Saturday, September 24, 2011

Truck Fixed and Dumb Move


It’s been a while since posting, when I have to work a full 40 hours, I am just too tired to do anything worth blogging about.

Going back to last Sunday, I must mention that Gypsy (On the Road Again) came for a visit. Of course she got the tour and liked “My Spot'’. We got caught up on what went on this summer since the last lime we met and what our plans are for the near future.

Wow,  Time just flies when you let life just happen.  Yesterday, Friday, I had an appointment to have some work done one my truck.  When we went to the Empire Mine near Nevada City, the blower for the A/C stopped.  There was still cold air, so the compressor still worked, thank God for small favors!  Last week I finally found someone that wouldn’t charge and arm and a leg to figure out what was wrong.  The dealer would charge $134.00 just to diagnose what it was.  Not going there!   So, last Friday, I went over to “Your Neighborhood Garage” in Rancho Cordova where Carl, Jesse’s electrical guy took a look ( no charge) and thought that it was probably the ignition’s electrical switch.  Later on while I was out an about, I got a call from Carl.  He had been checking out records and said that 8 out o 10 times that replacing that part would fix it, so if I wanted, I could purchase the part from the dealer directly to save some time, replacing it would probably take about an hour.  That’s exactly what it was and how long it took.  I would recommend “Your Neighborhood Garage” to anyone.  He just charges for parts and labor and is knowledgeable and friendly.

From there Angel and I went out to the DMV in Folsom to drop off the license plates for the KIA Sedona that I no longer have.  Who knows why they sent them to me!  Then I did a bit of grocery shopping at WinCo. 

I also stopped at Folsom Lake RV to ask a question.  I went in  with Angel and left my purse and locked the truck.  While there I decided to get the electrical adapters.  (Ted has a 20 amp  generator for our trip to Pismo Beach)  Of course I had to go get my wallet, but I did a dumb thing.  Not realizing it, I set my keys down on the seat and locked the truck again.  Fortunately, I have Coach Net.  One of the fellas at FLRV called them for me.  There would be no charge and they would be out in about an hour.  Gee, that’s a dangerous place to leave me for a whole hour with everything RV.  I restrained myself, Derek brought me a cappuccino, I tested out one of those 0 gravity chairs and only a half hour later my truck was unlocked and I was on my way.  This was the first time that I have used Coach Net and I was definitely impressed with their service.   After all that we went home and the rest of  day we didn’t do much of anything.

I am trying to come up with a way to keep things from popping out of some small shelves while towing. The spring type rods are too big, I’m experimenting to make something that will do the same thing.  Today, I ran around looking for maybe thin wood to cut down or foam core board to cut to size. 

I went out to IKEA to get an LED floor lamp to use instead of the overhead lights.  That’s another dangerous place for me.  I always check out the “as is” room. I have gotten some really good deals there, just a pillow and pillow covers this time.  Has any one out there used rugs on top of there carpets?   I was thinking about putting carpet down to help keep the carpeting clean the one on top could be taken out to clean rather than risk getting the sub flooring wet.  Any thoughts?

I had every intention on washing the truck this afternoon, but didn’t, maybe next week. Now it is late and time to go to bed.


Good night  all and thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. Jesse's at Neighborhood Garage is the place I always go. He is extremely reliable and reasonable.

  2. I have used rugs on top of carpet before. It worked ok. the problem we had was that sometimes it would bunch up. But I don't know if that was because I rolled around on a desk chair from one table to another . It was used in my art/craft/sewing room to keep the good carpet from getting paint on it.

    Gypsy 68
    Sorry this is under anonymous for some reason I have trouble posting comments under my own log in.

  3. We have used rugs on rugs. You just have to remember to roll them up when you pull in the slides. Or at least we did. I am always locking my keys in the vehicle. So Jim got me an extra fob. No keys on it. Just the fob so I could unlock the door. He got tired of having to ride to my rescue.