Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Labor Day Road Trip


“Old Sac” wasn’t enough, Road Trip!   John and I decided to go to visit the Empire Gold Mine State Park in Grass Valley  on Hwy 49 north of I 80. 


          Inside the Visitor’s Center they even have water available for dogs who visit. 

  DSC00454    DSC00455 

There were two tours that we went on.  This is the actual Mine Tour. This is the shaft that the miners would ride down.  It has since filled with up to the natural water table after it was closed, no longer producing gold.  They say that 80% of the gold is still there.


John is standing in front of one of the shafts that Mr. Bourne the owner would take his guests to show them “The Mine”, so that he wouldn’t have to take them to the real one.  They were satisfied so they would go back to “The Cottage” and their other activities.

  DSC00462     DSC00458

The other tour is the Cottage Tour.  How would you like to live here.  Mrs. Bourne preferred living in their home in Napa.  With the mine going 24/7, it was too noisy and dirty.   This cottage cost them $25,000. to build back then.  You can probably multiply that by 20 for today’s prices.

  DSC00465  DSC00470

                             The rooms and the grounds are beautiful.

  DSC00475  DSC00474


                         This is how Angel got around when we went inside.

We enjoyed these tours too.  There was a lot of walking and a lot of it was up hill.  I really got my exercise.  After looking at displays in the visitors center, we decided to go find Cousin Jack’s to try the typical Cornish miner’s meal, pasties.  I had been there before and liked what I had then.  John had the Chicken Combo with Chili and I had the Greek Jenny with Spinach and Artichoke Hearts. mine was good and John liked his too.  Angel sure does like the dog biscuits.


Another great day.  Home from here and early to bed.  We both have to get up early.

Thanks for joining the tour with

Susan, Angel and Company (John)


  1. I loved the tour. But the pasties at the end were the best part. LOL

  2. I visited the Empire Mine back in the 1980's. and I'm sure they have added a lot to the tours by now. It was an interesting place.

  3. Nice tour!! Glad you enjoyed your outing!!

  4. HMM. Someplace to see in California. Futre trip in Alfa?