Saturday, April 27, 2013

In Rehab

I have been in rehab since last Wednesday night.  It was a good decision to be here.  I'm getting the care and instructions that I need.  My days have been very busy, mostly in the morning and then having breaks as I need them. I have a team that all work together to determine the best path to take. Every Tuesday they try to come up with a tentative discharge date.

I'm working on Core issues, building strength and stability.  Goals are set, short term and long term. One was to make sure that I had a BM.  I know, TMI.   That finally happened after nearly a full week.  We were all getting concerned.  Just one of many successes!

Here it is Saturday and I get a visit from Sandi and Angel.   Angel was soooo happy.  I had to go outside of course, although it was a bit chilly.  

This is just a short update.  I've given up on trying to post pics.
I hope that you are all having a great weekend.

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Susan and Angel

Thursday, April 25, 2013

In My New Home

                                       2002 Four Winds Windsport 34K
                                               New and Old Homes
We were in bed  fairly early Friday,.so that we could get hooked up and trade in the 5er in the morning.  There was a storm over night that woke me up.  Oh great! that’s all we need!  Since I was up early I got everything prepared the rig for transport, even fixed breakfast before Sandi got up.  Once she had her coffee and it was light outside and fortunately it stopped raining we started the hook up process for the last time.  It was 9:30 by the time we pulled in to McClain’s RV  lot. We thought that we could get started on the transfer, but we had to get some paper work done first and for some reason I had forgotten to pull out the titles. DUH !!!  Of course I would have to get the slides out to locate them.  Finally we got both vehicles side by side to begin the transfer.  I knew that I had a lot of STUFF, but I had to make some drastic decisions and PURGE as I went.  I am so glad that Sandi was there to help.  It was more like I was there to help her.  Since we got a late start, it wouldn’t  happen in one day.  Russ said that if we didn’t want it to just leave it and they would take care of it even donate it some where.  So I got rid of a lot of Christmas STUFF, some clothes and a lot of kitchen STUFF and a lot of miscellaneous STUFF.  Ya think there is a theme here!!!!!!!!
                                                    Total Chaos
                               That's Corey working on a drain issue.
Russ had just removed the recliner that came with MH, so one of the first things that we did was to get my Lazy Boy moved over.  I knew it could be done, because I moved it into the 5er by myself, but Sandi wasn’t sure. Although the door on MH is a little narrower, we managed to get it in. Some things made  it, but had to go back, just wouldn’t work or find a home. 
Poor Sandi, she was really frustrated and constantly on me about getting rid of the STUFF.  I don’t mind getting rid of things but I would rather that some one could use it.  Sandi knows a lot of people that could use a lot of different things, so they would find a good home.  Thank you Sandi, I don’t think that I could have done it by myself.  No tears shed but but coffee was needed.  I’m also glad that it didn’t rain, but the grass was wet and Sandi took the out side rug and covered the area between the rigs and it was not going to make the cut.
Time was getting short and I still hadn’t driven the MH.  Russ was finally able to get away and we secured what we could and took a test drive.  We headed south on 35W past the MH park where I had left my chairs and and some outside things.  There is a really nice rest area just north of the Bethesda Exit where we would head back north on 35W.  I took over at the rest area and did well.  Piece of cake!!!  It is so much easier to drive and when we got back to McClain’s/Camping World campground, I backed it in to the site first try.  When we got back we continued the process.  We still hadn’t moved over the kitchen.and Sandi had to get home.  We were both exhausted!!!!  I did a  bit more before I succumbed to sleep.
So that was Saturday.  More on the Big Transfer on Sunday.
I hope that you all had a Blessed Easter.
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IMG_0641 Come on in to my new home.
Susan and Angel

