Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween


One more week closer. 

Now I’m trying to make up my mind as to whether or not to just pack up the truck with the things that I will be giving to my daughters in AZ and just take them to them before I actually head that way.  Most of the stuff is in a storage unit that I am paying for anyway.  The cost is the same as it would cost to drive there and back.  I guess that I’m thinking along the lines as to the weight that will be in the 5ver on the way there when I finally am out of here in 2012.  Besides some of the stuff is for Christmas. 


I have a stack of more stuff to donate to  St. John’s Women’s Center and I am making a little headway on going through more papers.  More for shredding, more for sharing (magazines, etc.) and some things that can be donated too. I have to find another way to reduce weight.  Sofa/Sleeper????,  replaced with lighter weight Bed/Chair from IKEA.  I know that my mattress weighs a lot, but I really like it! 


Yesterday Angel and I took a trip to Pet Smart to get more of her dog food and treats.  We of course, had to visit the birds and since it is near Halloween we tried on some costumes.                    What do you think?

                  DSC00572       DSC00573

                              Witch?                                          Pirate?




Another question!  Has anyone found a cleaner that works really well on molded plastic chairs?  So far the only thing  that has worked is a Brillo pad.  Really messy,  there’s got to be a better/easier way.  Maybe something that I can spray on let sit and then rinse with water?


Another week to get through at work.  At least it will be a bit different tomorrow.  Where I work, Halloween is a big thing.  We can all dress in costumes, (there’s a contest)  More contests for team things and individual things.  We have a semi annual company meeting where we are off the phones for an hour or so.  That will make the time go by a little bit faster, at least for one day.

From what I gather here in the park I won’t have to get candy for kids because none come by, so I don’t have buy any. 


I have some more to go through before I call it a day.         Oh Yea!


 DSC00582    DSC00585   DSC00588


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Susan and Angel

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Short Post Allergies are Horrible.


Another Loooonnnnngggg 4 day work week.    I keep telling myself.    Work the Plan.   Work the Plan.   It keeps on getting harder.  I still don’t have an exact date yet.  I will have to meet with someone in HR first to work on the retirement  numbers and date.  It should be some time in early 2012.


Friday I took all of the papers out of the cabinet so that I will have to go through them to toss, scan, and then shred or toss.  At least that’s the plan.


Sun’s not even up yet, and there’s fog laying on the ground as I cross the causeway leaving Sacramento.


This is somewhere on I 680.

Saturday I left early, about 7 am, for the coast.  I wanted to stop in Moss Landing at the KOA to meet Levonne, John and Gingee of A Camp Host's Meanderings: ...,  We had a wonderful visit, such a delightful family.  I hope that we meet again some day. 


There was some kind of kit car club showing their car.  I took this picture for Levonne, because she liked it’s color.

From there I drove over to Salinas for Laurie’s and George’s wedding.  What a nice wedding , and such a lovely couple!  They introduced me to all their family and made me feel right at home. 


The Wedding Party,                      Exchanging Vows            Exchanging Rings


                                             Mr. and Mrs. George Owens

Laurie and George,  I hope that you don’t mind me posting these pictures.  It was a wonderful wedding.

After the reception, I just high tailed it home while it was still light.. as it was it was dark thirty when I did get home.

On a side not if anyone is interested,  I actually got 23.6 mpg at one point it was over 24 mpg, mostly freeway driving.  I am really happy with the truck that I have.

It’s Sunday and now I have to prepare for another looonnngggg work week.


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Susan and Angel  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short Post

Just a short post after coming back from Pismo Beach. I may be doing my posts from my IPad, because I need to take my laptop in for repairs.

I am exhausted since going back to work. I took the capture plate and the damaged strip back to FLRV to see what they would do. They are ordering a new one and will call me when I can pick it up. In the meantime I covered the area with white duck tape just in case it rains.

I have gone through my stuff in the bedroom and am making a stack of the things that I am getting rid of. It keeps growing.

There are a lot of papers that I'm not sure that I will need. I have seen an ad on TV for a scanner that keeps and organizes papers,receipts, etc.. Is there anyone out there that has this type of scanner/organizer?

Hope you all have a great week.

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Susan and Angel

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stuck In The Sand, Back To The Grind

DSC00524   DSC00525


I woke early, anticipating getting everything ready for the move back to RC.  I worked on the inside and Ted went over to visit those who were up and moving.  I decided to fix my own breakfast, rather than waiting for everyone else.  By the time they had breakfast  ready, I had everything done.   There was just last minute stuff to do.    After Ted had his breakfast, he took care of the outside.   Oh No, the big slide got hung up.  As I pushed the switch, several of the guys pushed from the outside to get it in. There was a corner of some stripping that was bent and caught. (Once home, Ted removed the strip.)   Ted finished the rest and we were ready to leave by 10:00am.  Our target time was noon (low tide).  It was a good thing we were ready, because we were STUCK, up to our axels in sand with the wheels spinning and needed to be towed.  It wasn’t a big surprise.  We figured that it would happen and were prepared.  My truck is 2 wheel drive, but there were several 4x4 trucks with the towing straps ready to help if needed.  They tried plywood planks under the wheels, no luck there.  Then one of guys hooked up his 4x4 to no avail.  Another tried with a truck with more power, a little movement, but still stuck.  That’s when the used both trucks in tandem.  That did it and we were towed out to the hard pack.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures.  I caught up with Ted and we were off.  That’s when I started feeling the tension building in my neck and shoulders.  I did not want to go back to work, but I know, it’s just that much closer fulltiming for real.


