Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well “My Spot” is Goin’ to The Beach !!!!


Ted will be here later tonight and tomorrow morning we will be on our way to Pismo Beach to meet up with up his Dodge Truck Club.   We will be parking on the beach, so we will have to go during low tide on the hard pack and then park above the high tide.  Yes I am a bit nervous, but Ted has been camping there for the last three years and assures me that it is safe and there are enough trucks there that can tow me out.  We are making every effort to make sure I won’t get stuck.  Ted has made some large, heavy duty jack pads to disperse the weight.  I also removed some heavy items that were in my  bedroom closet which is over the king pin.  I’m getting a bit anxious, since this will be the first time that I have towed my 5th wheel any distance and I will be boondocking too.  I did drive it and backed it into my site when we took the basic training class a month ago.  I guess I will find out what I can and can’t do or use without full hook ups.  Ted says that we won’t spend much time in the rig during the day because there is so much to do.  Okay, I guess that’s alright.  I just hope that we have good weather to do that.


Monday night I stopped by to visit with Gypsy, On The Road Again, in her new “digs”.  It will be really nice when she gets it the way she wants.   There are two bedrooms with a lot of built in storage and the kitchen has tons of storage too.  I think that once she gets the carpet done she will be able to move forward with putting it all  together. 

On a lighter note.       If anyone is in the Rancho Cordova CA area and you are looking to increase your summer wardrobe, you might want to check out the K Mart on Sunrise.  I had purged so much when I moved and lost so much weight, that I just had to splurge and get seven tops, (4 sleeveless shirt, 2 short sleeve shirts and 1 camisole top), a pair of capris, and a jacket and pants to match.  You ask, “and how much did you spend on all those clothes?   A whopping $20.90 !!!,  When they have a clearance sale, it is really good.


This past weekend I bought a Dometic Refrigerator/Freezer and a pair of X Chocks and a folding stool at  Camping World.   The refrigerator/freezer was on sale a couple of weeks ago, but I had to get a rain check and it finally came in a few days ago.  I will need the extra freezer space for the frozen fruit that I use in my protein smoothies.

   DSC00479    DSC00480

The chocks will work better when we are parked on the sand. The folding stool, I can use when hooking or unhooking the hoses, because I can’t get on my knees.  (no picture of the stool)         Just preparing for when I’m out there for good.

Enough of my rambling.  I had better finish this so that I can get a few more things done before I go to bed.  Right now it is kind of weird because it is the first time that I am in here while it is raining,   I sure hope that there are no leaks. 

Have a great week and thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. I didn't realize I tore a piece of my 5th wheel roof off when parked under trees. It rained a few weeks later, and just to be safe I opened all the overheads and ran my fingers along the wall at the top. Sure 'nuff, there was a leak in the middle overhead in the bedroom. A mobile repairman who was fixing my generator climbed on the roof when I mentioned the leak, and he found it right away. It was easy enough (for him) to fix. After that I always checked the overheads after a hard rain.

    I'm a little worried about the rain here tonight. I hope I don't have any leaks. Have lots of fun at Pismo Beach. See ya when you get back.

  2. Okay, you're going to camp on the beach in Pismo Beach it sounds. Be sure to pay attention to the tide charts and be sure to get all the sand and saltwater off your vehicle after your camping. Thousands of people go there to camp and only a few have real problems from it. Be careful and have fun. It's wild out there. Take some good pictures for us. Oceano State Park was the first place where John and I camp hosted when we started our journey two years ago. It's the same park system as the beach parking. Good rangers working down there. Be safe.

  3. Good luck on your trip to the beach!

  4. So many fun new experiences. Do you have a generator? How about an inverter? And Ted is right - you won't be spending much time in the rig. When we have our get together in Yuma or Q each year, we are usually outside from early morning (early is a figure of speech in our world) until after the campfire at night. We bought Jim one of those gardener's kneeling pads and they really work good for his knees. Have a great time and I'm sure you will.

  5. I'm commenting, using my IPad. I don't have internet on the beach, although I am using Live Writer and saving them to post later.