Transfer Day # 2 and # 3 and # 4

While Sandi was go I went over to the 5er to empty cabinets and start to  transfer the kitchen STUFF.  The MH has quite a bit of inside storage, although not as much as the 5er.  So as I transferred , I also purged a lot.  Out of date / in the trash.  If it was glass, it didn’t make the cut. 
Sandi would be back after church to help again.  When she got here I took some pictures with her phone of her Easter finery.  Then she changed  clothes and we got back to work.  We finished transferring  everything except the flat screen TV and the W/D.  Russ would take care of that later.  We locked the 5er and got everything secure and headed south to the campground.   For some reason I didn’t have any turn signals or 4 way flashers.  So we would have to go back on Monday.  We got everything hooked up and turned on the water in the kitchen to wash our hands and  then we had a flood on the floor.  NOT a good thing.  Sandi called Russ at home and he said to bring it back in.  So that’s what we did, UN  hooked and drove back to McClain’s.  I backed it in again with no problems hooked up the power and water and spent the night.  Sandi had to go home.
So while I had to wait to be seen in the morning, I continued to find homes for the things that I had and continued to purge. 
                             At least I can see the table and counter.
Corey came over to find the source of the flood.  Evidently a connector popped off the drain pipe.  He was able to re-connect it and then secured the hoses to the wall of the slide so there wouldn’t be so much stress on the connection when the slide moves.  He then found a loose wire under the dash and fixed that.  I had some other questions about some of the things that Daren went over in the PDI, so helped with those. 
Since I have problems using the TV antenna on the ceiling, I asked Russ what it would low take to replace it with one that I wouldn’t have to raise or lower and if they could do it right away.   Russ offered to use his employee discount to save me some money and of course I accepted the offer.  They installed it in the afternoon.  (It’s a JACK Digital HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna with built-in SureLock Digital TV Signal Meter)  I turned over the keys to Russ  and he also took out the flat screen TV out of the 5er and I put it on the bed in the MH until I can replace the ones that are currently in the MH.  There were a couple of minor things that needed to be done, but it was late and the techs had all left, so I stayed one more night.  In the morning I would settle up the bill and finish the last couple of things that needed to be done.
I had a bit of a scare last night.  I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  There were some storms going through during the night and Angel was laying with me.  Sometime during the night she got up and left me.  I called her and NO answer.  I knew that she was inside, but I couldn’t find her.  I kept calling her, beginning to panic.  I had looked everywhere, from the bedroom to under the dash, in her tent and crate, just EVERYWHERE.  I went back to the bedroom calling louder.  Then all of a sudden I see this little black nose push it’s way out from below a mountain of pillows as if to say, “What do you want?  I was nice and comfy here!”
That brings us to today.  Here it is, Tuesday.  Of course they had to work me in, because, I wasn’t on any schedule, but eventually I got everything that I needed and paid for the TV antenna installation.  I got out of there before 11:00 am, just in time for another thunder storm to roll through.  Okay now I have the experience of driving in the rain or should I say a gully-washer.  I took my time and pulled into the CG about 20 minutes later and sat for a while until the rain let up.  When it did I went outside to hook up everything.  WOW, it is soooooo much easier.  It only took maybe ten minutes.  The only things that I have to figure out again is the leveling jacks and setting up the TV.
So I’m settled in for a couple of days and then Sandi will pick me  up to take me to the hospital for my pre-op check up on Thursday.  Charlie will come back with me to spend the weekend to help me go through the outside storage.  I will try to purge more STUFF.  Hopefully we will have some decent weather or we will do more inside.  Now that I have full-timing for almost two years, I know what use all the time and now that I know how much room I have, I can get a better handle on what stays or goes.  I will have most of it done before I go in for surgery on the 22nd.  After that I can go through papers, which is what I usually put off until “tomorrow”.
I think that I will fix something for dinner and maybe continue to figure out the TV.
Take care and stay dry.
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IMG_0640 Hey Mom, here I am, but do I have to come?
Susan and Angel