Once off of the beach, Ted parked the rig and unhooked so that he could get some diesel and air up the tires.  (We had to air down for traction in  the sand.)  That’s when the capture plate for the hitch came off.  (It is held on the king pin by only one set screw.)   Ted put it back on and we were on our way.  Soon, we were heading north on CA101, then east on CA41 over to I5 at Kettleman  where we topped off the tank and used the public scales.  (As I suspected I was overweight.  Now I know that, I have to start purging again.)  I will need to get rid of almost a ton of stuff.  

About half the way home we stopped at Harris Ranch for dinner.  We shared a hot spinach/artichoke dip, a t-bone steak with baked potato, green beans and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  It was very good.  After dinner I took over on the driving.  I’m not that crazy about driving at night, so Ted drove the last part and pulled into Aspen Grove Park about 9:30pm.  He backed into my site in the dark with one try.  I’ve just gotta say, he still amazes me.  Since we got back so late stayed and left early the next day to get to work in San Francisco.


I took the day off because I would have to wash the rig  to get the salt and sand off, but it rained all day.  That was convenient, so I put on my rain gear and got the hose out and rinsed it all down.  I hope that the rain got the roof clean, because I can’t get up there.

I also got the laundry together to do this Friday and started purge more stuff.  Everything is back where it belongs.

Well that is my my “vacation” in a nut shell.  Thanks for coming along with

Susan and Angel

Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Day Enjoying The Good Life



Just another day at the beach.  We had breakfast around 9:00am.  Most everyone was a late riser.  I  guess that’s because they all stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, not me though.

For breakfast it was scrambled eggs with chorizo, hash browns,O'Brien, and the typical Mexican condiments.   After breakfast they did their dune runs. again not me,  I stayed in camp.   For lunch most of us went into town, some back to the Splash Café and some others and Ted and I went  to Mo’s Barbeque.  We shared  a sampler,  ribs,pulled pork, chicken, potato salad and beans.  It was sooooo good.

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting with everyone for a while and later I took a nap and wrote the last post on live writer.(All the while listening  to and feeling the wind buffeting the rig)  I would have done more, except that I used most of the battery on my laptop.  Later when we turned on the generator, and then recharged it.  Then it was time for dinner,  Pasta and wonderful red sauce, garlic bread and salad.  (Reen sent some home with me. There’s a lot so I froze it in individual portions.)  I was able to stay awake a couple of nights until nearly 11:00pm.  That’s what happens when you have some wine, good company and a great campfire.

   DSC00536   DSC00529

               That’s me and Angel on the left, and Billy, Reen, and Ted on the right.


Another great breakfast. Same morning routine.  Some more people arrived last night and a couple more this morning for one day. 


                                      Heading out to the dunes.     

We had lunch in the rig and later I drove into Grover Beach to the Big Kmart to look for a sweat shirt, didn’t find one that I liked, but found some lounging pants with smiley faces and a tee shirt for Ted.


             On the back of the shirt it says the same, except see front.


There was a Bolo tournament in the afternoon.  That Steven in a wig.  (Small world,  He actually worked with my Grandson Nick in Hawaii)


                      Later back at camp I took Angel for a walk by the water.


                                            Read a little, napped a little.

                    Dinner was burgers and all the trimmings, and another fire.

                   IMG_0348   IMG_0343

           Yes, that’s actually three fires.   There were about twenty people around the fires.

That was it.  Then off to bed.  Tomorrow we would be heading back to RC.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s adventure.

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Susan and Angel

Friday, October 7, 2011

Destination: Pismo Beach



I guess the trip stated earlier in the day.  Up early 4:00am, couldn’t sleep,  Most of everything that had to be stowed, was stowed the night before except the last minute stuff.  We went out for breakfast at IHOP, (just easier), stopped at the store for things on Ted’s food list and headed home to dump the tanks and do the rest of inside and outside check list.  I did it all while Ted watched to help if needed.  I pulled out of my space at 9:50 am and we were on our way to Clovis to meet with Reen and Billy at their home.  There was pizza waiting for us while we waited for Billy to get home from work.  Thank you both for your great hospitality.  We left there around 6:00pm  and waited for Steve at a spot just outside of Lemoore near the Naval Air Station.  We drove to Kettleman  to top off the tank with #2 Diesel and it was a smooth and cool drive the rest of the way into Pismo Beach. 

