Friday, September 14, 2012

New Beginning, New Location


                                              new site off the hill

Now that I’m here at the campground, it’s time to learn what my responsibilities are.  Sunday I shadowed Steve, who works just weekends.   I just sat and watched, listened and learned about the park and the area.  The rest my hours for the week I worked with Mindy, who is the manager.  She let me do things and answer the phone.  I did okay, but I am not that comfortable enough to stay by myself yet.  It will take time, although it has been slow, so it may take awhile.  I will be assigning sites, taking payment for the sites, both nightly and monthly.   Monthly tenants also pay for electricity and propane, so I will have to read meters, and collect those fees.  There is also a gift store with some groceries, ice and sometimes pizza.  Once I learn the process, it should be fairly simple.  It’s just a learning curve to get past.


Yes, I have moved to a new site, near the laundry room.  I was up at the top of the hill and it was rather windy and a bit noisier.  It was closer to the train and and closer to the Knights of Columbus Hall where they have a lot of activities and when there is a band, I could hear the load base sounds until the wee hours of the am.  I still hear them, but much of the sound is blocked by lots of trees.  A couple more reasons to change sites was because the WiFi antenna is located on the laundry room building.

I do have a W/D,but it uses a lot of electricity, and since we get $10.00 per week toward laundry, it just makes sense to use their laundry.   Yesterday morning I decided to take my laundry (mainly because of the comforters and linens) into West, TX to do it all at once, rather than do it here.  I had four months of a fine dust and dirt on everything, so I had quite a bit, (four machines and four dryers). We were supposed to get rain, so I wanted to get back before it started.  We didn’t get much, just a sprinkling, but the temperature has cooled off a lot.  That helps with the electric too.

No work today. and I still don’t know what my schedule will be, although they do know that I need to have the time off when Ted is here and we have to work around that.  My son called this morning to go over what we will be doing when he visits in a week.  I am really looking forward to his visit.  He will be arriving next Friday afternoon.  We will be going to Fort Worth to visit with  Sandi and one of his former H.S. teachers, who now lives near FW.  We also need to figure out when he can visit with his Aunt Evelyn.  He will be leaving Tuesday afternoon. It will be a busy weekend.

The rest of today was catch up with blog reading, a bit of TV and a just veg'ing.  I had my mail forwarded and it came yesterday, so today I have been taking care of odds and ends on the phone, The main thing that got done was paying my CA tax bill and making sure that my IRS bill was paid. Yea!!! I am debt free again.

Not much else is happening, so I hope that you all are having a great week.

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Hey Mom, Can I go too?  She’s sitting by the screen door.

Susan and Angel


  1. You'll have that routine down in a short time. Looking forward to hearing your new adventures.

  2. That really sounds like it will be a good situation for you. I bet it's more fun than gate guarding and probably a lot less dust too.

  3. So glad you are settled at your new gig & debt free again. Oh what a great feeling! We will head back to TX about the middle of Oct to GG. Looking forward to making money, but dread the mud & dust & not being able to go anywhere. All work & no play makes 2 grouchy 'ole (you can finish the rest of it!) Glad you got to spend time with your grandkids. We really miss our two. They traveled with us to Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island. On another trip to Yellowstone & all parts inbetween, besides shorter trips. How long will you be at this rv park? Where exactly are you incase we come by? Tom & Lynn

    1. I should be here for quite awhile. If you come south on IH 35, you would get off at exit 354 (the Marabele exit) and then go north on the frontage road on the east side of the interstate to Waco North RV Park. Just check in at the office. Let me know if you decide to stop by so that I will be here.

  4. Good to hear you got re-situated. I hope you enjoy your new position.

  5. Glad you were able to move to a better site. I'm sure you'll have the new routine figured out in no time. It doesn't seem that long ago that we met you in Phoenix and you were telling us about gate guarding. Now you're all done with that and are able to pay off those nasty taxes. Way to go!

  6. Glad you got moved down to the lower sight. It doesn't look that crowded with trees. Great news about being debt-free. You achieved your goal.

  7. Congrats on getting to move to a better spot, and an even bigger congrats on the official debt-free status! Woohoo! Woot, Woot! And all that! :)