Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good , Bad , and It Is What It Is

Monday,    I hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day

That is the day that I had planed on leaving and it started early, 12;29 am.  I had tankers coming and going all morning, spaced just far enough apart that I wasn’t able to get any sleep.  I was already to leave inside.  I just had to dump the tanks and hook up the 5th wheel.  Johnny was there to help and the new gate guard helped as well.  Thank you Johnny and Ray.  It was a different couple that took over that I expected.  This will be the third year for Ray and Barbara (I think that is her name) .  I just turned over the log sheets and reference phone numbers and I was out of there by 11:45 am. 


                                        So long South Texas

My truck was filthy and Johnny said if I stopped by the shop, he would power wash it to get all that dirt off, no soap, just water, not totally clean, but better.  I didn’t wait for Johnny, but Roger’s dad rinsed it off for me.   I took Hwy 85 (kind of a rough road because of all the truck traffic)  over to I 35.  I stopped at an HEB store to fill up the truck with diesel at $3.879. and continued on to San Antonio.  I would be staying at Travelers World where Susan and Bob of Travel Bug were staying.  The trip there was just fine, no problem finding the Park.  Now this is when it becomes a not so pleasant adventure, involving tow trucks, service departments and insurance companies.

While looking for Susan’s site in the park, I didn’t see some big rocks on the side of the street.and hit them, causing some damage to “My Spot”.  The sewer pipe and the dust cap on one of the wheels broke.  Okay, I would be at Camping World on Wednesday anyway, so I can get it fixed then.  I didn’t need the sewer connection anyway, electricity is al that I needed.  Nothing to get upset about, things happen!!!!      Susan and I drove up to the office to get a packet as they were closed on Labor Day, I would just register in the morning and pay the Passport America price then.  Now things get even more interesting.  I was going to make a left turn and was turning wide, just a bit too wide and hit the corner of the office in such a way, so that if I went forward or backward, I would cause more damage.  I was STUCK!  I called Coach Net, my roadside service provider and they sent someone out right away,but this was something that he couldn’t handle, so they sent out another truck with some dollies and jacks.  They had to jack up the fifth wheel, put a dolly under each tire and move it over about a foot so that I would be able to drive it.  There was quite a bit of damage.  The hardware for the awning over the large slide was broken and some of the molding on the slide is affected.  Now would be a good time to get upset, but I didn’t, which surprised me.  I’m just taking it in stride, one more thing for Camping World to take a look at.  I couldn’t do anything about it until Wednesday, so one of the drivers drove it for me and they parked the rig and helped me get set up.  One of them bungeed the awning so that it wouldn’t come loose when I was driving.  I can’t say enough good things about Coach Net.  Every time that I have needed them, they have come through for me and everyone has been helpful, caring and pleasant.

                                Travelers World, San Antonio, TX

  100_2451  100_2448

      shower building and playground                                  my site (89)

After I was all set up and only the bedroom slid out, I took a long hot shower in the park’s shower,  The building was right across from my site (site 89). I really needed one and it felt sooooooo good.   I met with Susan and we went out for dinner, (Bob was still at work)

  100_2445   100_2443

       Nicha’s Restaurant                              Susan and Susan

We ate at Nicha’s Mexican Restaurant about a half mile south of the RV Park.  Susan had a taco salad and I got adventurous and had the chicken mole. It was very good.

  100_2442  100_2441

The mole sauce had chocolate in it,  You could taste just a hint of it.  When we got back from dinner, I thought that I might go swimming as it was only 7:30 pm, but Susan convinced me that it would be better to just go to bed, since I had been up since almost midnight.  She was right.  I think I was asleep when my head hit the pillow.  I was awake by 5:00 am, but didn’t get up until nearly 10:00 am.


