Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Rest Of The Visit

It’s already Wednesday, Ted left yesterday to go back to San Francisco.  We decided to go to Best Buy to take back the mount for the TV, but stopped for breakfast at IHOP in Waco first.  I will miss having him here, but I’m getting a head of myself.  I believe I left off on Saturday evening, so here’s the rest of the weekend.

One of the things that Ted would help me with was to get the underbelly secured so that I can get back down to Camping World in New Braunfels for the completion of my repairs, install the new TV and blu-ray DVD player and make sure my printers were working properly. While we were working on that stuff, I got a call from Sandi wanting to know what are plans were for the day.  So it was decided that she would come on down here to the park and hang out and go swimming.  They hadn’t eaten yet so we went into Waco to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

IMG_0019  IMG_0020  IMG_0023

While waiting I just had to start playing with my new camera.  Sandi just couldn’t wait, but had to go over to Starbucks for a “Black Eye”, whatever that is. (She told me, but I forgot)

We all got the usual , nothing fancy. While waiting for our food we (the adults) played with our Smart Phones, Mary played with the games on the table and Charlie played with my IPad.. It reminded me of those commercials where everyone in the family was in their own little world on their electronic devices except that we were all doing that, butwere interacting with each other having a blast. 

  IMG_0024  IMG_0025

It seemed like the food came too fast.  From there we had to mosey on over to Home Depot to get the things that Ted would need to fix the underbelly and a piece of wood for mounting the TV.


When at HD, Ted is in his element. He used to work at HD in Rancho Cordova when he lived with me.

From there we went back home to go swimming.   The Park has a nice pool.  It was cold until you got used to it.  The only way to do it, is to do it all at once.  It’s better than getting splashed

. IMG_0036  IMG_0038  IMG_0039

It was getting a bit hot and we were getting to much sun, so we walked back to “My Spot” to hang out  for a while before Sandi and kids had to go back to Fort Worth.


Monday we were up early so Ted could finish doing the stuff that he planned on doing. Before it got too late.  I fixed an omelet filled with all kinds of good stuff for breakfast   It didn’t take him long to finish his stuff, so we decided to take off and see what we could see.  Costco was on the list along with getting him some new shorts.  We ended going north on IH 35 up through Waxahachie  and then west on IH 20.  Debra of Living in Grace has mentioned in her blog that she likes Cedar Hill State Park, so we decided to check it out since it was close by. It is a very nice park.  It also has an historical Farm, where they give tours.  Many of the campsites are concrete and looked pretty level.  The rest of them are paved.  I also talked with the Workamper coordinator about working there in the future.  It looks like a great place to work.  There are a lot of interesting  old farm machines laying around on Penn Farm and interpretive signs. 

IMG_0062  IMG_0055  IMG_0059

IMG_0067  IMG_0060  IMG_0058

IMG_0054  IMG_0048  IMG_0051 

I would certainly recommend this Texas State Park,with many sites near the lake.

We finally made it to Costco where I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse.  I can now connect the laptop to the new TV and have a bigger screen. The best part is that it isn’t as hot like the laptop is.  Ted found some shorts at the Outlet Mall in Arlington where we also had lunch at the food court.  Last place to go was the Camping World south of Fort Worth, to find out how long it would take to replace the roof.  I will be so happy to get these repairs out of the way.  I’m still waiting for the parts to come in.  Hopefully that will be next week.

That covers the rest of Ted’s visit.  We had a great time, but it was too short.

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IMG_0045I’m going to miss Ted.

Susan and Angel

Monday, September 24, 2012

Family and Friend Visit



Ted finally made it to Austin after 4 hour delay in Phoenix.  Before he got to Waco,  he called to ask me to meet him in Waco for dinner at the exact moment that I started to dial his number to ask him if he wanted me to meet him in Waco for dinner.  It was weird!!!  That isn’t the first time that that has happened,  Most of the time we seem to be to have the same thoughts at the same time.  My next door neighbor, Brad recommended Buzzard Billy’s, right on the Brazos River next to IH 35.  We enjoyed our meal, but mostly seeing each other again.  It has been over 6 months since he helped me drive “My Spot” to Phoenix.  We didn’t get back to the campground until after 10:00 pm.  Ted was really tired as he got up at 2:00 am to catch a 6:00 am flight.  Earlier in the week Ted had me watch out for a package that he had sent directly to the campground.  It came on Friday afternoon, so I brought it with to dinner.  I thought that it was for him, but it was really for me.  He bought me the new IPhone 5 for my birthday.  What a big surprise!  Thank you Ted, you are such a good son.