Help From G-Son, More Sorting and More Purging

Here it is already Saturday, a week from first day in my new home, (My Spot II).  Thursday Sandi picked me up to take me to the hospital for my pre-op visit, blood work, EKG, interview and paperwork.  That is out of the way.  She then picked up Pippa, her little Chihuahua from the Vet. She had her spayed and micro-chipped. 
                                   Pippa and her Elizabethan collar.
Then it was to pick up Charlie from school and his guitar from home.  After a trip to HEB for groceries, we made it home to the MH.  Angel was sooooo excited because I was home.  She did her thing while we brought the groceries.  Charlie would be spending the weekend with me to help with the additional purging and sorting.  We really didn’t feel like digging into the basement storage, so we just hung out, had dinner (leftover Italian Sausage and Macaroni and cheese)  We were both tired and went to bed early.
                    Bedroom is done. That’s all my babies by the pillows.
Friday morning  we made breakfast together, scrambled eggs and peppers with ham. It was good.  It was a bit chilly, so we waited a while to get started on the outside storage. In the meantime we got my laundry together and Charlie helped by carrying it over to the laundry room for me.  When we got there all four machines were in use, so we went back home.  For the next 20 minutes we got started on the basement and we went back to start the laundry.  I finished the laundry and then got busy sorting, purging and rearranging the outside compartments.  There really is a lot of outside storage, it was a matter of finding a place that was convenient for what I will need  when I need it and where to put things that are not used all the time, but still needed.  We got a lot accomplished and stopped after finishing the passenger side, leaving the driver’s side for Today.  We spent the rest of the evening watching TV.  There is a bit more to go through what is inside, but it is stuff that he can’t help me with and I will have plenty of time after surgery to decide what I want to keep or what I will really use.  I still have quite a bit of art related things that will probably have to find a new home.
We finished the driver’s side in less than an hour.  We actually found an empty compartment.  So for the most part, I am finished and will probably still do a bit of tweaking on the inside. 
One of my neighbors, Russell came over and the three of us chatted for a couple of hours.  Evidently he has also lived in Chicago, so had a lot to talk about. 
Charlie is multi-tasking, watching the Texas Rangers / Angels game and playing with his Kindle Fire.
We’re done and just hanging out.  Sandi will pick Charlie up tomorrow.
I hope that you all are having a great weekend.
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IMG_0525 My new perch on the dashboard, only when not moving, otherwise I’m in my crate or harness.
Susan and Angel

Inspection, Back to the Dealer, and New Location

Last Sunday, Charlie had breakfast and just hung out until Sandi and Mary came.  It was nice to have Charlie around.  He was very helpful and it was good to get to know him better.  I hope that he wasn’t too bored and got to know me a little bit better too.
Then Monday I had a required inspection from stem to stern of my MH for an extended warranty.  The inspector was from Easy Care.  Since the MH is a 2002 model that usually doesn’t qualify, they made an exception, hence the inspection.  No problems, everything passed.  Every time that I drive it, or I talk with and inspector or a service person, I learn a little bit more about the coach.  One thing that I have noticed, is that the stability when driving it, is different than towing.  The body rolls a little.  You can feel the  side to side motion more, but that is supposed to be normal.  It takes a bit of getting used to it.  He went over everything with me, but we couldn’t find a key for the outside storage.  In the meantime I have started a list of all the things that need to be fixed.
With all the rain that we had two of the windows leaked, back bedroom and kitchen.
Blinds over the sofa wouldn’t stay up.
The plastic cover in front of the steering wheel crack didn’t stay fixed.
A couple of strips near the floor needed to be tacked.
There’s a cut in the linoleum that needs to be glued.
Need to sort all the keys and get new ones for the basement compartments.
That’s all the little stuff, then there’s the big stuff. 
W/D needs to be installed.
Entry door has to be replaced.
The door hasn’t come in yet and won’t be here until after I have had the surgery.  Since I won’t be able to drive, Russ will come and drive the MH back to have it installed. 
I was still at Mockingbird Hill Mobile Home and RV Park waiting for Russ to let me know when I could get the W/D installed.  Wednesday he said that I should bring it in on Thursday. 
Having a teenage boy in residence for a few days, I would need to get the store to resupply a few items.  One of my neighbors said that he would take me to HEB.  He hadn’t been there and wanted to check it out anyway.  He gave me a ride Thursday afternoon.  I had already stowed everything away and was ready to roll before we left, so when we got back I could leave for McClain’s RV.  I got there mid afternoon, so there really wasn’t much time to work on the MH.  They did get a few things done, so I would spend the night in their CG with electric and water. 
They got a late start on Friday, but were able to finish all the little stuff.  They said  that they would get to the W/D  first  thing Saturday when they opened at 9:00 am.  Another night in the CG! 
I don’t mind staying in the CG as long as I had hookups.  It’s on their dime!  However, I had made a reservation at Lake Worth RV Ranch.  He would hold it until Saturday.  I have been extremely patient and I understand that things can get hectic in the service department, but I was now working on a time line.  I found Russ and told him what was going on and he took me to see Dennis, the General Manager.  We talked and he said that “we will get it done.  They need to follow through with a promise.”  They called Charlie in on his day off (Service Rep) He’s the one who said that it would get done first thing in the morning.   Sandi came and picked me up to go shopping and get me out of there for a while.  I left Angel in her crate ad we were gone for a few hours.  Charlie called when they were finished.  It was after 6:00 pm.  They started after 12:00 pm.  Boy, it pays to grease the wheels a bit. 
Sandi followed me to the new CG and helped me setup here in Lake Worth.  So here I am with a new back yard.  I will get pictures later.
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Susan and Angel

