Saturday, July 31, 2010

In and Out, Breakfast with friends, Dinner with friend (not)

This morning I met some friends at MIMI’s for a late breakfast.  Jeff and Eileen came down to Sacramento from Yuba City.  It’s been about 3 years since we have seen each other.  We talked about another venture that I can do when I am fulltiming.  I think that this is something that I can do in addition to a business that I already have (all HIS art). It is something that I have planned on doing as my retirement business.  Anyway we just caught up on what each other has been doing.  It was a nice visit.  Thank you both for a delightful breakfast and visit.  This picture is from my cell phone, not too bad!

Jeff and Eileen

On the way home I stopped for gas. I usually go to the Sam’s Club on Greenback.  It is usually 6 to10 cents cheaper than other stations, even AM/PM.  It’s worth going a few miles out of the way if I’m low on gas.

I did some laundry, banking and other stuff at home. I finally finished Gypsy’s blog from the beginning to today. 

I’m spending waaaaay too much time on this computer.

I had planned on going out to dinner at a Greek restaurant with my pastor’s wife, Kyle, but when she was ready to leave and her dog, Nicky, got out and hurt her paw.  So that meant a trip to the vet :(   I went along with her for moral support.  Neither one of us could figure out why she couldn’t put any weight on her paw, nothing broken, no cries or yelps when  we felt or moved her foot around and no blood after just a smudge when she first got her home.  There was at least an hour wait, but Nicky just got better and better, just favored the paw and limped a bit, so she wasn’t seen and Kyle saved $125.00. :)  We’ll just do dinner one night next week instead.  I called her when I got home, Nicky’s doing better.

BTW, Welcome to a new follower, Katie.

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Susan and Angel

Friday, July 30, 2010

Shopping,Work around the house

Happy Friday Everyone!

I got out of the house early to do a bit of shopping.  I wanted to get some Jiffy Cake mixes.  The only place that I have found them has been at WINCO.  Now they have discontinued stocking them.  They are really handy to have for a small treat for one or two people.  I would end up eating the “Whole Thing” if I used a regular sized cake mix. So now I’ll have to search for a new resource.  Oh well I really don’t need to have that too often anyway.  When I got home I put an audio book that a neighbor loaned me in the CD player while I worked.

Today, I thought I might tackle washing the living room windows.  I can’t believe how dirty they have become.  I got the insides done and took the screens out so that I could reach the outside, but my arms aren’t long enough to reach the whole window or any part of the other side window.  They’re sliding, double paned and are heavy. I couldn’t lift the one out to get to the other.  It will probably have to wait until my son comes to help.  He comes several times during the year to help me with things around here that he does so much better than I do.  Hopefully we can come up with a plan as to what I need to do to get this place ready to sell next spring.  I sure do hope that the economy turns around even a little bit so that I can be able to get out on the road. 

I have so much to do. Now if I can just stay off the computer,  I might get more stuff done.  But I really like keeping up with my blogger friends.  One thing that I did do is to get the spaghetti bowl of wires contained.  Since my desktop died earlier this year, it has been in the computer armoire. So I unconnected the monitor and speakers. I use my laptop sitting in my Lazyboy recliner, so I think that my son will sell his armoire  since I won’t need it.

I will finish this post and take Angel to Pet Smart to stock up on her treats that she gets when I put her in her crate while I’m gone.

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Susan and Angel

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This work week over Yea!

Finally home,  Had fun with Angel chasing me around the kitchen island, with her sliding on the tile floor.  She can be very funny.  Again just trying to catch up on everyone’s blog. I’ve been reading Gypsy’s blog from the beginning, and finally up to 2010. It’s been an amazing ride and very eye opening. 

I got a call from my sister, Evelyn.  She wanted to let me know that she received her new Escapee lifetime membership cards and is sending mine to me.  that will be nice to have. One more step in the journey.  She also told me that our older brother will be having back surgery on August 12th.  Prays are always appreciated. 

Time to think about bed, the eyelids are starting to give in to gravity.  Tomorrow I need to get some work done (cleaning, sorting and tossing).  Good night all and

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Susan and Angel

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work week Day 3

Sorry for the unimaginative title.  Work is work, I go in and get it over with.  Fortunately today, I as off the phone for an hour, because I attended another team’s meeting.  I took a vacation day last Thursday when our team has theirs, so I had to make it up.

