Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting Settled In

              Good Morning Sunshine
Night time is beginning to be a drag.  I’m tired of not getting uninterrupted sleep. It is wearing thin.  So Morning is very welcome and I rely on getting naps during the day for catch up.
This morning I decided to try out the newly reinstalled W/D.  I put in the soap and such, pushed the button to turn it on and NOTHING.  That’s all I need!  I gave up and called my son Ted to let him know that I was settling in.  I mentioned the W/D and he suggested that I check the breaker switch.   DUH!  That did it, but evidently when they put it through the cycles, they didn’t let it finish the drying cycle.  That done, I finally did a load of lights washed.  I’ve decided to only dry things partially, mainly to get the wrinkles out and save electricity.  I bought a clothes dryer that I can stand up in the shower rather than one that is on the outside ladder.  (That way if the dust kicks up it won’t get on the clothes.)
     IMG_0647 IMG_0649
Even though I have given up 2/3 of the hanging closet, I would much rather have the W/D.
I’m saving the doors and wood work “just in case”.   Using one of the doors has also solved a problem.  Using the laptop hasn’t been comfortable with it on a table, so I have been looking for a table to put over the engine “dog house”, but placing one of the doors across the front chairs works perfectly.  The shoulders don’t hurt as much.
This is the view from my door.  It looks out over the Nature Reserve.  About  in the middle where there is a little clear area, there is a walking path.  Beyond the green is Lake Worth.  I’m told that there are deer and buffalo as well as a lot of other wildlife.  Maybe I will be able to get some pictures.
                                   Angel will sit on the top stair waiting for me.
              Taken from behind the MH and from the front of the MH back into the CG.
A little past the trees in the 2nd picture is Jacksboro Hwy (199).  It’s not a big CG and is filled most of the time.  The spaces are not in any particular order, more like the developed one area and then developed another.  Most of the sites have are roomy enough, but there are a lot of small rigs.  Since mine (37) is on the end, it is really private.
From the front.  That’s my hook ups next to the tree.  The tree blocks the view to my neighbor.  The site is big, probably bigger than most of the others.  Looks like I’ll be here for a while. 
If anyone is in the area, feel free to contact me for a visit.
Thanks for visiting
IMG_0547 Just hangin’ with Mom
Susan and Angel


  1. Hi,
    I am really liking your indoor clothes line and would like to know where you purchased it? It looks like something I could use here at home and the MH. thanks,

    1. I got it at Camping World in Ft Worth.

  2. Getting settled and making sure everything works. Sure glad it was just the breaker. That Angel is just such a sweetie. She looks like she's settled in the new home just fine.