When I got up I took Angel for a walk and we went up to the office to register.  While there, I met Debby who works at the park, but also is a “pet specialist”.  I had mentioned that I was thinking about taking Angel to a “Doggie Spa”., but instead I decided to let Debby give her a bath and trim her nails.  She also watched her for me for the time Susan and I went to the River Walk.  Susan and I drove into town and parked Mall parking lot. ( a bit expensive, but was comparable to parking in San Francisco by Fisherman’s Warf )  From there we walked down the river and walked a bit until we figured out how to catch the Rio Taxi. 

  DSC01522  DSC01521

                                            No, Sandra, I didn’t fall in.

Before catching the Rio Taxi, we decided to eat first as neither one of us had breakfast.  There are so many different restaurants, but we chose Dick’s Last Resort.


     DSC01530      DSC01528      DSC01524

     menu on the ceiling                                          one side of the regular menu


      Susan, here’s the promised picture of our waiter, John, flirting with you.

We shared the spiced “Crabby Cakes” so that we could have ice cream later.  They were good.


We paid a bit extra for the taxi rather than the tour boats, because we could get on and off and it also goes where the tour boat doesn’t go.  They even had umbrellas to shade us from the sun.  It was hot and we were sweaty.  It would have been nice to sit on a towel instead of vinyl seats.


                       We found a shady spot to wait for the Taxi


                The following are pictures taken while on the Rio Taxi

  DSC01532  DSC01537


                                             I liked the name of this store

 DSC01542  DSC01546

        the only know river locks in TX            fish hanging from a bridge, illuminated at night


                                                  the Grotto

 DSC01554  DSC01555

            one of many waterfalls                        one of the many bridges with artwork


     Café de’ Artiste, where we had lemonade to cool off,  we didn’t wait to take advantage   of the free admission after 4:00 pm.  (we were told that it was at 3;00 pm)


DSC01557  DSC01561

   larger view of a fish under the bridge                   went through the lock again

It was getting late, so when we got back to the mall, we went to the car and headed back to Travelers World.   We picked up Angel (I had to take here back after she got settled down to have Debby do her nails, she just squirmed too much- I would have to hold her), I had left overs for dinner and later met Susan and Bob at the pool.  Bob and I took advantage of the hot tub, (it felt really good), then hopped into the pool.  We all visited for quite a while enjoying the company and conversation.  They headed on home, but I stayed to do a few laps and then went on home too.  I took Angel out to do her thing before going to bed. 

All in all it was an enjoyable day.  Tomorrow is another day. 

A big Thank You goes out to Terry, the manager of Travelers World,  He did NOT charge me for Monday night and used my Passport America discount for Tuesday night.

This is getting to be a rather long post, so I will wait until tomorrow as to what happens at Camping World on Wednesday.  So Long for Now.

Thanks for visiting

DSC01564 Guess where I’m at.

Susan and Angel


  1. Way too much excitement for my nerves. I would have been in tears.

    1. Tears wouldn't have helped. It is what it is, so I just have to deal with it.

  2. So sorry to hear about your 'oops'. Hopefully everything will be worked out for you and the rest of your trip will be uneventful :)

  3. So sorry to hear about your mishaps! Guess we all will have some if we move around a lot; the law of percentages will just catch up with us at some point. I'm glad you are there with friends and that you've had some much deserved fun time. Thanks for the photos of the River Walk; that's a "home ground" for me. I've made some very precious memories there!

  4. I'm proud of you taking things the way you have.With all the problems you've had. You'll find if you try not to get upset things will go better. Getting upset does not get you anywhere except to get sick. I'm glad you had a good time on the River. Take care Love Evelyn

  5. FYI mom Mole sause is a chocolate chile sause. So yes it has chocolate in it. I'm glad to hear you got to your new location safely.

    Love ya,

  6. You are amazing. I love how you handle things. The River Walk is awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Was it your first time there. I'm also glad you've got friends and good roadside service to look after you. Wow.

    1. Yep, 1st time. We had a great time. I want to go back, but earlier in the day when it is a bit cooler. BTW I love the new "do".

  7. Meant to say too... I'm glad you got some rest and I bet Angel LOVED the personal pampering. :)

    1. She was happy when I got there to pick her up, she's such a Momma's girl, just spoiled.