Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hahahahahahahaha HIJACKED POST YAY#2!!!

So.... I get to the hospital today to find mom in good spirits and enjoying someone waiting on her hand and foot (sounds like what she does for Angel)!!!!  Dr said she could have gone home today but it's best that the pain is 100% under control or at least closer than it is now... So at the earliest would be Wednesday afternoon, but she will be home alone in the MH so I'm really cautious having her alone without me 5  minutes away.  Mom is being a trooper and she knows it but wait till its time for PT!!! 

Moving her arm is a bit challenging but there is movement.  Movement is a good thing... But this is  going to be work and she is going to have to DO not sit.  I know that she will be able to do this PT but like I said this will be work! 

Here's a few pics that were taken after surgery.... After 2 flippin' hours lol
Mom snoozing..... Pastor Shane and Mom.... Angel looking for Mommy.... Incision.... Mom and me.... Bear Paws (awesome body warmer during surgery).... Feel free to ask questions.... I'll answer!

So I'm doing this post from a previous cause I came in on thursday and the one that I did previously was gone :(


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! She looks fabulous, even in recuperation :)