Saturday we left before 8:00 am to visit with one of Ted’s former science teacher and athletic trainer at Tempe HS.  We met him at a Mexican Restaurant in Argyle, just north of Fort Worth.  We had lunch with him and his son.  It had been about 15 years since they had seen each other.  They reminisced about the trip the Senior Class Football Team took to Australia for the Down Under Bowl.  They had a great time.  After about an hour or two we parted, promising to keep in touch, we headed south back to Fort Worth to meet up with Sandi, Mary and Charlie. 

Sandi called while we were on our way and said to meet her at Sam Moons where the girls had fun shopping and the boys kept Ms. Angel happy outside.   I didn’t buy much, just a silver necklace to replace one that broke earlier this summer, a couple of styluses for my I Pad, a new wallet and a  “thingy” to hold toiletries.

From there we went back to Sandi’s apartment to drop off Angel and leave her car and then headed to downtown FW to see the Cattle Drive that they have every day.  When that was over we walked around a bit just to see what we could see. 

 DSC01615  DSC01614DSC01613

           DSC01625    DSC01623


The next place she wanted to show us was the FW Water Gardens.  What a delightful place, right in the middle of downtown.

DSC01633  DSC01638

DSC01642 DSC01645

Ted took us all out to dinner to celebrate our birthdays at Bob’s Steak and Chops, in the Omni Hotel just across from the Water Gardens.  To begin with, we had a tower of Onion Rings and Calamari.  Ted had a T bone steak,  Sandi and I shared the Scallop dinner, Mary had a Half Duck, roasted with a red Wine Sauce, the first time for her and Charlie had the Apple Cider Glazed Pork Chops with Pan Fried Potatoes. Everyone enjoyed their own dinners even though we all tasted each others.  I don’t think that I like duck, but I love Scallops.  After dinner we took them home and headed back home. 



We had stopped at BestBuy on the way to FW to check out a new TV for “My Spot”, but didn’t get it then.  We would get it on the way home, which we did.  I got a 32” Panasonic, as well as a new mount and a Samsung Blu-ray DVD player.  One other thing that I have been wanting to get is a better camera that has a good telephoto lens.  I just haven’t been able to get decent pictures of wildlife.  I bit the bullet and bought a Canon Rebel T3,  Judy has been enjoying hers and I have another friend that has one and loves it.  This will really have a learning curve for me as I have not had an SLR camera before.  It was another long day for us, didn’t get home until after 10:00 pm.  Off to bed, tomorrow we would mount the TV and play with the camera.

Sunday will be in another post.

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Susan and Angel

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is Where I Work

Where has all the time gone?  Monday, I still hadn’t gotten my schedule, so I just worked Mindy’s.  She is the manager and just fills in when needed, mostly 4 until 7.   She has been doing things in the office while I worked in the front.   As the week progressed she would be doing other things like cleaning the pool, going to do other stuff, but still available by the phone.  I’m getting a little more comfortable with the processes.  I still am uncomfortable with figuring out which site to put people in.  They finally got the schedules done.  I will be working Friday and Saturday, starting next Sunday.

DSC01607  DSC01605  DSC01606

                This is where I work, reservations, some groceries and gift store

                       I may put some of my art in the store on consignment.

I did go back into Waco to check out the COE  gate keeper possibilities, they are mainly for couples because they are long hours and have to be bid on, as do other positions as well.  I got the paperwork to read.  I also wanted to check if Hobby Lobby had any linen paper, (no such Luck), but they did have the watercolor block which I prefer.  I also picked up a couple of things that I forgot at HEB.  

Another reason to go into Waco was to get a manicure and pedicure.  After four months of dirt, dust and wearing sandals I wanted a bit of pampering.   There is a nail salon near HEB on Waco Drive called Nails Time.  They just do nails and some waxing.   This is the first time that I have had a pedicure while getting a massage.  The chairs have their own foot bath and source of water, with drain.  (no carrying a tub of water out to dump.)   I don’t know his name, (who did my Med/Ped) or any one else’s, they didn’t speak much English.  the pedicure included getting my legs massaged and with the manicure, my arms massaged. I was so relaxed,  I will definitely will go back again.

Ted will be arriving tomorrow afternoon from San Francisco.  We will be going up to Fort Worth to visit Sandi and kids, as well as one of his former H. S. Teachers, who lives near there.  We may come back the same day, but may spend the night.  We figure that out later.  He will help me fix a couple of things here, but is mainly here for vacation.  Oh BTW, I  want to wish my daughter, Sandi a very Happy Birthday.  hummm , which one is it?  I won’t tell!


                                       Taken last year

There hasn’t been much going on this week, just working and shopping, getting pampered and getting ready for Ted’s visit.


                                   Also taken last year.

The eyes are closing, so it’s time for bed,   I hope that you all are having a great week.

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  IMG_0093  I’m ready Mom.