When I got home it was a repeat of yesterday, although, today silly Angel had come into the bedroom when I went there, but left and went out her doggie door to do what ever and came back in to the bedroom,but I wasn’t there.  The funny part was when she panicked when she didn’t find me and just raced through the house until she found me, then leaped onto my lap with lots of kisses. She is a real sweetie. Now she is attached to my hip again.

Again, just reading blogs,and I did have a decent dinner, DSCF0001 It looks like more than it is.  The plate is a small salad plate.  I just don’t usually cook very often for myself.  I will rely on one of my favorite chefs, “chef Coxtco” and of course there’s “chef Sam’s” , of course my absolute favorite chef is my son Ted.  When he cooks. it is really a treat, because it doesn’t happen very often.

Well it’s time to get to bed.  Two thirty comes all too soon.

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Susan and Angel

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Work Week Day 2

Today I contacted Jack at the KIA service department to see if he has heard anything from my insurance company.  Nothing yet, just waiting for an approval.  When that happens, then he will order the part.  Once it comes in, then we will schedule the repair.  I feel optimistic, but not holding my breath.  There’s nothing I can do until they make up their minds.  So other than that there’s nothing more to report today.  Just came home, got something to eat, and caught up on some blogs and will head to bed soon.

That’s all Folks!

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Susan and Angel

Monday, July 26, 2010

Work week, Day 1

This will be a short post.  There’s not much to post when I work such long hours.  At least I was off the phones for an hour for training.  That is one thing that I will not miss, all the changes that the company is going through.  I know that it is good for the company and I appreciate the fact that I work for this company and the changes are good.  But I have “short timers” disease.  I go back and forth from, another day I have to go to work to, yea, one more day closer.


That’s about it for today

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Susan and Angel

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busy Day, church, yard,dinner and pirate’s booty

The day started like a usual Sunday, Went to church as usual and made plans to do something later in the day with one of the Helens and Amanda who is visiting her grandpa for the summer.

When I got home I actually worked out in the yard.  In yesterday’s blog I said “not” on the grass mowing,  but I lied, I actually did both the laundry and mowed the grass. It really isn’t a lot, 15’x15’ in the back and 7’x20’ in the front.  It only took about a half hour. It had cooled off, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


After church I got the weedeater out and cleaned up a lot of over grown vines and grass.DSCF0004

There’s Angel soaking up the sun.  I had just finished and was taking a break when I hear Angel’s low growl and then barking.  She’s such a good watch dog!  It was Darrell (from work) and his brother to pick up the two chairs and the ottoman too. YEA!  more stuff gone.

I cleaned up and left to pick up Helen and Amanda.  We had dinner at Rubio’s, same place that I had lunch with Linda last Thursday.  This time I remembered to take pictures. I had the same thing, side salad with shrimp, still very good.DSCF0006

Helen had Fish Tacos and Beans, and Amanda had the Baja Chicken Burrito.  They both enjoyed their dinners.


We had  good time and enjoyed catching up with Amanda.  She will be moving to NC in a couple of weeks.  She will be a senior, hopefully she will be able to visit next summer after she graduates but before she either works or goes to college.

We dropped Helen off at home and Amanda came home with me to see if there were any craft or art things she might like.  She found several things that she would like including some watercolor paints, brushes and paper along with some cards and stationary that I made.   Then we raided my closet and she now has some “new to her” clothes.  Here’s a picture of her with her Pirate’s Booty.


And again, YEA! more stuff gone.   A big thank you to both Darrell and Amanda.

That’s it for my very busy (for me) day.  Oh yes, BTW, this blog was done on Live Writer.  It is sooooooooo much easier.  Thank you Ted for holding my hand and curser, and everyone else  that has give me so much help and encouragement.

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Susan and Angel

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blood, Dreamer, and Reading

I got an early start (for a Sat. anyway) In a previous blog I mentioned having to reschedule a doctor appointment because I forgot the lab work. Well, that's where the blood comes in. I can't believe how many samples they needed (at least 15 or 16 tubes) I'm so glad that I got stuck only once. I don't like watching while they do it, but don't mind after the needle is in. She was good, I didn't feel it at all.

When I was done there I went to meet Gypsy (On the Road Again) at the Village Bistro in Fair Oaks. She just had toast and coffee. Since I needed to fast for the tests, I ordered a vegetable and bacon omelet. It was very good. I, of course took 3/4 th of it home.
We seemed to hit it off . It turns out that the 5er that I looked at and really liked is the one that she is trying to sell. The timing just isn't right. We talked about all kinds of things from RVing to kids and past experiences. Nearly 3 hours later we parted with a hug and promise to get together again. Now I have to go back and read all of her blog.

