Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work week Day 3

Sorry for the unimaginative title.  Work is work, I go in and get it over with.  Fortunately today, I as off the phone for an hour, because I attended another team’s meeting.  I took a vacation day last Thursday when our team has theirs, so I had to make it up.

When I got home it was a repeat of yesterday, although, today silly Angel had come into the bedroom when I went there, but left and went out her doggie door to do what ever and came back in to the bedroom,but I wasn’t there.  The funny part was when she panicked when she didn’t find me and just raced through the house until she found me, then leaped onto my lap with lots of kisses. She is a real sweetie. Now she is attached to my hip again.

Again, just reading blogs,and I did have a decent dinner, DSCF0001 It looks like more than it is.  The plate is a small salad plate.  I just don’t usually cook very often for myself.  I will rely on one of my favorite chefs, “chef Coxtco” and of course there’s “chef Sam’s” , of course my absolute favorite chef is my son Ted.  When he cooks. it is really a treat, because it doesn’t happen very often.

Well it’s time to get to bed.  Two thirty comes all too soon.

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Susan and Angel

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