Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting to Know the Grand Kids

                          A First, for me.  Two entries in one day. WOW!


                                                  Charlie and Mary

Yes, The kids are GRAND.  I think that I like to deal with teenagers best.  They are old enough to reason with, and most are usually open to learning new things.  When I was teaching, it was Jr. High and High School kids that I taught.  In Jr. High, I felt like more light bulbs went off and they’re more fun.   I haven’t been around Mary or Charlie much since they moved to TX from AZ.  They have really grown up a lot and are very smart.  Mary is carrying a full load of high school classes plus a couple of college classes.  Charlie on the other hand thoroughly surprised me by setting up both of my televisions to the local stations when I had a couple of other people (adults) try and couldn’t figure out my audio system.   He also hooked up my radio and connected them to my surround sound.  He also did some other stuff for me that required a bit of muscle.  Thank you, Charlie!


Sandi, (daughter #2) and kids came down from Ft. Worth for the day.  We just hung out and visited for a while and then went into Waco in search of the Sprint Store.  We found it, but they were out of the Bluetooth  headset that I wanted.  We did find a Dollar Store nearby where I picked up some silk flowers for my planter.

                                      IMG_0088 my new garden. 

Gotta have flowers, even if they are silk, just a bit of color to see when I look out the door.

From there we went to a water kiosk were Mary and Charlie had a race to see who could fill the jug fastest, close, and put in the truck without spilling the water.  I’m not sure who won, you’d have to ask Sandi, but they had fun doing it.  It doesn’t take much to entertain them. 


By this time we were getting a bit hungry, so we hunted (on the internet) for a place to eat.  We ended up going back to West, TX to Czech American Restaurant on Main Street.  The food was okay, but the pea salad and sauerkraut were really good.  Sandi and I shared the Pork Chop Special and both of us took home leftovers.   Mary had the Butterflied Shrimp and Charlie had the Chicken Fried Steak.


  DSC01582  DSC01586  DSC01585


                         James was our server and had fun with the kids.

We started to head back home, but just HAD to stop at the Czech Bakery, another place that has yummy baked goods.  I have to stay away from this store if I want to reach my weight goal by the end of the year. !!!!!!!


Before leaving the two of them were busy doing something out on the picnic table by flashlight.  Hummmmm, I wonder what they are up to.  After packing up the pictures (that Sandi is sending to my nephew in WI) and puppy ( Sandi’s fur kid, Pippa), they headed home to Ft.Worth.  I will be seeing them in a couple of weeks when my son, Ted comes for a visit.


In the morning I found out what they were doing.  They left little notes taped to places inside to give me hints to find what they left for me.  They each had signed and drew things on  Happy Grandparents Day Cards.  I found them in the freezer and medicine chest.    Thank you  Mary and Charlie!!!!

                                               Aren’t kids GRAND?

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  1. How sweet of them! Nice you could spend some time with them.

  2. Great post and pictures. So nice that you got to spend some time with the grands. It's funny how the kids can understand all the electronic devices so easily. Guess it's cuz they grew up with them.

  3. Sounds like a great time and great kids. I like that they left you messages for Grandparents Day.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the day with family. Your freezer must be getting full of German and Czech bakery goods. I think you will have to invite neighbors over for coffee and baked goods.

  5. What wonderful GRANDkids! That is so great. And I'm glad that you are getting to enjoy some much needed R&R. Ah yes, the famous Czech Bakery. Makes me drool just thinking about it. :)