Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Melting Pot Celebration and Countdown


L to R    Kim, (Sandi’s friend), Me, Sandi and Mary (my granddaughter)

Here we are at the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant, in Arlington TX celebrating Mary’s 18th Birthday. 
We celebrated last night instead of tomorrow because every second Tuesday at the MP is ladies night.  They have vendors who give you door prize tickets just for visiting their table.  Then throughout the evening they draw the numbers.  Out of the five possible door prizes, we won three of them.  I won the one that was a glass mug with samples of organic teas,coffees and hot chocolates along with some mints and chocolate kisses.  I also received a bottle of wine.   

     IMG_0140 IMG_0142

       Kim won a tote bag and wine and Sandi won a bag of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

If you have never been to the Melting Pot, if you go, be prepared to spend a few hours enjoying your meal.  The first course was the cheese fondue of which we had several choices of cheese, lots of thing to dip and coatings.  Then we had a choice of salads.  The entree included beef, chicken, shrimp, and ravioli.  The final course was CHOCOLATE, again there were choices and lots to dip.


The bowl to the right has deep fried Twinkies.  Sandi brought the Twinkies and Mary coated them with Tempura and deep fried them in oil.  We later had strawberry sauce or chocolate sauce on them.  Yummy!!!!!!     The flames were from the alcohol that was added to the melted chocolate. before

It was a fun evening and well worth the $30.00 p/p .  I brought home enough for several  more meals as did Sandi and Kim.

Time here is finally winding down.  I was able to charge my batteries with the battery charger that I bought last year after I had to replace the batteries in the truck.  I will also have Laszlo come out before I leave to make sure that everything is fine and in working order since I have been sitting here for  the last six months. I will be leaving here in 37 days, heading for my next gig in Mesa AZ.  My son, Ted will be flying in from San Francisco to help me drive.  I get cleared by my doctor in October so that I can leave. 

The shoulder is almost back to normal, except for building up my strength.  That I am doing by going through more STUFF.  It is almost done.  I sure hope that it starts to cool off during the day so that I can finish the outside compartments.

I hope that you all are having a great week.

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IMG_0094 I like to snuggle with Mom.

Susan and Angel


  1. That's a really nice picture of you and Angel at the end of the post. Sounds like a great birthday for Mary and a nice outing for you.

  2. What a beautiful picture of you and Angel!

    That dinner looks really good. I love fondue. One time I had a champagne and chocolate fondue evening for my girlfriends and made a bunch of different chocolate fondues. Yummmm. You got some great prizes, too.

    I'm glad you are doing better and better. Before you know it, your shoulder pain will be a distant memory. Aren't you glad you did the surgery when you did? Now you can get on with your life.

    1. Yes, I'm glad it's almost behind me. I just hope that it doesn't take too long to get back in shape.

  3. I'm glad your shoulder is doing well. Where is your next gig going to be? Are you gate keeping again?

    1. No, I probably won't be gate guarding again, at least not by myself. I will be in Mesa AZ for the winter and then most likely head to CA in the spring.

  4. I love that picture of you and Angel. Fondue is so much fun especially with a great group of people. Hopefully we'll get to see you in Mesa. It will be so good to be back on the road again.

    1. I will be in Mesa on Sunday, October 20th. I have to start work by November 1st, but may start earlier.

  5. Love the Melting Pot. Glad you enjoyed it too.

    Happy to hear you'll soon be on the road again.

    I, too, love that photo of you and sweet Angel.

  6. I just love the Melting Pot restaurant. Haven't been to one in a long time. You are looking fantastic. Good luck with the new gig in AZ!