 10.  We got through El Paso in the dark and went on to Deming, NM where we filled up at $3.099 and got a bite to eat.  Since it was 11:00 pm we decided to park for the night at the truck stop.  We were up and after a quick breakfast of Swedish pancakes we were ready to leave by 6:30 am.  The rest of the trip continuing on I 10 through Tucson, AZ around 9:00 am and got into Mesa, AZ by 10:30.  We stopped at Camping World to get a replacement hose, but will have to get one on Monday, although I did get a folding chair that folds small enough to be carried easily.


                               folded                                         opened

A little while later after we were all set up, Heidi, # 1 Daughter (Sandi is #2) came over and took us over to the local airport to get a rental car.  We then picked up my Granddaughter, Ailis from work and my SIL, Chris and went out for dinner.  We got back to MSII around 10:00 pm.  Ted helped me set up the new programming on the TVs and connected the printer to my laptop.  We were both tired and went to bed.  It was a long day.

It’s getting late, so I will close for now.  I hope you all are having a great weekend.

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IMG_0210 Hey Mom, I’m playing Princess and the Pea.

Susan and Angel

Friday, October 18, 2013

D Day

After 6 months, it’s finally here, and not too soon. The weather here in north Texas is beginning to change.  There has been rain for most of the week and weekend.  Of course it was much needed,  but there has been a couple of cold fronts that have come through too.  The temps have been in the 80’s and 90’s and then dropped to highs of 70’s and 60’s.  It has been great sleeping temps, mostly 50’s and some 40’s.  Mornings have been a bit chilly, but that’s  okay.  I can now wear my jeans and sleeved T-shirts.  I have only turned on an electric heater to take the chill off once or twice.  Winter won’t be far behind.  I would rather be in AZ where it rarely snows.  (at least where I’ll be)

Activities this past week have been more of the same, TV and reading, although I did get everything done that needed to be done.  Laszlo came out to check out everything to make sure that “My Spot II is road worthy.  He wasn’t able to check under the hood for fluids because the key was on the set of keys that Sandi had, so he would come back to do that.  He showed me how to check the generator and propane.  He checked all the lights, reminded me to make sure all the compartments are locked before I leave.  We figured out all the keys and and made sure everything worked. 

I had installed a tire minder system on the 5ver and truck and switched it over to the MH, however it had not been calibrated for the MH.  Laszlo had never worked with this system, but he took the time to read all the paperwork on it and set it up for 6 wheels instead of the 8 wheels that it was set up for.  After trial and error, he had to take all the sensors off the tires and start all over from scratch.  The tires are all at the recommended pressure according to the specs chart.

He would be back to check the fluids when I  get my other set of keys.  He would also clean my windows for me.  We decided to wait until the weather cleared.  By Wednesday the rains stopped for awhile and that afternoon he finished everything and he declared me ready to hit the road.  So, in a few hours that is exactly what I will do.

Last night, around 6 pm PST, Ted sent me a text saying that he was on the plane and would be taking off heading this way.  Sandi called to let me know that his plane had landed and that they would be heading to her place for him to catch a few zzzzzz’s and would see me in the morning.  Here it is early am. I’m awake but not ready to get out from under my down comforter.  Miss Angel hasn’t even stuck her nose out to greet the day.


I guess that I should get up and get dressed.  I still have to dump the tanks and put all of that stuff away.  I think that I will fix something for breakfast first.

So, in a couple of hours, I will be on my way to Mesa, AZ.  See y’all on down the road.

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IMG_0175 I’m ready Mom, Let’s get going.

Susan and Angel

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It’s Getting Close

IMG_0176 This will be history soon!

I know, it’s been over a week since the last post.  I finally made the visit to the church that I used to go to in Mesquite, TX.  I did meet a couple of people that I knew over 30 years ago.  It is still as friendly as it used to be.  Unfortunately I missed the blessing of the pets service. That’s okay, though, because I know that my Angel is blessed and blesses me everyday.

IMG_0180   IMG_0181

                                    Our Savior Lutheran Church

After church we met Sandi’s boyfriend’s mom for lunch at El Fenix.  What’s interesting is that I found out that his dad graduated from the same High school that graduated from.  He was in the same graduating class that my ex-husband was in.

From there we met with Martha, a friend from way back in those days, at her home in Grand Prairie.  I have seen her several times while I was here in TX, but it has been over 30 years since Sandi has seen her.  Of course there was a big change and it was the first time that Martha met my granddaughter Mary. 

        IMG_0185     IMG_0186

We visited for a couple of hours getting caught up with each others lives.  We ended getting home after dark.

The rest of the week I started cleaning, getting ready for the move.  My kitchen area is the only area that isn’t carpeted and no longer have a mop.  Since I had no way to go to the store to get one and storage is another issue, I came up with this solution.

        IMG_0188 IMG_0189 

That’s a microfiber cloth with hair clips to hold it on.  It worked great!  The rest of the MH I cleaned with my steam cleaner.  In getting ready for the move, I found a place to store the doors that came off the closet where my W/D was installed.  I have been using them in the living area, laying them across the driver and passenger seats to use as a desk.


Over last weekend I have spent afternoons playing games with new residents here in the park.  Larry and Dee Dee.  They will probably be here for winter, as they have a daughter that lives in Ft. Worth.  I taught them a card game called Mille Bourne and then we had a lot of fun playing Pente, which is a board game.  Then on Monday we had their dog, Sandy come to spend the day with Angel while they spent the day doing errands.

IMG_0196 This is Sandy, yes she has only one eye.  She was born that way.  She is so cute. Neither of them actually play, but got along just fine.  They even shared my lap while I watched TV.


Tuesday I had my final visit with Dr. Milne and was cleared from his care.  Then I had my final visit with the dentist,  Dr. Nguyen,  I’m set to leave.

The only preparation left is to make sure “My Spot” is ready to roll.  Laszlo will be here later today to go over the fluids, tires and everything before I leave.

A week from Friday will be the departure date.  Hitch Itch is strong, even though there is nothing to hitch to, Once I get to AZ, then I will search for a tow vehicle.  It would be nice to find something that already has a tow package.  Is there anyone out there with suggestions as to how find one ready to be towed?

That’s about it for now.  I hope that you all are having a great week.

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Susan and Angel