Saturday, September 28, 2013

It Won’t Be Long Now


I will be changing from this site to another in just 20 days.  In the mean time, there are a few things to happen before then. 


This is Mary and Sandi at Ginger Brown’s restaurant in Lake Worth, TX, celebrating Mary’s 18th birthday.  .

Last weekend when the weather was cooler, Sandi and the kids came out to help me go  through the “basement” compartments.  That is finally done, a little more purging and relocating some of the stuff.  I’m glad that that is done.

     IMG_0172 IMG_0173

Last Wednesday, Sandi and I went to Mary’s high school fall carnival to support her and her theater group.  I also found a home for my Mat Cutter that I no longer use.  Her teacher will put it to good use.

Tomorrow, Sandi will be picking me up early in the morning.  We will attend the church that I used to go to when I lived in Mesquite.  The kids were little and it was before I moved back to Chicago in the early 1980s.  There may or may not be anyone there that I  remember or remember me, but that’s okay.  It will be interesting to see if it has  changed.  Afterwards, we will be meeting friends of Sandi’s for lunch and a friend of mine on the way home.  It will be a long day, but an enjoyable one.

My last doctor appointment is on October 8th, just a week away.  I’m sure that I will be released from his care.  Ten days later Ted and I will be leaving for AZ.

Later this week I will be calling Laszlo, (who fixed my A/C), to schedule him to go over everything to make sure that I will be ready to leave when Ted gets here.  We don’t want any surprises on our trip west.

I am getting anxious to move on.  It will certainly be a change after sitting here without much activity.  I just hope that I will get back to normal soon.

I hope that you all are enjoying nice fall weather.  I am.  It is nice and cool today after a bit of rain.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0165 I sure love to sleep on pillows.

Susan and Angel


  1. I'm finally getting down the list of blogs I haven't been able to read while traveling. I'm glad to hear you are doing so well. Do you have a job lined up for the coming months, or will you just take it easy.

    1. Yes, I will be working at an RV Park in Mesa AZ for the winter.

  2. Good to hear things are progressing well. We have been located in a spot with poor connectivity for the past few months but back not and slowly getting caught up.
    Safe travels and hope you have an uneventful trip.