When I got back home, I thought that I might get some work done. Not! Cutting grass with a push mower just didn't appeal to me. So I thought I would go back to read Gypsy's "journal". I tend to agree with her, it is journaling. (The last time that I wrote a journal was on my 2 week trip to Scotland. Made it into a scrapbook and still like going back to read it. I kept just about everything including bus transfers, train ticket stubs, and even the "sweetie" wrappers).
I actually got through to 2009, with just a couple of interruptions. One call was from my daughter with the latest news of her new puppy.

Now it's time to think about bed. I think I may just put a load of wash in before I do that.

All in all, I had a great day, met a new friend and learned more about this wonderful lifestyle.

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogs, Dreamer Contact, Shopping and a Disappointment

Just one more day closer. Catching up on blogs. Judy (Judy and Emma) wondered if I lived near Gypsy (On the Road Again). I was able to contact Gypsy and we will meet tomorrow. I'm looking forward to meeting another Dreamer.

I had to replenish my supply of ingredients for my protein shakes, so off to Costco I went. Poor little Angel had to stay home. Later in the day, I did some more shopping and she went with. She really likes to go for rides, even if it's in her crate. I went to Radio Shack because I needed to get a longer cord to attatch the perifreals to my laptop. And of course it is the wrong one, so will have to take it back tomorrow.

When I got home I tried to get Live Writer set up. I downloaded it, but for some reason I'm not able to access it to use it. I have no idea why, hopefully it is something simple. I was hoping that it might be easier to post pictures, still frustrated with posting them on Blogger, can't seem to put them where I want them.

My kids all think that I'm technologically challenged. I know that I am, so I'm surprised that I have evenly been able to do this blog. Some times it is challenging because I really don't do much. Every now and again I get this burst of energy and do something, but it is usually short lived. I really need to do more to get rid of more stuff.

I was a bit disappointed when I got a call from Darrell (from my work). He won't be able to pick up the chairs. I would really like to get them out of my house. Hopefully he can get them Sunday.

I guess that I had better get to bed. Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Car Repair, Lunch, and Art

Today I had to leave home by 7 am. They were resurfacing the streets here in the mobile home park.
I had to get my van over to the KIA dealer to see why my cruise control isn't working. After being there for a couple of hours, Jack, the service manager said they would need more time. This is a continuation of a problem going back to last May when a rat chewed the engine wires. A rat had made a nest in the engine compartment. They repaired the wire harness, but it had shorted out the cruise control and I had to come back later in the week to replace that. Fortunately insurance covered most of it, including a car rental for one day (less deductible) and Jack was able to cover the cruise control under warranty.
Instead of spending the rest of the day waiting, I called a friend.

I called Linda. Thank You Linda! She picked us up, yes Angel was with me, and after a short stop at the grocery store, we went to her house. She has a great backyard, lots of plants, trees, and two and four legged friends. We had fun watching a family of ground squirrels, mom and three babies. You could tell that this was new to them, misjudging distances, slipping and sliding all over the place, into and out of pots, chairs and benches. Unfortunately we had to leave. Linda teaches an art class at the senior center. We left early to have lunch. We ended up at Rubio's because they are dog friendly. We had lunch on the patio.

That's Linda
on the left, and Angel on the right being very patient.

Linda ordered a salad with chicken on the side. She has some dietary issues and wasn't able to eat the chicken that she ordered because of the seasoning or marinade. When the waitress cleared the table, she noticed that Linda didn't eat all of her meal and brought her a gift card for $7.00. That was so nice of her, totally unexpected and appreciated. Unfortunately we did not get her name, but thank you Rubio's!!! I ordered a side salad with shrimp, but didn't remember the camera until I had already finished it. (I didn't think you wanted a picture of an empty bowl) It was very good and the perfect amount. Grand total cost for me was $2.44. Linda's meal was about $6.00. Great Lunch!! We then headed to Fair Oaks and the senior center for her art class. (That's why there is a picture of the chicken) I still haven't figured out how to insert pictures where I want them.

After class she took me back to the dealer where Jack informed me that after working on it for six hours they couldn't fix it and would need to replace the entire wire harness to the tune of around a thousand $$. I, of course called the insurance company to see if it would be covered under the original claim. Jack spoke with them to explain what all has been done and feels that if it is not replaced other systems may fail too. Now we wait to see if they can get it approved. I'll let you know what happens.

I am now home and will be off again tomorrow. That's when Darrell should pick up the chairs.

Time for bed. Good night to all and thanks for visiting.

