Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July Wedding Bells



Just another busy weekend in the CG. Holiday weekend with lots of campers, kids running all over the place, barking dogs, amazingly no horses, and did I say that the CG was full.  I always get asked, “where can we go to see fireworks”. The answer is back in the valley.  We are in a valley and the only place would be on the trail overlooking the Santa Clara Valley, however, the trails are closed at sunset, but we sure could hear them until after 10 pm.  Most of my day was spent replenishing TP rolls in the restrooms, answering questions from campers, reminding them of the CG rules, selling firewood, and in general just being available when I wasn’t cleaning camp sites as some campers left and others came in.

In addition to all that going on we even had a wedding in the Rose Garden.  It was kind of cool the way that they used recycled pallet for the different areas for food, drinks, etc.

Most of the wedding guests camped in a group site on Friday and Saturday nights


                                            The Bride and Groom

IMG_1509 IMG_1506

                                  logs and mason jars to hold flowers


                            me, the Bride and Groom, and Ranger Theresa

These pictures were taken after the wedding, but before they cleaned up.  We were just checking to see if everything was okay.

It was a great day for the wedding, warm but not hot.  They thought that everything was perfect.

That was yesterday and today it was back to normal, cleaning all the camp sites after the mass exodus of campers.  Tomorrow I will finish the last few that I didn’t today.

We had a good holiday, I hope that you did too.

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IMG_1430 I’m just all tuckered out

Susan and Angel