Friday, October 18, 2013

D Day

After 6 months, it’s finally here, and not too soon. The weather here in north Texas is beginning to change.  There has been rain for most of the week and weekend.  Of course it was much needed,  but there has been a couple of cold fronts that have come through too.  The temps have been in the 80’s and 90’s and then dropped to highs of 70’s and 60’s.  It has been great sleeping temps, mostly 50’s and some 40’s.  Mornings have been a bit chilly, but that’s  okay.  I can now wear my jeans and sleeved T-shirts.  I have only turned on an electric heater to take the chill off once or twice.  Winter won’t be far behind.  I would rather be in AZ where it rarely snows.  (at least where I’ll be)

Activities this past week have been more of the same, TV and reading, although I did get everything done that needed to be done.  Laszlo came out to check out everything to make sure that “My Spot II is road worthy.  He wasn’t able to check under the hood for fluids because the key was on the set of keys that Sandi had, so he would come back to do that.  He showed me how to check the generator and propane.  He checked all the lights, reminded me to make sure all the compartments are locked before I leave.  We figured out all the keys and and made sure everything worked. 

I had installed a tire minder system on the 5ver and truck and switched it over to the MH, however it had not been calibrated for the MH.  Laszlo had never worked with this system, but he took the time to read all the paperwork on it and set it up for 6 wheels instead of the 8 wheels that it was set up for.  After trial and error, he had to take all the sensors off the tires and start all over from scratch.  The tires are all at the recommended pressure according to the specs chart.

He would be back to check the fluids when I  get my other set of keys.  He would also clean my windows for me.  We decided to wait until the weather cleared.  By Wednesday the rains stopped for awhile and that afternoon he finished everything and he declared me ready to hit the road.  So, in a few hours that is exactly what I will do.

Last night, around 6 pm PST, Ted sent me a text saying that he was on the plane and would be taking off heading this way.  Sandi called to let me know that his plane had landed and that they would be heading to her place for him to catch a few zzzzzz’s and would see me in the morning.  Here it is early am. I’m awake but not ready to get out from under my down comforter.  Miss Angel hasn’t even stuck her nose out to greet the day.


I guess that I should get up and get dressed.  I still have to dump the tanks and put all of that stuff away.  I think that I will fix something for breakfast first.

So, in a couple of hours, I will be on my way to Mesa, AZ.  See y’all on down the road.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0175 I’m ready Mom, Let’s get going.

Susan and Angel


  1. Safe travels this morning. You have a lot of help, how nice!

  2. How exciting! I bet you and Angel are ready. Have fun and be safe on the road!

  3. The weather in AZ is super nice right now, you are coming at the right time. Have a nice trip! :)

  4. I second Me and My Dog - the weather is perfect here in AZ. Have safe travels.

  5. Have a great trip. Enjoy the travel. We'll miss you here in Texas. You know it is much warmer down south than up by Ft Worth.