Susan and Angel

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last day of this work week

Another 10 hour day over. Today, was just another repeat of the previous work days. Came home, let Angel out, got something to eat and caught up on blogs and the Dreamer's forum.

Tomorrow, I have taken a vacation day so that I can get some work done on my cruise control. I have to be out of here before 7 am because they are resurfacing the streets in the mobile home park. We can't come back before 6 pm. I have no idea how long it will take for the repair, I have no idea what I will do if it doesn't take too long. Maybe it can be a road trip or do more research. I'll just play it as I see it when it happens.

It wasn't too hot today, but had to work. Ugh! One of these days I'll be planning where I'll be heading next. Until then short road trips on the weekends will have to do.

Hope all of you have had a wonderful day.

Thanks for visiting and for all of your comments. I really appreciate them.

Susan and Angel

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching up, more Vegging and Work

Since Saturday, I really haven't done much. I just went to church Sunday morning, came home, read a little and caught up with RVer's blogs. For some odd reason I just couldn't get motivated to do very much. It has been just too hot.

It was pretty much the same on Monday after I got home from work. I let Angel out and had a call from some friends from a few years ago. Before I knew it was getting late and it was off to bed.

That brings us up to today, after I got home from work, I took care Angel, got a bit of watering done, caught up on some correspondence and now it's time for bed.

I'm really looking forward to no yard work. If I'm going to veg, I'd rather do it in an RV and not feel guilty about not working out side.

Thanks for visiting,

Susan and Angel

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chores, Book, Long call , Just vegging

Not much happened today. I just did some chores around the house. I'm giving away a pair of chairs that I have to a coworker, who is moving into a larger apartment.

I finally started a novel that I've had for awhile, and the realized that I have already read it. I'll probably read it again anyway. The books in this series are some of the only books that I will take with me. Most of them have been signed by the author, Diana Gabaldon. The first in the series, Outlander, I've read at least four times.

Then I got a call from my sister. She may do the RV thing with me. She's done it before and has a lifetime membership with Escapees and will take her husband off it since he won't be able to use it anymore and will put me on it. Cool! That call lasted over 3 1/2 hours. We're not sure if she can do it full time because of her health issues, but it is something she would like to do, even if she does it part time. We will just have to figure it out. Right now she is in Albuquerque NM, but may be moving here to Sacramento CA.

The rest of the day I didn't do anything except get on the computer and veg out. (Still Hot!)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Thanks for visiting
Susan and Angel

Friday, July 16, 2010

Took a drive, more research, a welcome and water

This morning I slept in until 6am, trying to catch up a little. Had a cup of coffee, wasn't hungry, so just did some computer stuff.

I decided to get out and see if I could test drive a MH. so I drove out to Davis CA to LaMesa RV. I spoke with Gary, Rick who I saw last week was busy with another customer. Gary let me drive a small Class C. I wasn't that crazy about it. Easy to drive, but not much different than my minivan. It was just too small, so I'm not sure if it was what I expected. Do you get used to the little sounds of things behind you? Are they normal? Oh Yea! Angel just sat on the floor watching me. She will be a good little camper/traveler. Checked out a couple more RV's at another dealer on the way home.

I discovered on the drive that my Cruise Control isn't working. I just had it fixed a few weeks ago under warranty. So I stopped at the KIA dealer to schedule the work. Fun thing to do on my day off next week, haha. By then it was getting hot, so I headed home.

Got back on the "puter" and payed some bills, caught up on the blogs that I follow and getting some watering done.

Oh BTW, Welcome to my new followers Rick and Paulette of Rick & Paulette's RV Travels..

Soon to bed, gotta catch up on my beauty sleep lol.

Thanks for visiting
Susan and Angel

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last day of this work week

Well this work week is finally over. Got out of work 1/2 hour early, which is very unusual. On the way home I ran an errand (actually drove -- too hot to run anywhere). I haven't any energy to do anything.

Talked to my daughter in Phoenix, she says I shouldn't complain, it's 113 deg. there.

Off tomorrow, I may see if I can test drive a MH. gotta keep doing the research :)

I thought I might go out and water my plants but it is after 8 pm and it is still over 90 deg. Since I'm always up early, lol, I'll do it in the morning.

Thanks for visiting.

Susan and Angel

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 2 Work week

This is just a repeat of yesterday. The only difference is that we actually took a walk when I got home from work. Angel was happy to get back home, it was hot out there.

Just catching up on the blogs and journals, Soon to bed.

Thanks for visiting even though it was a short visit.