  DSC00484     DSC00485   DSC00492                                      

There was a bit of rain, maybe just enough to cool the tires and engine.

      DSC00488                 DSC00493 

We arrived after 9:00pm, We checked in at the gate, paid the fees, (half price with disabled pass).  Now we just had to look for a beacon on a flagpole belonging to one of the others in the group to find where we would be setting up camp. It was definitely interesting driving out on the hard pack at low tide. There was a creek that we had to cross, where it was and how deep it was is constantly changing, so we just had to be careful. Fortunately we were following the other rigs that we met along the way here. 

DSC00497            DSC00495

Since it was dark, I just let Ted do the set up.  It didn’t take long to get the slides out while we were still hooked up to the truck.  We had to do a little “damage control”.  It wasn’t too bad, a few unbreakable things on a shelf that I didn’t have last time tipped over and the back part of the recliner got in the way of one slide (easy fix).

After all the introductions of those that were here, it was off to bed.  It was really cool going to sleep with the sound of the ocean outside my window.



Up at 4:00am (internal clock going off ----- hopefully that will change once I retire).  I just stayed in bed and read a book hoping to go back to sleep until Ted got up.  He  would be doing the cooking, so it wasn’t long before he was up too.

Everyone was given a list of what to bring to spread out the cost and keep control of the food costs and waste.  It seems to be working well.  Great breakfast, bacon, eggs, hash browns, juice and coffee. 

DSC00503            DSC00504

After breakfast most everyone went out in their ATVs and 4x4 pickups to the dunes right behind where we are parked.  the rest of us just hung out in camp getting to know each other and wait for everyone to get back. 

DSC00521        DSC00522


A trip to the Splash Café as a group was in order for lunch.  We got it to go and took it across the street to Harry’s where we ordered drinks and had our lunch.  The clam chowder was excellent, especially with the seafood topping. Ted and I also had some grilled cheese sandwiches, really good.  I of  course took half of mine home.for another meal. 

On the way back we stopped at RV World to find a particular kind of clips to put light on the awning.


It rained a little bit and then cleared. Came back to camp to do nothing.  More dune runs were made.  Soon it was time for dinner, Tacos!  More good food.  Then the campfire and all the stories.  Everyone had a good time, some had a little more “fun” than others.  The others had fun watching the ones that were having the “fun”.  I actually stayed up until nearly 11:00pm,  that’s really late for me.  Off to bed and my down comforter.

Thanks for hanging around for this long post.

    DSC00536       DSC00527

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well “My Spot” is Goin’ to The Beach !!!!


Ted will be here later tonight and tomorrow morning we will be on our way to Pismo Beach to meet up with up his Dodge Truck Club.   We will be parking on the beach, so we will have to go during low tide on the hard pack and then park above the high tide.  Yes I am a bit nervous, but Ted has been camping there for the last three years and assures me that it is safe and there are enough trucks there that can tow me out.  We are making every effort to make sure I won’t get stuck.  Ted has made some large, heavy duty jack pads to disperse the weight.  I also removed some heavy items that were in my  bedroom closet which is over the king pin.  I’m getting a bit anxious, since this will be the first time that I have towed my 5th wheel any distance and I will be boondocking too.  I did drive it and backed it into my site when we took the basic training class a month ago.  I guess I will find out what I can and can’t do or use without full hook ups.  Ted says that we won’t spend much time in the rig during the day because there is so much to do.  Okay, I guess that’s alright.  I just hope that we have good weather to do that.


Monday night I stopped by to visit with Gypsy, On The Road Again, in her new “digs”.  It will be really nice when she gets it the way she wants.   There are two bedrooms with a lot of built in storage and the kitchen has tons of storage too.  I think that once she gets the carpet done she will be able to move forward with putting it all  together. 

On a lighter note.       If anyone is in the Rancho Cordova CA area and you are looking to increase your summer wardrobe, you might want to check out the K Mart on Sunrise.  I had purged so much when I moved and lost so much weight, that I just had to splurge and get seven tops, (4 sleeveless shirt, 2 short sleeve shirts and 1 camisole top), a pair of capris, and a jacket and pants to match.  You ask, “and how much did you spend on all those clothes?   A whopping $20.90 !!!,  When they have a clearance sale, it is really good.


This past weekend I bought a Dometic Refrigerator/Freezer and a pair of X Chocks and a folding stool at  Camping World.   The refrigerator/freezer was on sale a couple of weeks ago, but I had to get a rain check and it finally came in a few days ago.  I will need the extra freezer space for the frozen fruit that I use in my protein smoothies.

   DSC00479    DSC00480

The chocks will work better when we are parked on the sand. The folding stool, I can use when hooking or unhooking the hoses, because I can’t get on my knees.  (no picture of the stool)         Just preparing for when I’m out there for good.

Enough of my rambling.  I had better finish this so that I can get a few more things done before I go to bed.  Right now it is kind of weird because it is the first time that I am in here while it is raining,   I sure hope that there are no leaks. 

Have a great week and thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel