Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 day work week, 3 day weekend and dog park

Three day work week is finally over. Sometimes I think that the shorter the week the harder it is to work through it. I guess that I have short timer's disease. I came home to the happy dance and took a short nap.
I just didn't feel like fixing anything for dinner so picked up a snacker at KFC on my way to the new dog park here in town. You'd think that Angel would run around with all the other dogs, but noooooo , she would sniff and bark and gesture with each new dog that came in but then sit down next to me and watch the dogs run, play and get wet in the wading pool. She sure is a good watchdog. We stayed for about an hour and when I pulled out her leash and she was ready go. I think that she likes the ride more, That's a good thing because she's going to do a lot of riding lol.

Now we're home catching you all up on our activities, and what you all are doing too and a little TV, usually public television. Checked out my new pedometer to see how much I'm walking. !No great surprise! I should be walking 10 times what I'm actually doing, but that will come when I'm out there with you.

Thanks for visiting,
Susan and Angel

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