Susan and Angel

Monday, September 17, 2012

Errands, and Checking Out Waco


                                     scene from my back picture window

Saturday, Angel and I took off for Waco to run some errands.  I needed to get some more watercolor paper at  Michael’s.  Of course I couldn’t get out of there with out spending more  money.  I found some decorative storage boxes ( 40% off) to hold all the things that I work on daily, papers, paintings etc..  Two of them hold my DVDs and Cassettes.  Having them contained makes it easier to put away for when I’m ready to roll.  


Pet Smart was next on the list.  Angel was getting low on food and treats and needed a birdie fix  When I started Gate Guarding, I stocked up on her food and got enough for the summer, but now was the time to replenish the supply.  Fortunately I don’t have to get so much at one time.  


There isn’t a Costco  in Waco, but there is a Sam’s Club.  It wasn’t on the original plan, but I  thought I would see if they had any Protein Bars, as I ran out and haven’t found the ones that I like at Costco the last time I was there.  I found a couple of kinds that I haven’t tried before.  I like keeping some in my purse for when I’m out shopping, that way I don’t have to stop at a fast food place.  HEB was next.  I was looking for somewhere that has bulk foods.  No such luck, although I did find a silicone baking pan for making cake pops.  I just made 16 yellow cake pops in the microwave and froze them.  They turned out okay, but in the future I can coat them with Chocolate and Toppings  for a potluck or may be even sell them. 

  DSC01602  DSC01603

I also made some cookie dough,( oatmeal,raisin and walnut ), rolled into balls and froze them too.  One or two can be popped into the microwave for one minute when I want something sweet'.

Last on the list was Home Depot.  I wanted to get an 2”x8”x6’ pretreated wood  to use for leveling the 5ver.  Those plastic “Lego like” squares don’t work that well for my rig.  I had an 8’ board cut with 2 one foot pieces extra to put under my jacks.  Right now, the 5ver is not quite level side to side, but it will be okay until I get back with all the repairs done.

We got back to the park in the afternoon, to a light drizzle.  Angel went in her caged area to do her thing while I brought my grocery bags inside.  She goes in the same area, so it is easy pick up after her.  They are putting in a new Dog Area in park, but it isn’t finished yet, but she will  have to start taking me for walks soon.  I’m just waiting for my schedule to get into a new routine.

The rest of the day was spent listening to the rain, watching a bit of TV while I worked on a cross stitch project.  The frame is one of the things that I got at Michael’s.


Sunday, I decided to check out one of the Lutheran Churches in Waco.  I haven’t been able to go to a church for nearly 6 months, because of my Workamping and Gate Guarding.  I left Angel at home, but could have or should have brought her, because I was gone until after 5:00 pm and was cool all day, so I could have left her in the truck while I went to church.  I went to First Lutheran Church of Waco.  The church building is magnificent, 128 years old with absolutely beautiful stained glass windows.  (sorry, no pics)  The people were very friendly and welcoming.

When I left, I decided to check out the COE  Parks on Lake Waco.  Susan of Travel Bug mentioned site #60 that they were in at the Airport Park near the Waco Airport, so I wanted to check it out.  I can see why they enjoyed that site, right on  the lake.


Even in the rain it was nice.  I continued through the park and got a picture of a Blue Herron (I think).

DSC01591  DSC01593

        I just had to go around again to get another picture, it’s between the trees.

I continued around the lake and checked out the other three parks, Speegleville Park, Midway Park and Koehne Park.  The last seemed to be a Day Use Park, all the others have RV parking. They all had boat ramps available.  Of the ones with RV parking, Midway Park was the smallest, but was the closest to the city.  All were really nice.

It was getting a bit late, so I started for home, taking the streets that I haven’t been on before, to get to know the city better.  I did make a stop at Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart to pick some things that I forgot yesterday.  I also got a Music Bullet for my DVD player and it works great, much better than the one that I got last June at Best Buy and some PJ pants for winter.

DSC01598  DSC01601

                  music bullet                       also      three pair of warm pajama pants

Heading north on IH 35 all of a sudden traffic was backed up and people were getting off the freeway onto the frontage road where there was NO exit ramp.  Where was a cop?  The next exit was only a half mile with it’s own exit lane.  Fortunately that was the one that I needed to use,for Waco North RV Park.  I got home about 5:30 pm to a very happy furkid.  I made a salad for dinner, watched a bit of TV, did some cross stitch and called my sister to let her know what next weekend’s plans were.   I also talked to Debra of Living in Grace, for a while to set up a time to meet F to F.

It was getting late, so off to bed and much needed sleep.

I had a great weekend and looking forward to a great week too.

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DSC01588 Can I play with them?

Susan and Angel