Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It’s Getting Close

IMG_0176 This will be history soon!

I know, it’s been over a week since the last post.  I finally made the visit to the church that I used to go to in Mesquite, TX.  I did meet a couple of people that I knew over 30 years ago.  It is still as friendly as it used to be.  Unfortunately I missed the blessing of the pets service. That’s okay, though, because I know that my Angel is blessed and blesses me everyday.

IMG_0180   IMG_0181

                                    Our Savior Lutheran Church

After church we met Sandi’s boyfriend’s mom for lunch at El Fenix.  What’s interesting is that I found out that his dad graduated from the same High school that graduated from.  He was in the same graduating class that my ex-husband was in.

From there we met with Martha, a friend from way back in those days, at her home in Grand Prairie.  I have seen her several times while I was here in TX, but it has been over 30 years since Sandi has seen her.  Of course there was a big change and it was the first time that Martha met my granddaughter Mary. 

        IMG_0185     IMG_0186

We visited for a couple of hours getting caught up with each others lives.  We ended getting home after dark.

The rest of the week I started cleaning, getting ready for the move.  My kitchen area is the only area that isn’t carpeted and no longer have a mop.  Since I had no way to go to the store to get one and storage is another issue, I came up with this solution.

        IMG_0188 IMG_0189 

That’s a microfiber cloth with hair clips to hold it on.  It worked great!  The rest of the MH I cleaned with my steam cleaner.  In getting ready for the move, I found a place to store the doors that came off the closet where my W/D was installed.  I have been using them in the living area, laying them across the driver and passenger seats to use as a desk.


Over last weekend I have spent afternoons playing games with new residents here in the park.  Larry and Dee Dee.  They will probably be here for winter, as they have a daughter that lives in Ft. Worth.  I taught them a card game called Mille Bourne and then we had a lot of fun playing Pente, which is a board game.  Then on Monday we had their dog, Sandy come to spend the day with Angel while they spent the day doing errands.

IMG_0196 This is Sandy, yes she has only one eye.  She was born that way.  She is so cute. Neither of them actually play, but got along just fine.  They even shared my lap while I watched TV.


Tuesday I had my final visit with Dr. Milne and was cleared from his care.  Then I had my final visit with the dentist,  Dr. Nguyen,  I’m set to leave.

The only preparation left is to make sure “My Spot” is ready to roll.  Laszlo will be here later today to go over the fluids, tires and everything before I leave.

A week from Friday will be the departure date.  Hitch Itch is strong, even though there is nothing to hitch to, Once I get to AZ, then I will search for a tow vehicle.  It would be nice to find something that already has a tow package.  Is there anyone out there with suggestions as to how find one ready to be towed?

That’s about it for now.  I hope that you all are having a great week.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Almost time to head out. Such a great feeling. We're doing the house cleaning stuff now that we're back in AZ.

  2. Always nice to have the excitement of upcoming travel. We are headed to Portland next week to visit our daughter and SIL and can't wait. I would try Craigslist while in AZ, that's were we found our Suzuki Sidekick and it was all ready to hookup and go! Safe travels.

  3. I can imagine how excited you are to leave - you've been sitting for a long time. I'm glad you had the surgery, though, now it's behind you and you can move on down the road to some new experiences. :)

  4. I wish we could have gotten together again before you left. Glad that the surgery all worked out and you can now get back to traveling and enjoying this new RV. Take care and keep in touch. Give Angel a hug for me.

  5. I bet you are excited to finally see something different! Good luck with all your departure preps, and safe travels when you finally roll!