Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend


The third day of my holiday weekend was one of chores, more research and blog catch up.  It had been awhile since I sanitized My Spot with my steam cleaner, so that and vacuuming one end to the other  occupied my morning and early afternoon.  Later John came over to help me with a telescoping flagpole.  A couple of pieces are stuck.  We also made plans to do something together on Sunday.

After church on Sunday, we went down to Old Sacramento.  Earlier in the day John went down there to see if he could get tickets for the Sacrament River Cruise for later in the day.  Success!   He got tickets for the 5:00pm cruise. 

This was the weekend that Sacramento celebrates Gold Rush Days in “Old Sac”.  There are no motorized vehicles.  They cover streets with dirt and there are only horses, mules, wagons,stage coaches, gun fights and people in period costumes.  We went down a little bit early so that we could get something to eat and experience Sacramento’s “glory days”.

DSC00423  DSC00424  DSC00426

We had just enough time to get some clam chowder bread bowls before we boarded for the cruise.

  DSC00429  DSC00430

    Leaving the dock passing the Delta King.                  Looking back at the dock.         

The Delta King is permanently moored and is now a hotel and restaurant with meeting rooms for special events.

It was an hour long with a nice history “lesson”, going north passing a few sunken boats, Discovery Park, the old and new Water treatment Centers, the Sea Scout Training Center and all the way past several restaurants along the river including the Virgin Sturgeon.  Some of the other structures that we passed were the swing out railroad/auto bridge that was opened especially for our ship.

DSC00434          DSC00432          DSC00433

Along the way. there were all kinds of people in boats and wave runners showing off, jumping wakes and spraying the big boat.

     DSC00439             DSC00440

One guy lost his hat and circled back to retrieve it before it sank.  There were fishermen with a regular umbrella for shade.  It was really hot.


We chose to stay in the air conditioning for a while and then went outside in the shade for the return trip.  Just before we docked you can see the Tower Bridge, one element of Sacramento’s skyline.


   DSC00447    DSC00452

John was checking out how the Captain “parked” the ship at the dock moving sideways.   All in all, it was a very informative trip.  I had ben on the trip before and still learned more about Sacramento history.

After the cruise we went on board the Delta King to relax and have a drink in the bar/grill.  The Delta King’s sister ship, the Delta Queen, until recently was moved via the Panama Canal to ply the waters of the Mississippi River.  On the way back to the truck we just had to go through a couple of shops.  It was fun and interesting and we both enjoyed our Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for coming along with

Susan and Company   (John took Angel’s place)  Thank you, John, for a great afternoon!


  1. What a fun day! Very cool that they transform Old Sacramento into the past.

  2. How neat that Old Sacramento transforms into the Gold Rush Days!! What a neat way to celebrate history!! Looks like you two had a really good time!!