Sunday, October 20, 2013

Finally In Mesa And All Set Up



                                             My Spot II’s new home

We left Ft Worth at 10:15 am on Friday and headed west with the sun at our back.  After filling “MSII” (My Spot II) with gas, the route was simple, I 820 south to I 30 and then west to I 20 to Odessa, TX where we filled up.  With my Walmart Gift Card I saved 3 cents and paid the least amount on the trip, $3.019. Where we had to deal with one of the most inconsiderate drivers I’ve ever seen.  While waiting for the pump, this guy cut right in front of us when as the person in front of us left the pump.  It’s a bit difficult to move 34 feet of vehicle quickly when in such tight spaces.  I don’t know why some one can’t just wait their turn.   End of mini rant!!!!!!!!    While filling, Ted discovered a leak in the fuel filter hose.  Ted did what he could to do a temporary fix until we can get it fixed permanently.

We continued on until the end of I 20 where it became I 10.  We got through El Paso in the dark and went on to Deming, NM where we filled up at $3.099 and got a bite to eat.  Since it was 11:00 pm we decided to park for the night at the truck stop.  We were up and after a quick breakfast of Swedish pancakes we were ready to leave by 6:30 am.  The rest of the trip continuing on I 10 through Tucson, AZ around 9:00 am and got into Mesa, AZ by 10:30.  We stopped at Camping World to get a replacement hose, but will have to get one on Monday, although I did get a folding chair that folds small enough to be carried easily.


                               folded                                         opened

A little while later after we were all set up, Heidi, # 1 Daughter (Sandi is #2) came over and took us over to the local airport to get a rental car.  We then picked up my Granddaughter, Ailis from work and my SIL, Chris and went out for dinner.  We got back to MSII around 10:00 pm.  Ted helped me set up the new programming on the TVs and connected the printer to my laptop.  We were both tired and went to bed.  It was a long day.

It’s getting late, so I will close for now.  I hope you all are having a great weekend.

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IMG_0210 Hey Mom, I’m playing Princess and the Pea.

Susan and Angel


  1. Welcome back to the land of sunshine. Which park are you in?

  2. Glad you had a safe trip. Your setup looks great! Hope we can get out that way one of these years . . . :)

  3. Holy mackerel........that was a whirlwind trip. Did you back in next to that palm? It sure is close. Hope you enjoy it there.

  4. So it was the fuel filler hose not the filter. Also I backed it in the spot, very easy with the backup camera. I actually had to park it twice as the first spot had no sewer connections.