Susan and Angel

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 1 Work week

Came home to the Happy Dance and a little bit of lovin' (snuggles and kisses).
Catching up on the blog (mine and yours).
A little bit of dinner and soon to bed. I get up at 2:30am when I work. I know I must be out of my mind, but I really like the early shift, not too busy for the first few hours, so it's like just doing 8 hrs instead of 10 hrs. Just loving those 3 day weekends.

Thanks for visiting.

Susan and Angel

Monday, July 12, 2010

Doctor visit, More Research

Off work for doctor's appointment. It should have been two, but I forgot to get lab work done so had to reschedule the other.
Since I had a little time I went to the local Dodge dealer and found a pretty good deal on a 1999 350 Dodge dually, 4x4, diesel, 113,333 miles, really clean for $14,999. My thanks to Phil for his opinions and help. As it turned out, the numbers didn't work out, but that's okay. It's just one more piece of the learning curve.
On the way home I stopped at another RV dealer to check out some more floor plans. There sure are a lot out there, makes my head spin sometimes, they all just run together. But when the time is right it will all fall into place and I too will be living the Dream.

That's it for today, off to bed since I have get up early for work

Thanks for visiting.
Susan and Angel

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Church, Movie and Taking it easy

Didn't do too much today, too hot!
I went to church and did a little shopping. (I had to stock up on the Greek yogurt and cottage cheese for my protein shakes.)

As you can see Angel's takin' it easy too.

Experiment update:
So far I haven't turned on the TV all weekend, not even for the movie, I watched "Houseboat" with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren on my laptop. Is that cheating?

Another 3 day work week coming up, I have doctors appointments tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you had an easy weekend.

Susan and Angel

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A little more research, and one tired Angel.

I spent a few hours at dealer's RV "show" going through class A's, 5th wheels, and even some class C's, different prices. I talked to one of the salesmen that I spoke with the last time and asked if I would be able to test drive one or more of the coaches to see if I would be comfortable driving one.
He said I could although he suggested that I come to the dealer during the week when he would have more time to explain how everything works. That works for me. I certainly wouldn't want to keep him from a "sale" to someone who is ready to buy now. Has anyone ever dealt with La Mesa RV's, sales, service warranties? One the way home I stopped at RVs of Sacramento. I went through a few more 5th w's and found the floor plan that I really like. It's a 2004 Hitchhiker by NUWA. Its the first one that I have seen with a rear kitchen with an entry, and another entry in the living area close to the bedroom stairs. If I had the $$ I would really be tempted. Get this sales pitch, they would defer payments and free storage for a year, but they wouldn't trade the mobile home (worth about the same $), about $21,900, sign on the window was $24,999. Too bad!

We must have gone through at least a dozen RV's. That's where the tired Angel comes in. She would climb in each RV and claim it as her own. I think she will be happy to make one her permanent home. Since we have been home she's just flaked out on the sofa.

Narrowing down the choices, but who knows anything can change in a year.

Laurie and George asked to see some of my art. I'll try to see if I can post some pictures.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Painting, PetSmart, Soc Sec, and an Experiment

Well today I actually was a little motivated. I started a painting a few years ago, didn't like what I did, so put it aside. It was too big (4' x 5') to get lost with all the other stuff, so It's been in plain sight reminding me (finish me, finish me), so I finally did some work on it this morning. Just one more thing I have to do before I move into an RV. I don't think that I will ever do something that big again. Gotta downsize everything, even my art. That's a big part of the stuff that has to go. Lots of decisions, even the little ones can be tough.

Angel got to go shopping today, sat in the cart and got a new name tag for her collar.
Oh yeah, we even got some of her dog food. That's the other thing she does her happy dance for.

Last Friday I applied for Soc. Sec., since I will reach that magic day in September. Had to wait as to not take a hit while I'm still working. When I was checking by bank balance I was "shocked" to see a deposit that I hadn't expected until September. Could the government make a mistake? I had to check into it and found out (pleasantly surprised) they hadn't. I actually qualify for widow's benefit at 65 years and 10 months. YEA! An extra three months.
Every bit of it goes into the RV account. I will need every penny of it.

Now to the experiment. Instead of turning the TV on (usually for noise), I thought I would do anything else, paint or read or whatever. So far successful, alone with my thoughts and my own company. Does this make any sense? I really didn't think that I would get through the whole day, but it's almost 8 pm and I didn't give in.

