Thursday, April 25, 2013

Inspection, Back to the Dealer, and New Location

Last Sunday, Charlie had breakfast and just hung out until Sandi and Mary came.  It was nice to have Charlie around.  He was very helpful and it was good to get to know him better.  I hope that he wasn’t too bored and got to know me a little bit better too.
Then Monday I had a required inspection from stem to stern of my MH for an extended warranty.  The inspector was from Easy Care.  Since the MH is a 2002 model that usually doesn’t qualify, they made an exception, hence the inspection.  No problems, everything passed.  Every time that I drive it, or I talk with and inspector or a service person, I learn a little bit more about the coach.  One thing that I have noticed, is that the stability when driving it, is different than towing.  The body rolls a little.  You can feel the  side to side motion more, but that is supposed to be normal.  It takes a bit of getting used to it.  He went over everything with me, but we couldn’t find a key for the outside storage.  In the meantime I have started a list of all the things that need to be fixed.
With all the rain that we had two of the windows leaked, back bedroom and kitchen.
Blinds over the sofa wouldn’t stay up.
The plastic cover in front of the steering wheel crack didn’t stay fixed.
A couple of strips near the floor needed to be tacked.
There’s a cut in the linoleum that needs to be glued.
Need to sort all the keys and get new ones for the basement compartments.
That’s all the little stuff, then there’s the big stuff. 
W/D needs to be installed.
Entry door has to be replaced.
The door hasn’t come in yet and won’t be here until after I have had the surgery.  Since I won’t be able to drive, Russ will come and drive the MH back to have it installed. 
I was still at Mockingbird Hill Mobile Home and RV Park waiting for Russ to let me know when I could get the W/D installed.  Wednesday he said that I should bring it in on Thursday. 
Having a teenage boy in residence for a few days, I would need to get the store to resupply a few items.  One of my neighbors said that he would take me to HEB.  He hadn’t been there and wanted to check it out anyway.  He gave me a ride Thursday afternoon.  I had already stowed everything away and was ready to roll before we left, so when we got back I could leave for McClain’s RV.  I got there mid afternoon, so there really wasn’t much time to work on the MH.  They did get a few things done, so I would spend the night in their CG with electric and water. 
They got a late start on Friday, but were able to finish all the little stuff.  They said  that they would get to the W/D  first  thing Saturday when they opened at 9:00 am.  Another night in the CG! 
I don’t mind staying in the CG as long as I had hookups.  It’s on their dime!  However, I had made a reservation at Lake Worth RV Ranch.  He would hold it until Saturday.  I have been extremely patient and I understand that things can get hectic in the service department, but I was now working on a time line.  I found Russ and told him what was going on and he took me to see Dennis, the General Manager.  We talked and he said that “we will get it done.  They need to follow through with a promise.”  They called Charlie in on his day off (Service Rep) He’s the one who said that it would get done first thing in the morning.   Sandi came and picked me up to go shopping and get me out of there for a while.  I left Angel in her crate ad we were gone for a few hours.  Charlie called when they were finished.  It was after 6:00 pm.  They started after 12:00 pm.  Boy, it pays to grease the wheels a bit. 
Sandi followed me to the new CG and helped me setup here in Lake Worth.  So here I am with a new back yard.  I will get pictures later.
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Susan and Angel


  1. I'm in awe of you switching from a 5th wheel to a Class A. Seems like in some ways - putting down stabilizers and hooking up to shore power - might be easier?? There's no truck to hitch and unhitch. My thing would be driving such a beast, getting into gas stations (although we use truck stops already), turning, etc. You rock, Lady!

  2. In 2004 I went from driving very small cars to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I remember the side to side motion for a couple of weeks. I had to nearly come to a stop to turn a corner! Fortunately, that went away quickly and I think it will with your motorhome as well.