Monday, September 17, 2012

Errands, and Checking Out Waco


                                     scene from my back picture window

Saturday, Angel and I took off for Waco to run some errands.  I needed to get some more watercolor paper at  Michael’s.  Of course I couldn’t get out of there with out spending more  money.  I found some decorative storage boxes ( 40% off) to hold all the things that I work on daily, papers, paintings etc..  Two of them hold my DVDs and Cassettes.  Having them contained makes it easier to put away for when I’m ready to roll.  


Pet Smart was next on the list.  Angel was getting low on food and treats and needed a birdie fix  When I started Gate Guarding, I stocked up on her food and got enough for the summer, but now was the time to replenish the supply.  Fortunately I don’t have to get so much at one time.  


There isn’t a Costco  in Waco, but there is a Sam’s Club.  It wasn’t on the original plan, but I  thought I would see if they had any Protein Bars, as I ran out and haven’t found the ones that I like at Costco the last time I was there.  I found a couple of kinds that I haven’t tried before.  I like keeping some in my purse for when I’m out shopping, that way I don’t have to stop at a fast food place.  HEB was next.  I was looking for somewhere that has bulk foods.  No such luck, although I did find a silicone baking pan for making cake pops.  I just made 16 yellow cake pops in the microwave and froze them.  They turned out okay, but in the future I can coat them with Chocolate and Toppings  for a potluck or may be even sell them. 

  DSC01602  DSC01603

I also made some cookie dough,( oatmeal,raisin and walnut ), rolled into balls and froze them too.  One or two can be popped into the microwave for one minute when I want something sweet'.

Last on the list was Home Depot.  I wanted to get an 2”x8”x6’ pretreated wood  to use for leveling the 5ver.  Those plastic “Lego like” squares don’t work that well for my rig.  I had an 8’ board cut with 2 one foot pieces extra to put under my jacks.  Right now, the 5ver is not quite level side to side, but it will be okay until I get back with all the repairs done.

We got back to the park in the afternoon, to a light drizzle.  Angel went in her caged area to do her thing while I brought my grocery bags inside.  She goes in the same area, so it is easy pick up after her.  They are putting in a new Dog Area in park, but it isn’t finished yet, but she will  have to start taking me for walks soon.  I’m just waiting for my schedule to get into a new routine.

The rest of the day was spent listening to the rain, watching a bit of TV while I worked on a cross stitch project.  The frame is one of the things that I got at Michael’s.


Sunday, I decided to check out one of the Lutheran Churches in Waco.  I haven’t been able to go to a church for nearly 6 months, because of my Workamping and Gate Guarding.  I left Angel at home, but could have or should have brought her, because I was gone until after 5:00 pm and was cool all day, so I could have left her in the truck while I went to church.  I went to First Lutheran Church of Waco.  The church building is magnificent, 128 years old with absolutely beautiful stained glass windows.  (sorry, no pics)  The people were very friendly and welcoming.

When I left, I decided to check out the COE  Parks on Lake Waco.  Susan of Travel Bug mentioned site #60 that they were in at the Airport Park near the Waco Airport, so I wanted to check it out.  I can see why they enjoyed that site, right on  the lake.


Even in the rain it was nice.  I continued through the park and got a picture of a Blue Herron (I think).

DSC01591  DSC01593

        I just had to go around again to get another picture, it’s between the trees.

I continued around the lake and checked out the other three parks, Speegleville Park, Midway Park and Koehne Park.  The last seemed to be a Day Use Park, all the others have RV parking. They all had boat ramps available.  Of the ones with RV parking, Midway Park was the smallest, but was the closest to the city.  All were really nice.

It was getting a bit late, so I started for home, taking the streets that I haven’t been on before, to get to know the city better.  I did make a stop at Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart to pick some things that I forgot yesterday.  I also got a Music Bullet for my DVD player and it works great, much better than the one that I got last June at Best Buy and some PJ pants for winter.

DSC01598  DSC01601

                  music bullet                       also      three pair of warm pajama pants

Heading north on IH 35 all of a sudden traffic was backed up and people were getting off the freeway onto the frontage road where there was NO exit ramp.  Where was a cop?  The next exit was only a half mile with it’s own exit lane.  Fortunately that was the one that I needed to use,for Waco North RV Park.  I got home about 5:30 pm to a very happy furkid.  I made a salad for dinner, watched a bit of TV, did some cross stitch and called my sister to let her know what next weekend’s plans were.   I also talked to Debra of Living in Grace, for a while to set up a time to meet F to F.

It was getting late, so off to bed and much needed sleep.

I had a great weekend and looking forward to a great week too.

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DSC01588 Can I play with them?

Susan and Angel


  1. Glad to hear that Angel just got to look at the birds and you didn't purchase. Seems like you are getting settled in. Are you working on your own yet?

    1. Kind of, Sort of, I'm working the desk, but Mindy is in the office if I have ??? Or need help.

  2. What a great couple of days. It's fun to explore.

    How did you like Speegleville Park on Lake Waco? It's the newest one.


    1. Speegle ville is smaller than Airport with more trees. It is also near the Marina.

  3. You sound more relaxed. Nice to have more time to explore now. One thing that I want to make sure is that we find a place to worship on the road. May have to try new denominations!

    1. I just googled Lutheran churches near whatever city I will be at.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, but don't tell her that she is a dog.

  5. Glad you are enjoying Waco, it's a neat town.

  6. I had to laugh at your reply above to Tammy. :) Bentley knows he's a dog - he just doesn't like it. And Nonni doesn't care what you call her as long as you call her for dinner. LOL.

    I didn't know you x-stitched! So do I. Haven't done it since my surgery and it's been calling to me lately. Just dug out some patterns today. Too funny. See you soon!