Getting Settled In

              Good Morning Sunshine
Night time is beginning to be a drag.  I’m tired of not getting uninterrupted sleep. It is wearing thin.  So Morning is very welcome and I rely on getting naps during the day for catch up.
This morning I decided to try out the newly reinstalled W/D.  I put in the soap and such, pushed the button to turn it on and NOTHING.  That’s all I need!  I gave up and called my son Ted to let him know that I was settling in.  I mentioned the W/D and he suggested that I check the breaker switch.   DUH!  That did it, but evidently when they put it through the cycles, they didn’t let it finish the drying cycle.  That done, I finally did a load of lights washed.  I’ve decided to only dry things partially, mainly to get the wrinkles out and save electricity.  I bought a clothes dryer that I can stand up in the shower rather than one that is on the outside ladder.  (That way if the dust kicks up it won’t get on the clothes.)
     IMG_0647 IMG_0649
Even though I have given up 2/3 of the hanging closet, I would much rather have the W/D.
I’m saving the doors and wood work “just in case”.   Using one of the doors has also solved a problem.  Using the laptop hasn’t been comfortable with it on a table, so I have been looking for a table to put over the engine “dog house”, but placing one of the doors across the front chairs works perfectly.  The shoulders don’t hurt as much.
This is the view from my door.  It looks out over the Nature Reserve.  About  in the middle where there is a little clear area, there is a walking path.  Beyond the green is Lake Worth.  I’m told that there are deer and buffalo as well as a lot of other wildlife.  Maybe I will be able to get some pictures.
                                   Angel will sit on the top stair waiting for me.
              Taken from behind the MH and from the front of the MH back into the CG.
A little past the trees in the 2nd picture is Jacksboro Hwy (199).  It’s not a big CG and is filled most of the time.  The spaces are not in any particular order, more like the developed one area and then developed another.  Most of the sites have are roomy enough, but there are a lot of small rigs.  Since mine (37) is on the end, it is really private.
From the front.  That’s my hook ups next to the tree.  The tree blocks the view to my neighbor.  The site is big, probably bigger than most of the others.  Looks like I’ll be here for a while. 
If anyone is in the area, feel free to contact me for a visit.
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IMG_0547 Just hangin’ with Mom
Susan and Angel

