Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Rest Of The Visit

It’s already Wednesday, Ted left yesterday to go back to San Francisco.  We decided to go to Best Buy to take back the mount for the TV, but stopped for breakfast at IHOP in Waco first.  I will miss having him here, but I’m getting a head of myself.  I believe I left off on Saturday evening, so here’s the rest of the weekend.

One of the things that Ted would help me with was to get the underbelly secured so that I can get back down to Camping World in New Braunfels for the completion of my repairs, install the new TV and blu-ray DVD player and make sure my printers were working properly. While we were working on that stuff, I got a call from Sandi wanting to know what are plans were for the day.  So it was decided that she would come on down here to the park and hang out and go swimming.  They hadn’t eaten yet so we went into Waco to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

IMG_0019  IMG_0020  IMG_0023

While waiting I just had to start playing with my new camera.  Sandi just couldn’t wait, but had to go over to Starbucks for a “Black Eye”, whatever that is. (She told me, but I forgot)

We all got the usual , nothing fancy. While waiting for our food we (the adults) played with our Smart Phones, Mary played with the games on the table and Charlie played with my IPad.. It reminded me of those commercials where everyone in the family was in their own little world on their electronic devices except that we were all doing that, butwere interacting with each other having a blast. 

  IMG_0024  IMG_0025

It seemed like the food came too fast.  From there we had to mosey on over to Home Depot to get the things that Ted would need to fix the underbelly and a piece of wood for mounting the TV.


When at HD, Ted is in his element. He used to work at HD in Rancho Cordova when he lived with me.

From there we went back home to go swimming.   The Park has a nice pool.  It was cold until you got used to it.  The only way to do it, is to do it all at once.  It’s better than getting splashed

. IMG_0036  IMG_0038  IMG_0039

It was getting a bit hot and we were getting to much sun, so we walked back to “My Spot” to hang out  for a while before Sandi and kids had to go back to Fort Worth.


Monday we were up early so Ted could finish doing the stuff that he planned on doing. Before it got too late.  I fixed an omelet filled with all kinds of good stuff for breakfast   It didn’t take him long to finish his stuff, so we decided to take off and see what we could see.  Costco was on the list along with getting him some new shorts.  We ended going north on IH 35 up through Waxahachie  and then west on IH 20.  Debra of Living in Grace has mentioned in her blog that she likes Cedar Hill State Park, so we decided to check it out since it was close by. It is a very nice park.  It also has an historical Farm, where they give tours.  Many of the campsites are concrete and looked pretty level.  The rest of them are paved.  I also talked with the Workamper coordinator about working there in the future.  It looks like a great place to work.  There are a lot of interesting  old farm machines laying around on Penn Farm and interpretive signs. 

IMG_0062  IMG_0055  IMG_0059

IMG_0067  IMG_0060  IMG_0058

IMG_0054  IMG_0048  IMG_0051 

I would certainly recommend this Texas State Park,with many sites near the lake.

We finally made it to Costco where I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse.  I can now connect the laptop to the new TV and have a bigger screen. The best part is that it isn’t as hot like the laptop is.  Ted found some shorts at the Outlet Mall in Arlington where we also had lunch at the food court.  Last place to go was the Camping World south of Fort Worth, to find out how long it would take to replace the roof.  I will be so happy to get these repairs out of the way.  I’m still waiting for the parts to come in.  Hopefully that will be next week.

That covers the rest of Ted’s visit.  We had a great time, but it was too short.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0045I’m going to miss Ted.

Susan and Angel


  1. Sounds like you had a good visit. You are going to have work done at CW in New Braunfels and CW in Ft Worth?

  2. The original work has to be completed in New Bruanfels and the roof damage that I did here will be done in Ft. Worth after the first one is done. They too will have to order the parts and it is a lot closer

  3. Black Eye - Fresh brewed Pikes Roast with a shot of Espresso
    RED EYE - Fresh brewed Pikes Roast with TWO shots of Espresso\

    MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know that ya'll came back up here on Monday!!! You should have told me... I would have left work early to get more time in! When you are back up here to get the other repairs done let me know so I can see you again! I'm sure I'll see you soon like in two weeks or so lol.
    The outlet mall that you went to was in Grand Prairie and it's BRAND NEW (as in only a month old) over off of I20.
    I'm SO glad that Ted came out... I missed him SO MUCH!!! I LOVE MY BABY BROTHER!!!

  4. First I just have to say, what a sweet, loving family you have. And LOL on the red eye/black eye. Had no idea and I LOVE Starbucks! And Ted did a great job on the TV, etc. What a blessing your family is!

    It is really odd to be sitting in your living room writing on your blog. You will get off work in a few minutes and Angel, me, Nonni and Bentley will be very happy to see you.

    I'm glad you enjoyed CHSP. We'll have to go again sometime. :)