Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blood, Dreamer, and Reading

I got an early start (for a Sat. anyway) In a previous blog I mentioned having to reschedule a doctor appointment because I forgot the lab work. Well, that's where the blood comes in. I can't believe how many samples they needed (at least 15 or 16 tubes) I'm so glad that I got stuck only once. I don't like watching while they do it, but don't mind after the needle is in. She was good, I didn't feel it at all.

When I was done there I went to meet Gypsy (On the Road Again) at the Village Bistro in Fair Oaks. She just had toast and coffee. Since I needed to fast for the tests, I ordered a vegetable and bacon omelet. It was very good. I, of course took 3/4 th of it home.
We seemed to hit it off . It turns out that the 5er that I looked at and really liked is the one that she is trying to sell. The timing just isn't right. We talked about all kinds of things from RVing to kids and past experiences. Nearly 3 hours later we parted with a hug and promise to get together again. Now I have to go back and read all of her blog.

When I got back home, I thought that I might get some work done. Not! Cutting grass with a push mower just didn't appeal to me. So I thought I would go back to read Gypsy's "journal". I tend to agree with her, it is journaling. (The last time that I wrote a journal was on my 2 week trip to Scotland. Made it into a scrapbook and still like going back to read it. I kept just about everything including bus transfers, train ticket stubs, and even the "sweetie" wrappers).
I actually got through to 2009, with just a couple of interruptions. One call was from my daughter with the latest news of her new puppy.

Now it's time to think about bed. I think I may just put a load of wash in before I do that.

All in all, I had a great day, met a new friend and learned more about this wonderful lifestyle.

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. So glad that you got to meet Gypsy! It's a shame that her fiver won't work for you at this time. :( Would have been a sweet deal for both of you. Being poked by a needle is never pleasant in my opinion. :)

  2. It is always fun to meet up with other RVers. Glad you got to meet Gypsy and share stories. I agree with is a shame her fiver won't work at this time. I'm sure it is a good one.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. I really enjoyed visiting with Gypsy. I really like her 5ver and think that it would work for me, but I know that she would like it to sell soon. Hope fully it will sell for her this fall, if not maybe the timing will be right later.