Just one more day closer, and a little bit more accomplished. I hope that all who waiting keep doing the same. It's all an adventure, sometimes exciting, sometimes not, just hangin' in there, one day at a time.

Thanks for visiting,

Susan and Angel

Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 day work week, 3 day weekend and dog park

Three day work week is finally over. Sometimes I think that the shorter the week the harder it is to work through it. I guess that I have short timer's disease. I came home to the happy dance and took a short nap.
I just didn't feel like fixing anything for dinner so picked up a snacker at KFC on my way to the new dog park here in town. You'd think that Angel would run around with all the other dogs, but noooooo , she would sniff and bark and gesture with each new dog that came in but then sit down next to me and watch the dogs run, play and get wet in the wading pool. She sure is a good watchdog. We stayed for about an hour and when I pulled out her leash and she was ready go. I think that she likes the ride more, That's a good thing because she's going to do a lot of riding lol.

Now we're home catching you all up on our activities, and what you all are doing too and a little TV, usually public television. Checked out my new pedometer to see how much I'm walking. !No great surprise! I should be walking 10 times what I'm actually doing, but that will come when I'm out there with you.

Thanks for visiting,
Susan and Angel

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One more work day and welcomes

Home from another 10 hours of listening to member problems and requests. Don't get it wrong, I do like my j-o-b, but some days it's just harder to concentrate on why I'm there. I guess it's because I know there's a better way out there.

One thing I always enjoy when I get home, little Angel greets me with her "happy dance". She is in her crate for 11 1/2 hours while I'm at work, so she can't get enough of me when I do get home. She will love it when she will have me all to herself.
Not much else can happen on my work days, I doing good just to catch up on what's going on with my Dreamin' friends, then early to bed.

I want to welcome my latest followers Laurel King, Judy and Emma, Happytrails (Mike and Gerri), Karen Hardamon and Jim Smith. Thank you all for your interest.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sorting pictures, learning curve, early bedtime

I finally took some time to sort some pictures and get them into folders and identifying them. It's amazing how much time it does take. Still a lot to catch up on. Ugggggh

This blogging is really challenging. I think that I have all the settings correct but I still can't see the comments, even though I know I have them because I get an email notification that they are there. I hope that I can figure it out soon, I'm curious as to what those comments are.

After a nice four day weekend I have to go back to work, which meant I have to get up very early. It's weird trying to go to sleep when it is still so bright outside. At least it is a three day work week. Not much else happening.

Thanks for reading

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day off of work, catching up on the blog and welcome

Today is a holiday off work. I could easily get used to not going in to a JOB every Monday morning. I know, I know, that time will be here sooner than I can even imagine.

In yesterday's blog I didn't have any plans to celebrate the 4 th. As it turned out, I got together with two Helens from Church. We decided to go somewhere it was cool since it would be close to 100 degrees today. None of us wanted to put up with crowds, so we went to see a movie (Knight and Day) and out for lunch. We shared a large plate of nachos at a Mexican restaurant, just enough to get us through the movie without being tempted to get drinks and popcorn.

We also went to the outlet mall. I was looking for a cherry pitter. Cherries are in season and I wanted to freeze some for my protein shakes. We had to go to two different kitchen stores before I found one.

We all parted company after having an enjoyable afternoon. I had to get home to let Angel out. The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up on reading Dreamer's blogs and a short nap.

Later in the evening we (Angel and I) watched and listened to all the fireworks going off in the neighborhood. We could see some of the higher bursts from the community display over the rooftops. (yes, Angel watched too) By then it was after 10pm, much later than my normal bedtime. So off to bed.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to my first two followers, Ted, my son and Mellissa, my daughter.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Forth of July


Today we celebrate the birth of our great country. I want to thank all of those who serve in the military to keep us free (both now and in the past)

I will celebrate it quietly and touching base with family and friends.
Church in the morning and I'll see what happens later.

I hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday.
Thanks for stopping by. Susan

Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Blog

This is all new for me, writing down thoughts and activities for all to see. I thought that I would do this to have a record of my journey into full-timing in an RV. I won't have an RV until I retire, hopefully in 2011. I too like so many others have to wait until I sell my home.

In the meantime I have to eliminate the negatives (stuff, old ways of thinking, and debt) and accentuate the positive (a new lifestyle, fewer things to take care of, seeing more of my far flung family and friends, meeting new friends and seeing more of this beautiful country). Everything that I do and think about is to that end. I am sure that there will be highs and lows, frustrations and ah-ha moments. Thank you for being interested enough to read my blog.

Best wishes to all from me and my little Angel (10 lb terrier mix)