Thursday, July 25, 2013

A/C Revisited, Three Month Follow Up


After Laszlo left last week, we thought that the problem had been fixed, however, since the sound was intermittent and not happening when he was here, he had to return on Monday.  I let him know on Thursday so that he could get it approved through insurance and order the new motor.  

IMG_0058   IMG_0064

            Laszlo and his helper                                 The offending motor

Since my deductable is $100.00, I just paid him the remaining $75.00.  Now I have A/C in the front and back of “My Spot II”.  YEA!!!     While here he checked my batteries, suggested that I get the tire covers soon and suggested things that I would need to have done before I leave in October.

After Physical therapy later in the day, we had to get some distilled water for those batteries and my grandson, Charlie filled them for me when they brought me home.  Thanks Charlie.

Tuesday was a busy day.  I had my 3 month checkup with Dr. Milne.  Everything is a GO.  I will continue PT once a week for 4 weeks just to build up my strength.  He said that I just need to use my arm as I would normally and continue exercises at home.  I am now cleared to drive a MH and even a 5 speed to tow if I want to get one. 

From there we went to pick up my granddaughter, Mary, as we all had appointments at the dentist.  Before the dentist, Sandi took me to a meeting at Inventhelp to see if an idea that I have could be a viable product and to see what it would cost to pursue the idea.  It may be, however it would cost to much for me to do it right now.  I may just go back to work part time in addition to Workamping in the Fall to afford to pursue it.  When we were through, we headed to the dentist.  I will have to return in a week or so.

Normally when I leave Angel, I’m gone for only a couple of hours, but this time I was gone from 8:30 am until about 4:30 pm.  It has been quite a while since I have left her that long, but she did just fine and of course, she was happy to see me when I got home.  She will have to get used to it once I get back to Workamping.

We are now back to our current routine. I still have another 3 months before I will be able to be cleared by the doctor.  He says that after a shoulder replacement, it usually take 9 months before I will  be back to my maximum potential.  In the meantime, I will have to concentrate on trying to continue purging.  There is a difference in what you need or use when you are in a 5th wheel or a MH.  I still have too much stored inside that can possibly be stored in outside compartments.  It would be a lot easier to pack up and go with little preparation once I get this done. 

I hope that you all are having a great summer and staying cool.

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Susan and Angel

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Recent Happenings

I have been doing the same old things, however I do get out for my Physical Therapy and to the store.  A couple of weeks ago my little fan stopped working and have been moving the one that still works back to the bedroom every night.  I finally found an  inexpensive one at Walmart.

IMG_0052 Having a fan means that I can have the temperature on the A/C at a higher setting and still be comfortable.

Another thing that I have been looking for is a lightweight, basic sewing machine. When I went through the most recent PURGE, I gave my granddaughter, Mary, my sewing machine along with all the conglomeration of sewing STUFF.  All that I need one for is to do repairs or alterations.  The other one was really heavy, especially with all the cloth and notions. 

IMG_0055  This one should be just fine.

We have been experiencing several days of triple digit temperatures here in Ft Worth until this past weekend with all the rain.  Then yesterday when the A/C came on there was a weird noise.  Later when it came on again there was the same noise.  A few calls were in order to try to find some one to look at it and to see if it was covered through Easy Care with a $100.00 deductible.  It would, as long as something was fixed.  Lat in the afternoon, I was able to get Laszlo with Quality Mobile RV to come out this morning. 

IMG_0046 IMG_0050 IMG_0054

He took it apart and found that there was a mud-daubers’ nest that was next to some wiring.  After cleaning the unit out and putting it back together, he only charged me $25.00, so I didn’t have to turn in a claim.

IMG_0051 This is only half of it.  Hopefully that took care of the problem.  He also took a look at a couple of other things at no charge.  Thank you, Laszlo for coming out so quickly.

Now I can get back to doing the same old things again.

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IMG_0042 I love my pillows.

Susan and Angel

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where Oh Where Has …….. and Happy 4th


I know, I know, you haven’t heard from us in quite a while.  We’ve been doing the same old things.  So there really isn’t anything happening around here to write about.  I’m still trying to get some pictures of the birds at the feeders.  I thought that I had some, but most of them didn’t turn out at all.


I am now going to physical therapy twice a week.  They keep adding more and more exercises each time I go.  I try to keep up at home in between sessions.  Afterwards is when Sandi takes me shopping for things that I need.

The only other thing that we did get accomplished was to get the TVs swapped out.  Last Saturday Sandi’s friend came over and with Charlie’s help they installed the small one in the living room.


We originally planned to put the larger one on the wall in the bedroom, but decided that since it wont fit in the cabinet and it would be too heavy we would just put the stand on it.  When in transit I will have to lay it on the bed.


The only other thing that I have been doing is trying to find a little car for transportation.  It’s been tough, because my resources are very limited.  I know that the right one will find it’s way to me. 


I hope that this has been a great day for all to celebrate our nations independence with family and friends and that it has been a safe one for all.  Take care and God Bless you all

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IMG_0036 This is where I spend most of my day.

Susan and Angel