Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where Oh Where Has …….. and Happy 4th


I know, I know, you haven’t heard from us in quite a while.  We’ve been doing the same old things.  So there really isn’t anything happening around here to write about.  I’m still trying to get some pictures of the birds at the feeders.  I thought that I had some, but most of them didn’t turn out at all.


I am now going to physical therapy twice a week.  They keep adding more and more exercises each time I go.  I try to keep up at home in between sessions.  Afterwards is when Sandi takes me shopping for things that I need.

The only other thing that we did get accomplished was to get the TVs swapped out.  Last Saturday Sandi’s friend came over and with Charlie’s help they installed the small one in the living room.


We originally planned to put the larger one on the wall in the bedroom, but decided that since it wont fit in the cabinet and it would be too heavy we would just put the stand on it.  When in transit I will have to lay it on the bed.


The only other thing that I have been doing is trying to find a little car for transportation.  It’s been tough, because my resources are very limited.  I know that the right one will find it’s way to me. 


I hope that this has been a great day for all to celebrate our nations independence with family and friends and that it has been a safe one for all.  Take care and God Bless you all

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Susan and Angel


  1. It's so hard to find something to blog about when you're doing the same routine day in and day out. But it sure is good to hear from you and know that you are making progress in your recovery. And we can see that Angel is working hard right along with you.

  2. Yeah, we're blogging about once a week or so. We do some sightseeing on our days off, but not always. Only so much to write about!

  3. Been missing you and wondering how things were going. I hope you are making great progress and getting out a little more. Take care.