Thursday, April 25, 2013

Help From G-Son, More Sorting and More Purging

Here it is already Saturday, a week from first day in my new home, (My Spot II).  Thursday Sandi picked me up to take me to the hospital for my pre-op visit, blood work, EKG, interview and paperwork.  That is out of the way.  She then picked up Pippa, her little Chihuahua from the Vet. She had her spayed and micro-chipped. 
                                   Pippa and her Elizabethan collar.
Then it was to pick up Charlie from school and his guitar from home.  After a trip to HEB for groceries, we made it home to the MH.  Angel was sooooo excited because I was home.  She did her thing while we brought the groceries.  Charlie would be spending the weekend with me to help with the additional purging and sorting.  We really didn’t feel like digging into the basement storage, so we just hung out, had dinner (leftover Italian Sausage and Macaroni and cheese)  We were both tired and went to bed early.
                    Bedroom is done. That’s all my babies by the pillows.
Friday morning  we made breakfast together, scrambled eggs and peppers with ham. It was good.  It was a bit chilly, so we waited a while to get started on the outside storage. In the meantime we got my laundry together and Charlie helped by carrying it over to the laundry room for me.  When we got there all four machines were in use, so we went back home.  For the next 20 minutes we got started on the basement and we went back to start the laundry.  I finished the laundry and then got busy sorting, purging and rearranging the outside compartments.  There really is a lot of outside storage, it was a matter of finding a place that was convenient for what I will need  when I need it and where to put things that are not used all the time, but still needed.  We got a lot accomplished and stopped after finishing the passenger side, leaving the driver’s side for Today.  We spent the rest of the evening watching TV.  There is a bit more to go through what is inside, but it is stuff that he can’t help me with and I will have plenty of time after surgery to decide what I want to keep or what I will really use.  I still have quite a bit of art related things that will probably have to find a new home.
We finished the driver’s side in less than an hour.  We actually found an empty compartment.  So for the most part, I am finished and will probably still do a bit of tweaking on the inside. 
One of my neighbors, Russell came over and the three of us chatted for a couple of hours.  Evidently he has also lived in Chicago, so had a lot to talk about. 
Charlie is multi-tasking, watching the Texas Rangers / Angels game and playing with his Kindle Fire.
We’re done and just hanging out.  Sandi will pick Charlie up tomorrow.
I hope that you all are having a great weekend.
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IMG_0525 My new perch on the dashboard, only when not moving, otherwise I’m in my crate or harness.
Susan and Angel


  1. Glad things are going well. Your bedroom looks nice.

  2. You are really making wonderful progress. Angel looks so cute on the dash. Our girls loved the motorhome dash especially when the sun was shining in the window.

  3. I know you are going to enjoy a MH, we've had 3 since 1988. We thought we might want to try a 5er when we were ready for the last trade in -in 2005 but stayed with MH.

    We also worked for 2 years as GC and 5 years as seurity guards for Site Watch and Cody Cole.

    Daughter lives in Alvarado what CG are you staying in?

    Due to husbands health-we just sold our MH. We have the blue Ox towing kit, central vacumm system and outside window covers for windshield and 2 side windows for sale. We towed a small pick up for years - then for the past 6 years a Honda CRV. You differently will need a toad after you finiish Rehab and start back to work.

  4. Yes, I love your bedroom, but you had a nice one in My Spot, too. I'm glad you have everything outside organized. I've found the inside gets re-arranged every so often anyway, and you do that as needed. How wonderful for Charlie to be such a big help. Nice to spend "working" time together, isn't it?

  5. Mom... your granddog is a mini toy daschaund!!! wow.... you hurt her feelers! LOL