Birthday! Visitor, and Waiting Almost Over

Three Generations, Me, Heidi and G-daughter Alise
First of all I want to wish my daughter, Heidi, a very Happy Birthday.  I’m sure that she will have a great day!
This past week there hasn’t been anything to blog about, just waiting.  I think that that has been the worst part.  Inactivity isn’t good.  I am looking forward to being able to get out and do stuff, although I will have to figure that out since I don’t have any transportation other than “My Spot II”.  Anyway, I have a while.  Sandi will be taking me out for shopping and for Physical Therapy.  I will be here in the Fort Worth area for at least three or four months.
Yesterday I had a visit from Debra. a fellow blogger.  The last time I saw her I was workampimg just north of West TX.  She came for the weekend with her fur babies.  She is still working on her dream of full-timing.  She took me out for dinner after we checked out the local Walmart.  Thank you Debra.  Angel and I both enjoyed your visit and I enjoyed getting away from the MH for a little while. 
I was shocked to find out about the explosions in West.  Last Fall I spent a bit of time there in West and found that the people in West always nice.  The CG that I was at is only 1.3 miles from the explosion site.  I called Mindy there and she assured me that everyone there are fine.  They only had a few windows blown in.
By this time tomorrow I will have a new shoulder.  My daughter, Sandi will have my phone, so she will be able to give anyone an update.  From what I understand, I will be in the hospital for a couple of days, and be back home in the MH.  I think that I may be able to have someone come out to help for a few days after surgery, but won’t know until I check with the doctor.  I can’t guarantee that I will be blogging for a while.  She will be taking care of Angel while I am in the hospital.  Maybe I can get her to post a short update on the blog.
Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. 
Thanks for visiting
IMG_0557 I’ll be waiting for Mom.
Susan and Angel

Now The Hard Part

Last night they were ready to discharge me from The Baylor Surgical Center, where I expected them to linr up home health care for a couple of days.  It wasn't going to happen.  I won't go into the details, but the solution was to get me to a rehab center to get me where I feel comfortable being by myself.  So around 6:30 pm I aw transported to Healthsouth nearby for rehab.  It will probably be for the best to get me back to normal.
So, here I am waiting for breakfast and then will go through evaluation and then set up a plan and schedule.  It's going to be painful, but will just take it one day/minute at a time.

Angel will be staying with Sandi.  It could be for a week or more.

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Susan and Angel

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hahahahahahahaha HIJACKED POST YAY#2!!!

So.... I get to the hospital today to find mom in good spirits and enjoying someone waiting on her hand and foot (sounds like what she does for Angel)!!!!  Dr said she could have gone home today but it's best that the pain is 100% under control or at least closer than it is now... So at the earliest would be Wednesday afternoon, but she will be home alone in the MH so I'm really cautious having her alone without me 5  minutes away.  Mom is being a trooper and she knows it but wait till its time for PT!!! 

Moving her arm is a bit challenging but there is movement.  Movement is a good thing... But this is  going to be work and she is going to have to DO not sit.  I know that she will be able to do this PT but like I said this will be work! 

Here's a few pics that were taken after surgery.... After 2 flippin' hours lol
Mom snoozing..... Pastor Shane and Mom.... Angel looking for Mommy.... Incision.... Mom and me.... Bear Paws (awesome body warmer during surgery).... Feel free to ask questions.... I'll answer!

So I'm doing this post from a previous cause I came in on thursday and the one that I did previously was gone :(

Monday, April 22, 2013

Out Of Surgery, Fed and Rested

The day started early, 4:00 am.  Out on the road by 5:00 am.  No breakfast, Sandi did stop on the way together coffee.  I got registered and we waited for nurse to bring us back to get me prepped for surgery.  I was poked and prodded and Sandi passed out, LOL.  Something about a needle going right through a vein.   Pretty soon I was in LA LA LAND.  Next thing I know I'm in recovery, time 10:20 am getting scanned and questioned.   Who are you, when were you born?  That continues to happen everytime they give you something or do something.   When I leave I will definitely know who I am!  

I was gettin a bit hungry and had a turkey Cesar salad and lemon bars (one tiny bite finally topped off the tummy).
By the time Sandi left she had everything within reach and then returned to "My Spot" to rescue Angel and take her back home.  So now she and Charlie will keep her company while I'm here recovering.

I want to thank you all for your concerns, kind wishes and prayers.  They all worked!!!
Oh yea, I even got a few hours of sleep.

Thanks again and thanks for visiting
Susan and Angel