Monday, September 10, 2012

It’s About Time


                                   View from my door this morning.

Yes, Time.  It takes time to recuperate from whatever gets you down, lack of uninterrupted sleep, frustrations, insurance companies, RV repairs, new job, new site, and the list goes on and on and on.  You all know what I mean!  For taking this long to enter another post, that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it.

Now, let’s see, where did I leave off, oh yeah, I was back at Travelers World in San Antonio and headed for bed.

Wednesday, I had an appointment at Camping World to replace my awning for one that was automatic with a wind sensor. My appointment was at 11:00 am.  I left TW at about 8:30 am and of course hit rush hour traffic thru SA.  That’s okay just stay in the middle lane and watched out for those poor guys that are still in the rat race.  I got to CW before my appointment time and called Colleen (Travelling with Longdogs). We would be going out for breakfast, we ended up at Denny’s.


I spoke with Glenn (he would be my service advisor) at CW.  We set up all the things that had to be done regarding the damage that I did when I tangled with the rocks and building at TW.  There was a lot of stuff that they had to do, but most important was fixing the sewer connection damage and rear side clearance light, removing the damaged awning above the long slide and making sure that the slide worked, along with the new awning installation ASAP.  It would take all day---minimum!!!


Thank you, Colleen, not only for breakfast, but for riding along while I got my truck cleaned,  for showing me around town and Canyon Lake campgrounds and spending the whole day with me.  .  

  DSC01564  DSC01565  

        Now you know where Angel was.        Four months of SW TX dust and dirt---GONE!

BTW, Colleen, after we talked, I got an email from Philip Anderson (Army Core of Engineers) informing me that all their workamper positions were filled for this Winter/Spring season. Maybe another season will be available for Potter’s Creek at Canyon Lake.


Yes, it took the whole day and then some. Much of the time was taken by communication with getting insurance estimates and approvals.  I spent the night just outside of the CW Service Bay, plugged in to their electric.


In the morning we were greeted by Errol who worked on the awning and the clearance light.  Mike worked on the sewer connection (no pic).  Remember that most of the work that they were doing was unscheduled and they were trying to get me out and on the road so that I could start my new job. 

Since I had to wait, I went in search of a bakery that Colleen had told me about.  I retraced our tracks and missed that turnoff, but did find the way back another way, enjoying the scenery along the Guadalupe River.  I finally found the Oldest bakery in Texas, DSC01571 .  They even have a drive thru, but I went in and loaded up on some goodies that I would freeze for later.  It was all yummy.

I also went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and loaded some money onto a gift card so that I could take advantage of 10 cents off each gallon of fuel when I filled the truck.  Instead of $3.779 it was $3.679 / gal.

I made it back to CW and took Angel for a walk and check on how things were progressing.  I was happy to find that the slide still worked,  that was definitely a relief.

They finished everything that they could by the end of Thursday, but it was kind of late, so I spent another night there and left Friday morning after settling up with what I had to pay. I will have to return when all the ordered parts come in, in a couple of weeks.

Friday,   I left CW after 9:00 am, with a warning to expect horrendous traffic going through Austin and that I may want to take the toll road.  I had all day to get to Waco North RV Park, so decided to not spend more money, and stayed on I35.  It was a pleasant surprise to just sail right on through Austin with light traffic.  The Traffic Gods were smiling on me there, but they must have had a little chuckle when I went through Waco.  Let’s see how she handles road construction.  I handled that pretty well and thanked them for having the big rig accident in Temple, TX on the south bound lanes.  That backup was over ten miles long.  Once I got off the freeway, with all the road construction, getting into the Park was a bit challenging, but I managed okay. 

100_2460      100_2461

                                        Waco North RV Park Office

  100_2466  100_2465

          “My Spot”,  Angel is that little spot in the middle of the picture.

                       You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

100_2467      100_2462

                            Taken from back of RV, different directions

I went in, registered and was led to my current site.  I may change sites later.  Once I was set up, I went back to the office where I met Mindy who is the manager and she went over a little bit about the park.  Their weeks start on Sunday, so we arranged for me to shadow others the first week and then we will get me on the schedule.

Sunday, I worked with Steve for 6 hours, with him explaining what he was doing.  I met a couple of the long term residents and find that it  should be a fairly easy gig.

That should get you all caught up on what’s up with Susan and Angel, except for Saturday when my daughter and G-kids came for a visit.  more on that later.

It’s been a lot cooler,so I have turned off the A/C and turned on the fantastic fans.  The door is open and the awning works, so I think that I will go out and enjoy this great weather. 

Thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel


  1. I find being in repair shops rather nerve wracking, and am always happy to put them in my rear view mirror. :)

  2. I'm so jealous you are able to shop at HEB! I might have to send a list for Central Market! Enjoy your time in Waco.

    1. I agree, but I still have to go back for them to finish the work.

    2. Mommy... Central Market is right down the road from me HINT HINT!

  3. I'm happy to hear you are getting some rest. GG'ing can take it out of you when you're the only one to open the gate at all hours.

    Naegelin's Bakery! We must go there when you visit at the end of Sept. That place is amazing, yummy. Unlike most other bakeries today, the baked goods taste like those my family of German bakery owners made. (My mom's cousin still owns a bakery in Besenfeld, Germany.)

    You have an amazing ability to recover from mishaps.

    The other Susan A.

    1. Sounds like a plan to me. See you in a few weeks.

  4. P.S. You might try for a workamping position at one of the COE parks at Waco Lake. While you have a day off, go check out Airport Park, and there are, I think, two or three other COE parks on Waco Lake.

    We loved Airport Park!

  5. Glad to see you made it okay and got set-up. I really enjoyed our day together. Hope to see you again soon.

    1. I'll let you know when I'll be in town in a few weeks.

  6. Boy, you really had a rough time with the little "ouches". Glad you are all fixed up. You have a very nice rig, enjoy your auto awing